Top 10 Best Laser Hair Removal Machines In 2020

Laser Hair Removal Machines

All women have struggled endlessly with facial and body hair- hair growth often dampens a woman’s self-confidence and self-expression, prompting her to resort to a myriad of beauty products and treatment. Laser treatment is advantageous in its discontinuity after several session- several weeks of treatment and you’re done with significantly less hair growth and thickness. Yes, you can go to a beauty salon too. But not is that very expensive, but it is also often troublesome and inconvenient. You can enjoy salon-styled laser treatment in the privacy and comfort of your home with the top ten laser hair removal machines we have outlined below.

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Top 10 Best Laser Hair Removal Machines

10.  ZHT IPL Hair Removal System

ZHT IPL Hair Removal System

With its five color intensity, these laser hair removal machines targets your hair follicles and shrinks them for decreased hair growth. It has 900,000 flashes and ten minutes of use on entire body and face per session is all you need.

The unit has an LCD display to notify you about the remaining flashes and to help you select the pulse level.

  • Safety goggles included
  • 15V AC Adapter, included with the kit

9. Hibeauty Permanent Hair Removal System

Hibeauty Permanent Hair Removal System

This sleek, compact laser hair removal machine is loaded with 500,000 flashes and does not require refills or cartridges.

The UV filter on the machine protects your skin during treatment while the cold compressors maintain the skin temperature to relieve redness, pain, or itching.

  • Skin Rejuvenation to help repair and uplift your skin post treatments
  • 5 adjustable energy levels
  • Plug in; no battery or charger required
  • Works at a 90 degree angle to your skin
  • Available in silver and gold color

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8. Veme Laser Hair Removal Device

Veme Laser Hair Removal Device

Veme hair removal technology mimics the treatment used at clinics and salons. Two flash modes are available- Single flash is for smaller regions with less hair growth like upper lip, face, etc. and the continuous flashing for larger areas like leg, belly,  arms, etc.

About 12 weeks of treatment reduces 95% hair growth. The treatment needs to be done twice weekly for the first four weeks, then once a week for the next four weeks. The head can be rotated 180 degrees for better contact with skin.

  • Compatible with a wide range of hair and skin types
  • Five different energy levels
  • Replaceable lamp head
  • Total- 50000 flashes
  • No battery or charging needed-just plug in with an adapter
  • LCD display to show data

7. BoSidin Permanent Hair Removal

BoSidin Permanent Hair Removal

One of the most popular laser hair removal machines in the market, BoSidin gives you six adjustable light levels and six modes, providing energy output in the range- 2.8-8.2J / cm².

The device has a 180-degree rotating head, which makes it easier to reach different regions of your body.

  • Dynamic Cooling Technology
  • Skin Rejuvenation

6. DEESS Permanent Hair Removal Device

DEESS Permanent Hair Removal Device

This hair removal system is armed with two modes- flash and continuous modes- for different regions of your skin depending on the coarseness of the hair.

It has a compact, stylish design with UV protection and four adjustable energy levels. You don’t need to get a replacement or refill.

  • 350000 flashes
  • Detachable design
  • Dual Quartz tube
  • Rechargeable

5. Tria Beauty Laser Hair Removal Machines

Tria Beauty Laser Hair Removal Machines

Tria beauty brings to you an efficient laser hair removal machine that provides three times more energy than competing brands.

The device has brightness intensity control to make it safe for your eyes. Carefully designed, the light-emitting window is placed strategically for safe and precise targeting of the hairy regions.


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4. Silk’n Infinity – Permanent Hair Removal for Women and Men

Silk’n Infinity - Permanent Hair Removal for Women and Men

Using a combination of galvanic eHP technologyBu and optical energy, this hair removal device significantly decreases hair growth after about eight treatments.

It has two modes of action for coarse hair and for regions with thin hair. It has five energy levels, and biweekly treatment is recommended.

  • No cartridges needed, no refill
  • Built-in sensor detects your skin tone for safety
  • Unlimited flashes

3. Panadoo IPL Laser Hair Removal Machines

Panadoo IPL Laser Hair Removal Machines

Equipped with 999,999 pulses, this device will help you eliminate hair growth significantly and somewhat permanently, without the need for replacement or purchase for a second time.

It has 2 modes of flash- manual and automatic. It also has five energy levels- a beginner may start at one, but it is not particularly painful at higher levels. The device has about 3cm sq. of flash area.

  • Comes with charger and eye-protective gear
  • Portable, compact, lightweight
  • Flash is one-directional and vertical only

2. LumaRx Full Body IPL Laser Hair Removal Machines

LumaRx Full Body IPL Laser Hair Removal Machines

Armed with 65000 flashes, this hair remover is clinically safe for use on skin. It is compatible with a broad range of skin color and types, working exceptionally well on light to medium tones.

It has a storage station a cord attachment. The light window is 3 sq. cm.

  • Skin sensor included
  • UV and infra-red protection enabled
  • 4.7 lb

1. Remington Laser Hair Removal Machines

Remington Laser Hair Removal Machines

Armed with 30000 flashes, this laser hair removal machine is very efficient and does a great hair removal job in a shortr time- it provides 16Joules of light energy per sq. cm.

The device comes with a stand that is attached to it via a flexible cord. The skin tone tester helps you determine if the treatment is suitable for your skin color and type.

  • Five power levels
  • FDA cleared and clinically proven

If you are tired of booking appointments at laser centers and beauty salons what with your wallet draining from the cost of laser treatment, you can solve the problem all at once; invest in a laser hair removal device.  A few weeks of treatment reduces hair growth by ninety percent; you can even use it occasionally for personal hygiene without any hassle. So, pick the one you want now!

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