Top 15 Best Keypad Door Knobs In 2020

Keypad Door Knobs

Home security is becoming more and more important day by day, especially around some neighborhoods where the risk of burglary and theft persists. We won’t know who will sneak in when we are not home. Nowadays, people are opting for keypad door locks. These door knobs use a num-pad like your phone to unlock only when you type in a passcode. Many brands have already entered this market. So there are many Keypad Door Knobs choices for you to choose from in this segment. To get the best one for your door, take a peek at this article. You will certainly get the perfect one.

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Top 15 Best Keypad Door Knobs In 2020

1. SCYAN X7SC Keyless

SCYAN X7SC Keyless - Keypad Door Knobs

The first on the list is this one from Scyan. Made in the USA, this one comes in a silver-tone color, which the company labeled as Satin Chrome. This one allows you to unlock it with your fingerprint. The biometrics are quite good and it works just like the sensor on your phone. So the ways of opening the lock are three, the traditional use of a key, using a passcode, and using biometrics.

  • Three ways to unlock
  • Made in the USA
  • Comes in one color
  • Secure biometrics scanning.

2. Schlage Commercial Electronic Keypad Lock

10 Best Keypad Doorknobs

The electronic finish and the super handy options pair up well up to provide you with an effortless unlocking experience. The metal-built knob comes with a limited 3-year warranty on electronics, limited lifetime warranty on the mechanical part and the finish. It is very durable.

  • Programmed with two access codes by default
  • Backlit keypad
  • Automatic relocking
  • Low battery indication
  • Appropriate for all standard doors

3. MiLocks Digital Door Knob

MiLocks Digital Door Knob - Keypad Door Knobs

This is another smart locker for all kinds of doors. The brand is well-known for making top-quality locks. The lock can be switched meaning can be used with both left and right-sided opening doors. The color of the lock is bronzish, which the company markets as Antique Brass. The finish is quite visible and shiny; the specialty of this one is that you can add up to 6 passcodes.

  • Can add up to 6 passcodes
  • Made of quality materials
  • Visible in the dark
  • Great after-sale service.

4. Kwikset 909 SmartCode Electronic Deadbolt

10 Best Keypad Doorknobs

You shouldn’t be missing out on this one-touch keypad door knob. The elegant satin nickel finish counts toward the modernized appearance. It has a sleek design with the cover being tamper-resistant.

  • Backlit keypad with 6 digits
  • 8 customizable codes & 1 master code
  • Auto-lock feature
  • Adjustable latch
  • Bump-proof
  • Smart key technology

5. Schlarge Lock

Schlarge Lock - Keypad Door Knobs

This is one of the best keypad lockers in the market right now. It prioritizes function over form and quite rightfully helps increase the security of your house. This one will bring you top-quality security to your house. The horizontal two line keys are a great unique addition to this. The numbers also light up so you can see in the dark.

  • The keys light up for visibility in the dark
  • Can be used for multiple purposes
  • Unique horizontal setup of keys
  • Ensures great security.

6. Schlarge Camelot

Schlarge Camelot - Keypad Door Knobs

Another one from Schalrge. SO you can imagine how big of a company this is when it comes to making great quality digital locks. This one almost looks the same as the previous one but is an older version. The color is Satin Nickel which is quite different and unique. This fits thicker doors quite easily. A whole big metal piece was used for its construction. The look is almost similar to the previous one.

  • Satin Nickel color
  • Perfect for thicker doors
  • Constructed with a big piece of metal
  • Long-lasting battery.

7. Yale Assure Lock 10 Best Keypad Doorknobs

Forget the trouble of maintaining keys because this nicely designed touchpad door knob is available in the market! It has a satin nickel finish.

  • Takes in a pin of 4-8 digits
  • Easy installation with standard doors
  • Voice control
  • Auto re-locking
  • Privacy mode
  • Upgradeable 
  • 2 backup keys

8. Henyin

Henyin - Keypad Door Knobs

This is one of the most recent brands of digital keypad doorknobs. The keypad on this one is a capacitive touchscreen, which is quite tactile.

  • Constructed with solid metal
  • Large touchscreen
  • It can be unlocked with a key too.

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9. SPOTACT ML101 Mechanical Keyless Door Lock

10 Best Keypad Doorknobs

This keypad door knob introduces a completely new design and is ideally made for wooden doors. It has a superb anti-theft structure. In other words, the zinc alloy construction with the triple plating process makes it resistant to rust or corrosion. It is unbreakable.

  • No requirement of electricity
  • Can set passwords of length 1-11
  • 2 channels can be switched between
  • Attached latches 
  • The mechanical code is difficult to decode due to good stability

10. PINEWORLD Q100 Keypad Smart Lock

10 Best Keypad Doorknobs

The electronic keypad deadbolt looks up-to-date and has all the features you need. The stainless-steel composition is highly durable and secured. It isn’t prone to rust and prevents dirt or dust from entering. 

  • Ten access codes that include one admin code, one passage code and eight user codes all under the common control of admin
  • Auto locks after 3 seconds 
  • Anti-peeping function
  • Low battery alert
  • Emergency charging
  • Continuous alarm in case of very strong impacts

11. Honeywell Safe keypad

Honeywell Safe keypad - Keypad Door Knobs

This one is from the lock company Honeywell. They are quite well-known for making world-class locks. For this keypad creation, Honeywell has made this as an excellent keyless locker for entryway security for its valuable customers who want to stay safe at home. This sort of keypad can be utilized on our home entryway. Utilizing this digit keypad, we can set our secret codes to make sure our home stays safe and secure. If somebody attempts to barge in through your entryway, you will be notified immediately.

  • High brand value
  • Signals you if it suspects anything
  • It can be used indoors and lockers.

12. Kwikset 909

Kwikset 909 - Keypad Door Knobs

This electronic key handle is from the manufacturers Kwikset. It comes in the color of Satin Nickel which makes it looks cooler. You can reset the codes as many times as you like.

So, to set it up on your entryway, you can simply follow a couple of steps from the instructions manual. This can be utilized for all kinds of entryways since it comes with a rather compact form factor.

  • Satin Nickel colored
  • Reset-able codes
  • Can be used on any type of door
  • Very compact.

13. Yale Assure

Yale Assure - Keypad Door Knobs

This one from Yale strides away from the conventional door knob design. Unlike others, this one does not have a handle and features and modern touchscreen. But you also have the traditional way of opening the lock, with a key. The set comes with two keys so don’t worry about getting locked out. The 4AA batteries keep this one powered for a while.

  • Unconventional design
  • Modern touchscreen
  • Supports 4AA batteries
  • Comes packed with two keys.

14. Turbolock

Turbolock - Keypad Door Knobs

This one looks just like the round doorknobs that we are all used to. The entire construction is of stainless steel material. The keypad is similar to the usual phone keypad that we get to see. This follows the trend of “keyless” as it does not even let you use a key. This has an auto-lock technology so you don’t have to worry when you are in a rush.

  • Stainless steel build
  • Phone-like keypad
  • Keyless entry
  • Auto locks in three-second after opening.

15. MiLocks TKK-02SN

MiLocks TKK-02SN - Keypad Door Knobs

Another one from MiLocks which means this company holds a significant market share when it comes to top-tier digital doorknobs. This one is a different size from the other one though. The name of the color that the company gave is Satin Nickel.

  • Can add up to 6 codes
  • Visibility in the dark
  • Great build quality.

So, if you are on the hunt for the best Keypad Door Knobs, check any one of these out. Pick the one that you think will go with your door, then go and buy it. You will not be disappointed.

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