Top 10 Best Laptops for Drawing | Best for Artists!

Laptops for Drawing

Laptops are being used more and more these days instead of desktops or other heavy computer devices. People are opting for the more convenient and lightweight device. Choosing a laptop can be easy when the purpose is known; here we have listed 10 best laptops you can use for drawing.

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Top 10 Best Laptops for Drawing

Best Laptops for Drawing Reviews | Ensure Your Masterpiece With These!

1. Microsoft Surface Pro 6

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 | Laptops for Drawing

Surface Pro 6 is a two in one laptop. The laptop is one of the best sellers in the global market with a RAM of 8 GB. The laptop looks sleek and very stylish. Its appearance alone is enough to convince a designer to buy the laptop. The configuration is Intel Core i5, but Intel Core i7 is also available as well.

The Intel Core processor is of 8th Generation. The starting weight of this very beautiful and tech-savvy laptop is only 0.77 kg, suitable for those who wish to carry it along for drawing. You will get video playback of 13.5 hours with an outstanding battery life.


  • Lightweight
  • Great Flexibility


  • Fairly expensive

2. Microsoft Surface Go

Microsoft Surface Go | Laptops for Drawing

This is a cheaper option with all the features of Microsoft Surface Pro 6. You can opt for this alternative if you are looking for a more budget-friendly laptop for drawing. The laptop comes with a RAM of 8GB and both Intel Core i5 and Intel Core i7 configuration.

The Surface Go can be used for both design and studio. You will have the flexibility in drawing with this laptop. It is very lightweight and easily portable with 13.5 hours of video playback and long battery life. The laptop is available in two colors: black and platinum.


  • Excellent configuration
  • Looks beautiful and sleek


  • Not as powerful as the other laptops

3. Microsoft Surface Laptop 2

Microsoft Surface Laptop 2

The very stylish looking laptop comes in four colors: black, platinum, burgundy, and cobalt. It is a very user-friendly laptop with a RAM of 8 GB. There is a touch screen technology instilled in the laptop. The laptop is color accurate and is compatible with the surface pen. You can easily draw on it anywhere!

The laptop is portable friendly. You can carry it in your bag with no worries as it is very durable as well. The laptop weighs only 2.76 pounds. So you won’t even feel the weight on your bag.


  • Touch screen
  • Highly durable


4. Microsoft Surface Book 2

 Microsoft Surface Book 2

If you are looking for the ultimate drawing experience, this is the laptop for you! The laptop looks sleek, works fast and smart; it is bound to give you the best experience in drawing with a laptop you can possibly get. It is a 13.5″ laptop so you can carry it easily yet get good visualization as well.

Surface Book 2 has a configuration of Intel Core i7, 8GB RAM and storage of 256GB. The operating system is Windows 10 pro. The battery life of this laptop is 17 hours.


  • Premium material
  • Excellent performance


  • Expensive

5. Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 Laptop

 Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 Laptop

The laptop is one of the best drawing laptops from dell. It has a full infinity edge touch screen of 13.3 inches. It is a two in one laptop as well. The laptop looks aesthetically very elegant and pretty. It is renowned for its small size and good performance. The surface of the display is almost borderless so you can visualize your creation well.

The laptop comes with SSD storage of 1TB. You can use the laptop in four positions: tablet, laptop, tent, and stand mode, which is perfect as one of the laptops for drawing.


  • Have many modes
  • Borderless display


  • The active pen is not good

6. Lenovo Yoga C930

Lenovo Yoga C930 | Laptops for Drawing

A very beautiful foldable laptop for all kinds of traveling and business trips! You can use this laptop while you are on the go or traveling and just want to draw in the midst of nature. The laptop is very durable and performs well. It has a UHD IPS and a multi-touch display of 13.9-inches.

The configuration is Intel Core i7 with a memory of 12 GB. The laptop works fast and visualization is perfect. Among all digital mediums used for drawing, the Yoga C390 is one of the bests. It is used all over the world as an excellent laptop for drawing.


  • Very accurate
  • Comes with web camera


  • Keyboard is not good

7. HP Spectre X360 15-inch Convertible Laptop

HP Spectre X360 15-inch Convertible Laptop | Laptops for Drawing

The specter lives up to its name. It is a small yet a majestic-looking laptop. It comes with awesome features like 360 degrees hinges, four different modes of operation and Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti graphics card. Among all laptops for drawing; the HP specter is one of a kind. The laptop is well built and easy to carry.

The display is almost borderless and has great visualization. It is a UHD display of 15-inches. The laptop comes with an HP active pen exclusively designed for drawing!


  • Small in size
  • Borderless display


  • The trackpad is not good

8. Samsung Notebook 9 Pro

Samsung Notebook 9 Pro | Laptops for Drawing

Like any Samsung products, the Notebook 9 Pro is an outstanding laptop for drawing. You can use this laptop for business purposes as well. The laptop is very aesthetic looking and easy to use. It is bound to compliment any artist out there.

One special and unique asset of this notebook is the S pen. The S pen is a pressure-sensitive and intuitive drawing tool. It can take the pressure up to 4,000 levels. The laptop comes with a RAM of 16GB, an Intel Core i7-8550U processor, and 256GB SSD memory.


  • S pen
  • Good for professionals


  • Does not have a backlit keyboard

9. HP Chromebook x360 11 G1 

HP Chromebook x360 11 G1 | Laptops for Drawing

An excellent laptop for drawing for kids! If your kid is a small Picasso or just interested in drawing; you can certainly feed his or her enthusiasm with this smart laptop.

The device comes with an HD display of 11.6-inch. It is very lightweight weighing only 3.1 lbs. The laptop comes with a memory of 8GB RAM and 64 GB SSD.


  • Good for kids
  • Lightweight


  • The laptop does not have great value

10. HP ZBook Studio x360 G5

HP ZBook Studio x360 G5 | Laptops for Drawing

Like awesome and powerful laptops? The HP ZBook Studio x360 G5 is designed just for you. The laptop has awesome features including reproduction of accurate color, log in with only one-touch, and a 4TB SSD storage!

You can use this laptop anywhere you want. This is an awesome laptop for drawing. You will have precision, easy navigation, and control over your creation with this laptop.


  • Flexibility is usage
  • Powerful


  • Heavy and bulky

Choose a laptop that complements your personality and will be easy for you to work with. Drawing is always about satisfaction; if you are not going to enjoy drawing on the laptop you definitely should not buy that device.

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