Best Lamicall Tablet Stand In 2020

Lamicall Tablet Stand

Those of us who do not own a tablet or a phone stand yet, often we feel the necessity of one. Again, those who do own any tablet or a smartphone stand, we feel that the scope of usage is very narrow. For example, most phone stands are not suitable for holding tablets. Again, there are tablet stands that do not hold phones.

Even, a lot of stands cannot be adjusted to meet the height we expect. We do not view from the same angle every time. The viewpoint may change depending on the scenario.

Nowadays, we get to see stands that hold bot smartphones and tablets, their height and angle can be adjusted according to the necessity of the user. And among them, the Lamicall Tablet Stand stands out. The features and affordable pricing make it unique. To know more about this stand, please follow down this article.

Best Lamicall Tablet Stand In 2020 

Lamicall Tablet Stand in 2020 Review!

The Lamicall gooseneck phone and tablet stand is a sturdy stand made especially for viewing and reading. It comes in two colors, black, and grey. You can use it for studying, watching YouTube or Netflix comfortably. The stand comes with a clamp. The clamp is adjustable and can be attached to your table, workstation, kitchen board or even your bed. Sometimes we view our devices lying on our bed, this stand can hold the tablet midair so that we do not have to. The angle can be adjusted as well. We can change the view from landscape to portrait and vice versa.

One of the best things is, the stand does not block out any necessary port. Thus, you can use it while charging or plugging in a headphone. The clamps that hold the device come with rubber padding. If it slips somehow, or if you tighten the device too much, the padding will keep your device from harm. Another unique feature is that this stand is compatible with Nintendo Switch as well. If you are a switch user, you can hold your console up to your eye-level and play with comfort! 

The stand comes in a new and upgraded design. The stand is divided into two parts. The lower part is thicker so that it can provide more stability and durability. The upper part is thinner, giving you flexibility so that you can twist and turn according to your wish and necessity.

There are times that we look for a helping hand when we have to make a video for our presentation or simply a social media post. With this stand, we can shoot the videos ourselves. The stand is designed to hold your device in place without any wobble. With that, you can make a video easily by yourself.

The stand is not perfect for touch usage and might wobble a lot like any other product. But this one has a special design so that you can bend the stand is ‘s’ or ‘z’ shapes. Bending the stand in these shapes will reduce the bounce to a great extent. 

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Product Design and Quality

Lamicall Tablet Stand

This tablet holder has an amazing, ergonomic design. It is practical and easy to adjust. As it has two different parts, you will get better adjusting ability and stability. The material used to craft this piece is also very good. Unless you twist it bad, it is highly unlikely to break. The purpose of reading or viewing can be served comfortably. You can even game on your Nintendo Switch with ease. 

The clamp can be attached to any edge. If you have an edge, no matter how thick or thin it is, the clamp can stick to it. The rubber padded clamps that hold the device is also made of good materials and will protect your device from scratches. The fact that this doesn’t block your necessary ports makes it a great choice. Many stands out in the market will block your ports and trust me, you do not want that.

But there is a catch like always. This type of flexible stands, they are not suitable if you require to use the touch screen. As the stand is flexible, if you touch it, it will start to wobble. That experience is really bad and often users avoid this stand due to that.

On a brighter note, there is a cure. Although it will not make the wobbling go away completely, it will reduce the bounce to a great extent. After you have clamped your stand somewhere, before clamping your device, twist the thinner portion of the stand and make an ‘s’ or a ‘z’. This will provide the stand more resistance to the force you apply, thus reducing the bounce.

This tablet holder can help you fix your posture as well. If you always adjust it to your level of viewing, you will not have to bow down or lean towards the screen. It keeps your posture straight and prevents neck pain.


  • Two levels of gooseneck for added flexibility,
  • Angle and height can be adjusted,
  • Compatible with phones, tablets and even Nintendo Switch,
  • Can be used for reading, viewing or gaming,
  • Bounce or wobble can be reduced to a great extent,
  • Rubber clamps will protect your device,
  • It does not block the necessary USB or AUX jack.

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Lastly, there are a lot of stands in the market. But, the Lamicall gooseneck tablet stand is compatible with more devices than the standard ones. The price is also very reasonable. If you look at the customer review you will see it has a sixty-nine percent five-star review on Amazon. The customers who bought this are content with the product they got. The design of this tablet stand uses is groundbreaking and provides more bounce resistance than its rivals. If you want a tablet stand that is suitable for viewing, recording video or audio playing games with wireless gamepads, the Lamicall gooseneck tablet stand may just be the perfect one for you in 2020.

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