[Infographic] Top 10 Famous Classic Architecture You Should Visit

Infographic Top 10 Famous Classic Architecture You Should Visit

The architects of the olden days came up with architectural designs that have stood the test of time. A nation’s most famous and popular buildings can quickly tell you about the nation’s way of life as well as a culture during the period when it was built; a little bit was looking like a historical photograph. Unlike a photo, the buildings continue to change after construction is complete.

Usual wear, as well as tear demands renovation as well as changing tastes of society, have their impact on the design and functionality of the building. In this article, we have compiled some of the most famous classic architecture that you should visit, and you will be marvelled. When visiting these places, ensure that you have polished your photography skills to ensure you capture some of the best images.

10. The temple of Vesta (Italy)

This is a Roman temple that is situated in Tivoli in Italy which can be traced to the early first century B.C. Also, it sits on the acropolis of the city. It does overlook the falls of Aniene. But, this temple has been a source of inspiration for the architects in numerous parts of the world, varying from the building designs to the landscaped gardens. Also, the design was reproduced in England with ‘The temple of Ancient Virtue’; ‘Temple of Sibyl’ that is in Poland and ‘Mussenden Temple’ in Ireland.

The temple of Vesta (Italy)