Top 10 Laser Measuring Devices | Make Your Measuring Less Stressful

Laser Measuring Devices

Making precise space for your important furniture can be a daunting task if you are an aspiring architect or a promising home decorator, then your construction needs will be met with these exclusive, and inventive laser measuring devices! Discover through these gadgets which will surely meet your requirements. With a plethora of tools to choose from, your project deadlines are guaranteed to finish. Read on!

Top 10 Laser Measuring Devices

1. Moasure One Laser Measuring Device

Design, effectiveness, and portability, within such a state-of-the-art premise, all your measurement requirements will be met and the specific calculations will be attained. If you were feeling tedious with your current manual measuring scale, this gadget is sure to make your activities much simpler, with its diverse measuring scale ranging from 1D to 2D, as well as 3D!


  • Waterproof
  • Smartphone pairing


  • Early manufacturing errors

2. VH-80 Laser Measuring Device

 VH-80 Laser Measuring Device | Top Ten Laser Measuring Devices

Discomfort can surely be dismissed from this ingenious product, as mobility and function are guaranteed. Taking three values at once, large spatial projects can be undertaken with more precision. If you’re ever feeling lazy about your memorable pictures being up on the wall with accurate space and measurements, this gadget will surely meet your needs!


  • Continuous Moving Measurement
  • Pythagoras application included


  • Calculated dimensions may be complicated for users

3. iPin Spatial Ruler Pro Laser Measuring Device

Hassle-free technology now directly connected to your smartphone! This device is equipped with clear dimensional technology, but that isn’t all, you can even record the data and analyze it more effectively in your free time, how often do you get that chance? Those long hours of using ladders are over because, with just this one device, the measurement data is done a lot less complex.


  • Supports older OS, for a diverse audience
  • Shares photos of measurement with friends


  • Newer OS may face issues with compatibility

4. MyAntenna KIWI P1s Laser Measuring Device

MyAntenna KIWI P1s Laser Measuring Device | Top Ten Laser Measuring Devices

When you hear the feature of OLED, the first thing that pops up is a large TV or a smartphone, but how about a pocket-sized measuring tool? If you’re looking for something fast, accurate, and projected to get the job done, then this device is for you! Not only does the OLED screen act as an efficient mechanism to clearly understand dimensions, but it also binds well towards the device’s ‘smart switch’, which displays accurate height measurements.


  • Wide range of applications
  • Auto-fetch mode, a remarkable sensory feature


  • Not suitable for paper crafting

5. Bagel Laser Measuring Device

Undoubtedly, voice control is dynamic with smart devices, ever wondered how innovative it would be to acquire a measuring tool with voice commands? Search no more! With Bagel, a revolutionary digital measurement tool that allows you to record data with your voice, and store it. Moreover, it’s accurate, durable, and if you’re wondering what could be a great gift to your significant other, the choice is here!



  • String length with long distances

6. Bosch GLM400CL Blaze Laser Measuring Device

 Bosch GLM400CL Blaze Laser Measuring Device | Top Ten Laser Measuring Devices

Pairing a smartphone’s camera with a digital measuring tool is quite helpful, but how about a device that has an internal camera built-in, allowing you to measure with more ease? In addition to this, this gadget focuses mainly on outdoor functionality. So, if you are planning on constructing a swimming pool, this device is sure to help you! With a 400ft measuring range, your precision needs will be fulfilled regardless of the size of your intended project.


  • Strong battery
  • Simple display


  • Long-distance may hinder origin point

7. Suaoki P7 Laser Measuring Device

Do you want to sketch a design, and measure specific adjustments with an app? Discover a creative way to construct your ideas! With Bluetooth technology, multiple functions, this device will guarantee that you get your measurements when there are obstacles in your path.


  • Addition and Subtraction measurement
  • Package includes varieties


  • The app may require constant bug fixes

8. Stanley TLM65 Laser Measuring Device

This device will surely measure up to smart and fast function! Undoubtedly, construction workers, side by side with contractors will benefit from this amazing product. Simple settings such as unit calculation, allow for a quick tool to use when deadlines are at a rush.


  • Conversion of units is simple
  • Has a good value for money


  • Limited functions

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9. Leica Disto D2 Laser Measuring Device

Leica Disto D2 Laser Measuring Device | Top Ten Laser Measuring Devices

Bluetooth functionality adds a versatile factor to devices such as this, engineered inside is a 4.0 Bluetooth system! Clearly, architects, who manage complex projects with Pythagoras, can find ease with this device. Portability and function all together bring a measuring tool that can analyze dimensions for corners which are hard to reach, thus diminishing discomfort.


  • Sketching app available
  • The laser will not cause eye injury


  • Not waterproof

10. Bosch GLR825 Laser Measuring Device

Bosch GLR825 Laser Measuring Device | Top Ten Laser Measuring Devices

Indeed, this product has a strong element to segregate it from other ones, as it’s the built-in digital system that has a strong magnification function, which allows effective long-range measurements recorded, along with dust and waterproof technology! Are you tired of using tape measurement for outdoor projects? Unquestionably, bad weather can be sheltered with this accurate device as its laser technology will be a handy tool against hard surfaces.


  • Will not break easily if dropped
  • Quick measurement display


  • Will damage overtime from Sunlight

There are a plethora of laser measuring devices to choose from an expanding market of such digital measurement tools. Furthermore, with an abundance of features available for diverse occupational users, careers in these respective fields are sure to benefit from smart technologies. Without a doubt, these are available to tackle the basic design of yesteryear, in retrospect, if you’re willing to expand your horizons, pick your desired gadget today.


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