Top 10 Electric Jack Hammers of 2020

Top 10 Electric Jack Hammers of 2020

Electric Jack Hammers are made to give the adequate capacity to destruction. This is one of the widely used power tools in the construction industry for digging, chipping, and breaking gaps in solid earth surfaces. If you have been searching for detailed information on the internet, you probably know how the market is overflowed with an excessive number of electric jack hammers. To help you choose the ideal jackhammer for your work style, we have gathered a rundown of the top 10 best jackhammers in 2020. Our top-rated product is the Makita Electric Jack Hammer, which is the best product overall considering its pricing, quality, and ease of use. If you like researching a bit more, check out some more topnotch jackhammers in this list.

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Top 10 Electric Jack Hammers of 2020

1. Makita Electric Jack Hammer

Makita Electric Jack Hammer - Electric Jack Hammers

Makita electric jackhammer has 4 chisels with a storage cart along with an anti-vibration feature. This feature reduces your arm’s soreness while you even if you work for a long time. This machine comes with AC/DC mode, so you will be able to use it with whatever power supply you have available. Due to its distinct-shaped handle, it remains comfortable enough for long tasks.

  • AC/DC switch.
  • Safety Features.
  • Anti-Vibration feature.

2. XtremepowerUS Electric Jack-Hammer

XtremepowerUS - Electric Jack Hammers

This is a low-cost product offering you a feature-packed design. It includes safety gloves, 2 chisels, a speed control feature, a carrying case, etc. The speed control feature incorporated in this tool helps the machine to maintain its steady speed throughout the demolition process to reduce the chances of accidents. It also has an anti-vibration feature similar to any other electric jackhammer. Although there are a few complaints about its oil leakage problem, compared to all the features, it is one of the best value for money product.

  • Double chisels.
  • Speed control feature.
  • Safety gloves included.
  • Comes in a sturdy carrying case.

3.TR Industrial TR89100 Demolition Jackhammer

TR Industrial TR89100 Demolition Jackhammer - Electric Jack Hammers

This Jackhammer is appropriate for a variety of projects, such as demolition, chipping, digging, solid braking, etc. It has adequate force for getting through solid floors, earth, cement, and more. This Electric jackhammer is overly ground-breaking with 800 Blows-per-min and accompanies an extra-long 6.5-foot power line for accommodation. Also, the toolset comes with certain extras, including work gloves level/hex/spade etches, security goggles, etc.

  • 360-degree swivel handle.
  • 800 blows per min.
  • 11 amp motor.

4. Mophorn 2200W 1400 BPM Electric Demolition Hammer

Mophorn 2200W 1400 BPM Electric Demolition Hammer - Electric Jack Hammers

This high-power jackhammer can break through concrete, clay, floors within seconds. It comes with a 360 degrees swivel and D shaped grip for ease of use. Such an added feature in the handle helps to reduce soreness in your arms. The product is a multi-purpose demolishing tool and can be used in trench work, asphalt removal, and similar construction projects.

  • Easy to assemble.
  • Heavy-duty and durable.
  • Wide application.

5. Generic 1240W Power Jack Hammer

Generic 1240W Power Jack Hammer - Electric Jack Hammers

The Generic B000HSD93K Heavy Duty 1240W has some great highlights and a value that is convenient for a variety of construction projects. It accompanies two chisels and offers an array of tasks at a reasonable price. Made with a rust-resistant metal coating, the product runs in 1240 watts. An exception to a few complaints, it is one of the most 5-star rated product in Amazon.

  • Double chisels.
  • Hard carrying case.
  • Reasonable price range.

6. Yescom 3600W Jackhammer

Yescom 3600W Jackhammer - Electric Jack Hammers

The Yescom 3600W 1800BPM may be a model you would consider if you are willing to spend more and get a jackhammer with more force. It comes with a few decent features. The swivel handle can be balanced 360 degrees around the unit, so you can have a decent grasp regardless of what point you are working at. It likewise accompanies a considerable amount of accessories such as safety glasses, extra motor brushes, instruction manual, and more. A bit expensive, but it gets the job done fast and with less effort.

  • Sealed motor.
  • An array of accessories.
  • Swivel handle.

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7. Bosch 11335K Jack Hammer Kit

Bosch 11335K Jack Hammer Kit - Electric Jack Hammers


This Jackhammer is outfitted with 15. 0AMP engine and works at a speed of 1300BPM. The phenomenal instrument is designed with the top-notch materials, making it tough and proficient for even the most challenging destruction works. Besides, the hammer unit includes a multi-position holder that permits you to hold it effectively while working. In this way, you can work for long hours without feeling exhausted on your hands.

  • Lock-on switch.
  • Reminder shutoff system.
  • Carrying case with wheels.

8. Bosch 11321EVS Demolition Hammer

Bosch 11321EVS Demolition Hammer - Electric Jack Hammers

Bosch 11321EVS has a high force and effectiveness that ensures a rapid demolition regardless of the surface material. It is a flexible Electric jack hammer that is not just utilized for demolition applications but also chipping applications. Other than that, you can utilize it to break and chip tile, solid, square, and other sturdy materials. it has a Constant Response feature that will assist it while maintaining speed under the burden.

  • Multiple user applications.
  • 1300-2900 blows per min.
  • Smooth startup control.
  • 12 position for lock tool holder.

9. ZENY 2200W Concrete Breaker Demolition Jack Hammer

ZENY 2200W Concrete Breaker Demolition Jack Hammer - Electric Jack Hammers

ZENY 2200W is a perfect work of art of a quality destruction jackhammer. It is an incredible choice with regards to hardcore demolition works. It includes an Input engine with 2200 watt and load speed of 1900 Impacts for every minute. This highly powerful electric tool is ideal for large construction projects as it can cover a wide work area at once.

  • Comfortable plastic handle.
  • Safety goggle and mask included.
  • 1900 impacts per minute.

10. Neiko 02845A Best Demolition Jack Hammers

Neiko 02845A Best Demolition Jack Hammers - Electric Jack Hammers

This product may be the right choice when you require a jackhammer for medium-duty projects. It has an 11.3 Amp high powerful motor and helical gear system that works smoothly and quietly. It is developed with alloy steel chisel and comes with an array of accessories such as 4 carbon brushes, 3 wrenches, etc.

  • Easy to operate.
  • Minimal vibration.
  • High-performance motor.

In this article, you will find that there are always electric jack hammers accessible for each financial limit, quality, and feature. Therefore, you can simply settle on a choice that meets your requirements the best. No matter which electric hammer you go for, keep in mind that our well-being and health care is the most significant variable that you have to consider before placing an order. Guarantee that you use goggles, boots, gloves, ear protection, and even eye protection for ensuring a safe work environment. Additionally, check the items’ highlights and pick the best model that has safety features.

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