Top 8 Best Laser Hair Removal Machines in 2020

How often have you compared your skin to the ladies who walk right past you with legs that look flawless? We bet you wish your skin were like that! You probably wonder, what are they doing that you’re not? Well, unless they’re God-gifted with perfectly smooth skin, they’ve surely done something. Shaving is tiring and gives you in-grown hair while waxing is super painful. Otherwise, getting a permanent solution like clinical laser hair removal has the potential to damage skin. Why would you spend so much to get permanent damage when you can invest less in something better in the long run? With all that in mind, here are 8 at-home laser hair removal machines that have proven the best for women and even men out there.

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Top 8 Best Laser Hair Removal Machines in 2020

8. Philips Lumea IPL Hair Remover

Laser Hair Removal Machines | Top 8 to Buy in 2020

We all want fresh-looking skin after we’ve gone through the hair removal process. Philips Lumea is the kind of machine that postpones hair growth for almost as long as 7-8 weeks.

Design & Quality: If you’re brave but careful enough, you can get close enough to remove pubic hair. At least you can remove enough for a clean bikini line for those long summer afternoons by the beach. Overall, it removes body hair like a pro very conveniently and precisely.

  • Fast results
  • Salon IPL technology
  • Dermatologist approved

7. Remington IPL6500QFB

Laser Hair Removal Machines | Top 8 to Buy in 2020

While Remington has innovative products for hairstyling, it also develops high tech laser hair removal machines. The iLight Ultra IPL Hair Removal System was created for both men and women of light to medium skin.

Design & Quality: With this hair removal machine, you can get professional quality results up to 94 percent in about 3 sessions. The Pulsed Light Technology on it gives powerful flashes with 3 seconds gap in between for maximum hair removal.

  • For face and body
  • Fewer treatments, maximum results
  • Pulsed Light Technology

6. MisMON Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal Machines | Top 8 to Buy in 2020

The one-stop solution for olive skin and dark hair! If you want IPL technology at its supreme, this laser hair removal machine gives long-lasting results. Both men and women can get use out of it.

Design & Quality: MisMON is safety checked because it precisely removes hair without skin or hair follicle damage. It can be tricky to get the most advantage out of laser hair removal machines, but not this. It is composed of smart technology that gives your skin permanent-like results with higher energy flashes.

  • Hand-held
  • Safe for full body usage
  • Visible effects in 3-4 treatments

5. Beamia At-Home IPL Hair Removal System

Laser Hair Removal Machines | Top 8 to Buy in 2020

This black hair remover is an epilator system that targets specific hairy regions. It is safe to use all across the body, ensures a painless experience, and works as a great alternative for the permanent solution.

Design & Quality: Are you impressed already? Beamia laser hair removal system has been upgraded with adapted technology to give max scale flashes for maximum hair removal. You don’t have to spend painful hours at the salon or at the laser surgical table.

  • Auto light intensity adjustment sensor
  • Gentle on the bikini line
  • Holds off hair growth

4. Finishing Touch Flawless Hair Remover

Laser Hair Removal Machines | Top 8 to Buy in 2020

Something that will completely change your life, this flawless laser hair remover is a convenient and truly effective machine. It has worked wonders on those suffering from PCOS and those who have troublesome hair growth. If it takes down the hair as tough as that, it’s definitely effortless on peach fuzz.

Design & Quality: Give yourself a salon-quality finishing touch with this small and convenient tool. It is quick, painless, and leaves a smooth feeling when you caress your skin. For a miraculous experience, we hope you drop this in your shopping cart!

  • Painless
  • Portable and compact
  • Easy and safe to use

3. Remington iLight Pro Plus IPL Laser Hair Removal Machines

A more updated laser machine and perhaps with a hefty price tag, the Remington iLight Pro Plus gives you long term flawless skin.

Design & Quality: Remove hair easily like a pro with this gentle machine that has been clinically proven to give you a permanent solution. Even if you have the palest skin with the darkest patches of unwanted hair, this will zap it out in the flash of 2 seconds.

  • 94% hair reduction
  • Works on dark hair
  • 2X better results

2. Feeke Permanent Laser Hair Removal Machines

Understanding that not only women but even men desire to permanently remove hair, we have this special number from Feeke. It can be used on your entire body without feeling any ounce of pain. 

Design & Quality: Have you always thought laser hair removal is painful? This one would break that myth for you! This one removes hair like a pro, leaving you with soft and smooth skin. It is built with 2 different modes, to give you more control and precision in targeted spots. If you choose this, it would cut down huge costs from having to visit salons for months on end.

  • Economical solution
  • Upgraded for maximum flashes
  • Painless
  • Adjustable modes for precision

1. Tria Beauty Laser Hair Removal Machines

Tria Beauty wins as the best laser permanent hair removal solution for everybody. This product looks and feels luxury and has a good weight to it for assurance.

Design & Quality: You can remove hair from the comfort of your own home, target those hard-to-reach spots. The best thing about Tria Beauty is it understands that hair color can vary from person to person, but that shouldn’t be any limiting factor to a hair removal process. It breaks your hair growth cycle and lasts up to 3 months.

  • Digital display
  • Leaves skin smoother
  • 70% hair reduction
  • 4X faster results

You deserve the best quality for your skin. That’s why we suggested these dermatologist-approved laser hair removal machines to give you the best results. Be sure to invest in pre and pro hair removal skincare routines. Your skin will literally thank you in the long run.

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