Top 10 Best Interior Design Books In 2021

Interior Design Books

Designs have always reflected the power of one’s imagination. But if there are anything hours of staying indoors in 2021 has taught us, Interior Design Books are that we all could utilize the inside of our homes better and add a bit of flair here and there.

To help you do this, we have compiled a list of the top 10 interior design books from renowned bloggers and designers. From small footprint homes to huge, expansive spaces, there’s something for every house.

Best Interior Design Books Review

10. Wild Interiors

Wild Interiors | Interior Design Books

To catch a glimpse of the life of Hilton Carter, the book’s author’s life on Instagram is to truly comprehend the unmistakable beauty in living amidst thriving plants. A plant and interior enthusiast/stylist takes plants from being supporting accessories to the interior’s main event. In the process, he demonstrates how others can effortlessly add a touch of life to their space.

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9. Ikebana Unbound

Ikebana Unbound | Interior Design Books

Staying home, a lot of people relied on hobbies to keep them entertained in their monotonous routine. There’s a kind of peace in them; especially when they are innovative and help build a bond to nature. That’s the idea at the core of Ikebana Unbound, which gives readers a visual tour of the age-old tradition of Japanese flower arrangement.

In learning how to make newer interpretations and choosing seasonal stems, readers can try out a passion that promotes imaginativeness as equally as it values the important lessons one derives from their past.

8. Making Living Lovely

Making Living Lovely | Interior Design Books

Authors Whitehead and Cluroe, the minds behind 2LG Studio, present a book that cultivates unapologetically interesting spaces. Their book, Making Living Lovely gives readers a look into their personal handbook of tricks for blending patterns and colors into designs that are functional yet playful. Their appreciation for flair, textures, and prints will surely intrigue you and get you on the hype train.

7. Anni and Josef Albers: Equal and Unequal

Anni and Josef Albers: Equal and Unequal | Interior Design Books

One of the most well-recognized couples in design history collaborated to create work ranging in various disciplines of design and art. Anni took lessons under Paul Klee while Josef was a teacher at the prestigious Bauhaus design school. Their influence on visual arts, textile design, interior aesthetics, and printmaking comes to life in this edition. The covert art and rich concepts will ensure you never put the book down.

6. The Little Book of Living Small

The Little Book of Living Small | Interior Design Books

The concept of ‘only if it sparks joy’ has made us way too materialistic, and this book acts as a breath of fresh air. Laure Fenton brings character to curating small spaces – less than or equal to 1,200 square feet. You get multiple tips and tricks for utilizing every inch of your space without compromising on personal taste, and there are 12 different properties to give you a visual idea. Even if you have a larger space, the actionable advice will help you organize your interior better.

5. The Home Edit Life

The Home Edit Life | Interior Design Books

Authors Joanna Teplin and Clea Shearer and renowned organizers that came into the spotlight due to their New York Times bestselling book, successful Instagram account, as well as the new show on Netflix showcasing their power to transform closets and pantries into picture-perfect space of streamlines success. This particular book instructs readers on how to create systems in any corner where a potential mess is expected – from purses and desks to fridges.

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4. At Home: Isabel López-Quesada at Home

At Home: Isabel López-Quesada at Home | Interior Design Books

Designer Isabel Lopez-Quesada is a storyteller. Her kind of style is descriptive and will put forward a concept – mainly a combination of bright patterns, textured finished, and timeless pieces which are definitely maximalist. While the entire world is fussing over pared-down palettes, this interior design book makes aesthetic designs that feel universal and personal. Set on the backdrops of Spain and France, At Home will leave you daydreaming about the perfect interior for days.

3. Still: The Slow Home

Still: The Slow Home | Interior Design Books

The SLOW movement, which is basically living sustainably, consuming whole or organic goods, might not be that widespread yet, but perhaps there will be a change in the upcoming years. Still highlights this type of lifestyle – how our environment affects overall well-being and health. Author Natalie Walton paid a visit to over a dozen homes practicing SLOW and derived the key to feeling calm, rooted in their space.

2. New Southern Style

New Southern Style | Interior Design Books

What do you think of when the word “Southern Interior Design” crosses your head? Photographer Alyssa Rosenheck has unearthed the major details that serve as the key components – heavy drapes and wick – and that’s why she’s presenting a modern take on the traditional New Southern Style. She provides a clearer view of Southern living, layers and all. 30 different homes can be seen in the book.

1. Live Beautiful

Live Beautiful | Interior Design Books

The author, Athena Calderone, is the creator of EyeSwoon and possesses an aesthetic that looks like something out of a reimagined, modern-day version of a Nancy Meyers movie. Bold yet controlled – these adjectives perfectly describe her style.

She doesn’t shy away from using bright colors and rich finishes, but she also balances it with organic textures and greenery. In her book, she features homes that appear inviting and are packed with personality.

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The outside world may be trying right now, which is exactly why your space should radiate comfort, warmth, and inspiration. Therefore, these interior design books are what will help you achieve a style that’s yours and make you proud to own it.

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