Top 10 Best Landing Page Builders in 2021

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A landing page is a game-changer in the world of marketing. Although driving traffic to a website used to be quite challenging a few years ago, the ability to customize the landing page of a site enabled website owners to not only attract visitors but also retain them with personalized experiences. You can grab a visitor’s attention with well-designed content and then drive them towards your CTAs with captivating offers simply by creating an effective landing page using some of the best landing page builders.

Considering all of these factors, we have put together a list of the top ten best landing page builders found in the market currently. Here they are:

Best Landing Page Builders in 2021

1. Hubspot


Hubspot is known as one of the best landing page builders for digital marketing. You can launch marketing campaigns that are effective in drawing customers with this marketing solution. Whether you have a small business that is starting out or a large business that you want to scale up, Hubspot has features for both.

Hubspot allows its clients to host either a part r the entirety of the website based on their choice. You check out their “going live” guide to decide if you want to try it out. It also offers tons of tools for optimizing different aspects of the page. You can try A/B testing, create customized content specific to certain criteria or locations, insert images, videos, and links, strategize your SEO, add Call-to-Actions and plugin features, create forms and integrate the entire platform with major tools for the best loading times.

When it comes to responsiveness, Hubspot excels at creating the ultimate experience through its adjustable size and layouts. You can customize the landing page to add any creative layout or content for higher conversions. It also provides hundreds of well-designed templates if you are not well-versed in building a page from scratch. Besides that, you can also track the success of your landing page with the statistics provided within Hubspot’s dashboard or Google analytics.

One of the only drawbacks of using Hubspot is its price range. While you can avail of its services at the cheapest plan of 200 dollars a month, for the more sophisticated features of customization, you need to try the higher-tier plans, which can be expensive. Besides that, it also lacks AMP for mobile pages. However, all in all, Hubspot is a great solution for digital marketing because of its wide array of tools and convenience to use.

2. Instapage


Instapage is one of the best landing page builders because of its reliability and ease of use. This landing page builder is very versatile in the sense that it can create a usable template out of any website template of your choice. You can host your own site with Instapage by simply subscribing to its enterprise plan and paying some extra charges. Such a plan will provide many more optimization features than the cheaper basic plan.

Instapage allows you to conduct the entire A/B testing of the page. You can dynamically replace texts, tracking pixels, heat maps, conduct collaborations in real-time, and even integrate the page with several different platforms. The landing page is also responsive in accommodating any user screen.

When it comes to customization, Instapage is arguably the best landing page builder because of its intuitive designs, SSL encryption support, and heavily customizable features. In fact, it even has an effective drag-and-drop builder that you can use with ease. Besides that, it also provides internal analytics and an overview of the landing page performance when connected to any platform. You can expect great customer support if you face any trouble as well.

The key benefit of using Instapage is that it comes with over 200 templates that are customizable. You can use these templates for lead generation, app downloads, and even webinar registrations without having to type any code. So, even beginners can simply drag blocks for adjusting content and editing the landing page. You can also launch AMP landing pages within this platform as an additional option.

The only con of this software is probably it’s pricing because the enterprise plan is quite expensive. But the lowest priced plan starts from 69 dollars a month and provides enough tools to create unique landing pages and improve your conversion rates.

3. Leadpages


Leadpages is a landing page builder that provides businesses everything they need to create leads that can turn into sales. It is incredibly easy to use and even first-timers can set up landing pages with this software since it is code free and contains the amazing drag and drop builder, which makes it one of the best landing page builders in the market.

This landing page builder enables clients to host their pages on its server or even through their own provider. When it comes to optimization features, Leadpages provides an integrated ad builder, landing pages that can be SEO optimized, A/B testing that can be availed through a premium plan, custom made forms and content along with the ability to integrate with several major email marketing platforms. Since the landing pages created by Leadpages are specifically designed to create leads and conversions, it allows clients to customize content from predefined options for the most responsive experience.

Speaking of customization, Leadpages might not have the easiest drag and drop builder to use but it allows HTML coding for better customization. It also provides an advanced collection of internal analytics that allows users to understand which platforms require optimization or customization for better performance. Besides that, you can expect other unique features like their built-in solutions for payment, filtering of landing pages based on conversion rate, options for targeting audience, and dedicated support from their help services.

Apart from all of that, you can find over a hundred templates along with extra features for boosting conversion rates such as pop-up boxes and alert bars. However, to avail of certain integration and A/B testing, you need to opt for expensive high-tier plans and even then feel the need for better personalization options and security. However, you can try the 25 dollars a monthly plan that comes with discounted annual billing for creating landing pages of great value and quality.

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4. Unbounce


Unbounce is another digital marketing solution in the list of the best landing page builders in the market. It is very easy to use and comes with tons of features that can help you create an effective landing page. You can provide Unbounce the duty of hosting the page or you can provide your own server.

While it lacks the plethora of optimization features that some of the other landing page builders in this list have, it still comes with quite efficient features for compelling call-to-actions in the form of popup forms, editing tools that are highly customizable, more than hundreds of templates to customize and integrate with WP, powerful and independent analytics along with A/B testing and more, which all can be availed at fast loading times.

This software creates landing pages that are highly responsive no matter what device you view it. And it is known for providing features that can be used for whatever purpose the landing page is supposed to serve. Besides that, you can not only use independent statistics but also google analytics for performance tracking by simply connecting to it. One of the special features that Unbounce offers is the drag and drop option. This makes it one of the best landing page builders since it makes for a straightforward yet flexible mode.

Unbounce also supports SSL encryption along with the ability to replace keywords for PPC campaigns. It includes sticky bars as well as popups along with mobile pages that are AMP-ready. All these options allow you to customize the features to improve conversion rates.

The drawback of using Unbounce is that it takes a little while to get the hang of it. Apart from that, it requires quite an expensive premium and enterprise subscription plans for better integrations and redirects.

5. Wishpond


Wishpond is reviewed as one of the best landing page builders on the internet because of its ability to include social content, popups and to run automation tasks all at the most basic plan. With a Wishpond toolkit, you can create any number of landing pages with ease and it will host all your creations. It may not be dedicated to creating landing pages, but it provides a lot of optimization features including email campaigns, A/B testing, Access for API, and some of the best customer support and assistance.

When it comes to responsiveness, it provides the best service even in its plethora of templates. You get to have more than 200 templates to choose from even though the customization potential is not as advanced as other landing page builders are. Besides that, it also provides different tools to track the analytics of your campaigns for monitoring performance.

It also includes some special features like the dynamic replacement options, the ability to integrate with a number of platforms and services, lead segmentation, management, and scoring as well as prompt support via email, phone, and live chat. If this assortment of features was not enough, you will be glad to know that it has over a hundred landing pages that are mobile-friendly.

You can try this landing page builder at 49 dollars a month, which is billed annually, and expect up to 1000 leads. With high-tier plans, you can expect higher leads. While Wishpond may seem mediocre in terms of customization options, it provides value in the form of affordability and a nice array of features.

6. Kickofflabs


Kickofflabs is a game-changer in the realm of landing page building and is well known as one of the best landing page builders due to its engaging content as well as its pages that are dedicated to improving conversion rates. Kickofflabs has secure servers where you can store the landing pages you created for hosting. It is incredibly reliable when it comes to its optimization features.

This landing page builder allows you to create effective mailing lists, plan email campaigns and landing pages that can be tested with A/B, integrated across multiple platforms, connected to the existing landing pages for managing them from a dashboard, and so on.

The templates provided by this software is quite responsive in the sense that its landing pages are mobile-friendly. Besides that, it is easy to customize and allows you to set up the page as you want. You can also track analytics of your page with Kickofflab’s own tracking or you can connect the page to google analytics for getting an overview of your traffic.

It also provides some unique features like optimized templates that you can choose from, a visual editor that is easy to use, a referral generation tool, promotional features, popup contests, and the best part is that it all comes at a very affordable plan.

Although this software does not allow unlimited customization, integration, or campaigns, it offers more in terms of the array of features for promotion and fraud protection for security. You can avail of its services at 55 dollars a month, which is billed annually.

7. Optimizepress


Optimize press is a software meant for creating landing pages for various purposes. It is different from most other landing page builders in the sense that it allows you to host your own landing pages instead of taking responsibility. So, you need to have your own provider for hosting.

One of the unique features of Optimizepress is that it gives you the ability to create client and employee portals that are secure. It does not have as many optimization features as other landing page builders but it still allows you to create a premium platform for blogging, the ability to edit in real-time and optimize over 30 templates found within the software. And they are all fully responsive in different devices.

What makes Optimizepress one of the best landing page builders is its customization options. This software allows you to create a dedicated landing page for training, sales, webinars, marketing and many more purposes along with portals that can be helpful. You can also analyze the performance of your landing page by connecting it to Google Analytics or similar platforms for tracking.

Other unique features of this landing page include the ability to create plugins and format themes, add functionality elements from over 40 options, integrate the page with numerous platforms and tools and more. You can try this landing page builder at 97 dollars a month through a one-time payment and have access to at least 3 domains.

8. GetResponse


Getresponse is one of the best landing page builders and one of the best digital marketing platforms available in the market right now. It offers all the features you need for an effective landing page, starting from email marketing, automation tasks and many customization options that can boost your website traffic and conversion rates. Getresponse allows you to host your own landing page with your hosting service or using a subdomain.

It comes with tons of optimization features that include a huge array of dynamic templates that are dedicated to improving conversion rates, large stock images for use, the ability to try A/B testing, the ability to use different domains for publishing the page, a huge collection of forms, the ability to integrate with a number r platforms and more.

Every template provided by this software is fully responsive and can accommodate to any kind of screen. In terms of customization, you can edit the layout of the landing page with different visual elements or you can insert links to your social media channels in order to boost your outreach. It also provides internal analytics for tracking success. O the other hand, you can also opt for Google analytics to get an overview on the performance of tour campaigns through Google Analytics.

Some of its unique features include customized forms, mobile workspace, complete marketing options, etc. all of this can be availed at 15 dollars a month for the most basic plan and 49 dollars for the advanced one. For better features, the advanced plan is recommended.

9. Lander


Lander is among the best landing page builders due to its array of templates to choose from along with its ability to integrate with a number of marketing tools found on the web today. It allows you to choose your own service provider for hosting or opt for allowing Lander to host for you.

It comes with optimization features like the drag and drop builder, different templates that are optimized for the best SEO and conversions, A/B testing, integration with social media channels, replacement of dynamic text and more. The site is also very responsive in all kinds of devices since it accommodates to every screen.

Besides that, Lander provides the ability to connect to Google Analytics to keep records of the performance of the tour page. While its customization features are great, they are not as extensive as some of the other landing page builders in this list are. But it provides special features like autofill forms, conversion charts, welcome emails that are dedicated to subscribers, e-commerce themed templates etc. You can opt or Lander by paying only 16 dollars a month, which is billed annually.

10. Landigi


Landigi, as a digital marketing service provider, provides so many tools and features for creating amazing looking landing pages that guarantee high conversions that it is undoubtedly one of the best landing page builders in the market. It provides unique features and highly customizable as well as innovative templates that come with drop-down menus and different tools. It is so easy to operate that even beginners can use it.

This flexible platform comes with a drag and drop builder, a pixel editor, different plugins, forms and page designs, more than a hundred templates, automation options, built-in integration options and the ability to support highly targeted PPC ads. It allows you to integrate with other platforms as well as import other pages from the web in order to turn it into a template.

You can try this amazing software by paying 29 dollars each month for the most basic plan, 49 dollars per month for the automated plan, or 109 dollars per month for the agency plan. You can avail of different features that are available in other Landing page builders by simply paying for a higher tier pricing plan.

What to consider in choosing a landing page builder

Nowadays, there are numerous landing page builders in the market to choose from in order to set up the landing page of your wish. Whether you are looking for an affordable plan for landing page building or a page builder that allows you to set up highly targeted and high-converting landing pages – there is an option for every marketer. All you have to do is decide what your preferences are according to the purpose of your website and you are set to begin setting up your landing page!

If you want leads or conversions in your online store or even traffic on your website, you need to have a landing page that has all the features necessary for achieving subscriptions, report downloads, whitepaper views, ebooks, newsletters subscriptions, offer undertaking and more. And for that, you need a landing page builder software that is easy to use, allows A/B testing, provides pre-designed templates along with custom coding, contains email marketing integrations and more.

You need to ascertain whether the software is simple enough for you to follow through without any hassle. Besides that, it needs to have features that can allow you to monitor the collection of leads and different analytics so that you can integrate it with your CRM. You have to determine a budget for the software as well and decide how much you are willing to pay every month and if you intend to upgrade your plan. Moreover, you can also look out for additional features that allow you to customize funnels within your landing page.

Having an attractive landing page for your website can substantially affect your lead generation, website traffic and conversion rates. But building a good landing page is no piece of cake. This is why you need an effective landing page builder to do the job for you without learning to code.

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