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Top 10 Insulated Outdoor Cat Houses Of 2021

Every living being needs some personal space, even your pet cat. Not all the time, will your cat stay or play indoors. However, if your cat is an outdoor lover, then you must think of their safety and shelter. But staying outside longer without accommodation might be unsafe for them. Also, stray or feral cats are always in need of housing. If you want to help those cats, insulated outdoor cat houses will be the best way to go.

These houses come with features that keep your cat warm and safe from adverse situations. But with so many options in the market, it’s not easy to choose the best insulated outdoor house for your cat. Here’s our list of the top 10 best insulated outdoor cat houses of 2021.

Top 10 Insulated Outdoor Cat Houses Of 2021

10. Outdoor/Indoor Cat House by Pet Peppy

An insulated outdoor cat house that doesn’t need electricity to heat the inside pad and reserves the cat’s natural body heat.

Design and Quality: Made from 600-denier nylon, it’s waterproof, light-weight, quickly assembles and has dual exits.

  • Have removable covers
  • Washable in machine
  • Zipper enclosed

9. PETYELLA Outdoor Cat House

A cute insulated outdoor cat house that is water-resistant and easy to clean and has two exits.

Design and Quality: Contains a heated pad that has one miter chew-proof cord with four miter cord extension and resistant to harmful elements.

  • Best for cats under 25 pounds
  • In-built plug-in timer
  • Easy to assemble

8. K&H Pet Products Outdoor Multi-Kitty A-Frame (Heated & Unheated)

With a vibrant chocolate color, it comes with an insulated and non-insulated version and is durable and sturdy.

Design and Quality: This insulated outdoor cat house has two exits, and it’s excellently easy to clean and assemble.

  • The bed is 40 watt MET Safety Listed
  • Best for two adult cats
  • 35” X 20.5” X 20” interior

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7. K&H Pet Products Outdoor Heated Kitty House


With a great price value, this insulated outdoor cat house made with 600-denier nylon with the support of vinyl for easy cleaning.

Design and Quality: By inserting a Lectro-Soft heated bed, the component has a power source of 20 watts and contains two entries.

  • 17″ x 22″ x 14″ interior
  • The floor is half-covered with heating pads giving the cat to choose sides
  • Waterproof and best for more than two cats

6. Aspen Pet PetBarn 3

A long-lasting, all plastic insulated outdoor cat house that is easy to clean, blocks fleas and has a rear-air ventilation system.

Design and Quality: Constructed with protections from all-season, it’s assembling is comfortable and suitable for all types of breeding.

  • Easy lift-off lid
  • Overhung door divert rainwater or snow
  • Comes in different sizes

5. Petfactors Insulated Outdoor Cat Houses

Constructed with a heating pad that has three types of power settings, this insulated outdoor cat house maintains a constant temperature with a 100% safe DC low voltage heating pad.

Design and Quality: With washable covers, it can be assembled without any hassle and contains two exits.

  • Has seven levels of temperature adjustments
  • The heating pad comes with an adapter and thermostat
  • The pad is waterproof, dustproof and fireproof

4. Petmate Kitty Kat Condo Insulated Outdoor Cat Houses

An igloo-shaped insulate outdoor cat house that diverts rain and snow while the carpet keeps the cat warm and is durable against scratching.

Design and Quality: Designed for an easy snap-together assembly, the carpet has insulated structural foam, and the door is in hood-over shape.

  • 26″ x 25.3″ x 18.5″ interior
  • Non-porous plastic surface
  • Cleanliness lasts long

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3. Kitty City Large Cat Bed

An insulated outdoor cat house with insulated walls that keeps the cat warm and is water-resistant.

Design and Quality: With sturdy fabric, it can be mobilized quickly and has two exit points with removable exit panels.

  • 19.5 x 22.5 x 21.2 inches interior
  • Suitable for cats of any life
  • Stowing is easier

2. K&H PET PRODUCTS Insulated Outdoor Cat Houses

A single outdoor cat house that comes in both heated and non-heated forms.  And it contains zippered, hook, and loop fastener walls for quick assembly.

Design and Quality: Inserted with a Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated Bed, it has two doors with removable door flaps.

  • 4.8 x 14 x 22.6 inches interior
  • The heating pad is removable and washable
  • Suitable for all sized cat

1. ecoFLEX Albany Insulated Outdoor Cat Houses

An all-proof insulated outdoor cat house that is easy to mobilize and demobilize for cleaning and doesn’t need additional tools.

Design and Quality: Designed with non-toxic plastic-wood polymer, which is completely recycled, it has two exits, and the floor is high from the ground for escaping the likelihood of being damp.

  • Ten years warranty
  • 21.8 x 19.1 x 20.2 inches interior and best for a single cat
  • Durable and sturdy

Though cats are fond of freedom when it comes to playing, you cannot stop them quickly. But this playful nature can expose them to harmful predators, infections, and a bad cold. Also, being an animal lover, you can help the stray cats too. Here we have listed our opinion on the top 10 best insulated outdoor cat houses of 2021. Try one for your cat to give them an ultimate outdoor experience.

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