Top 10 Best Hydraulic Tube Benders of 2021

Hydraulic tube benders

If you work in any metal forming job or anything related to that, you probably know what tube benders are. The task of forming metal is quite tricky and it needs quite a bit of practice. It also needs a few unique tools. Fabricator mechanics know how important it is to bend metal with the use of tube benders. So using a good quality tube bender is significant. While working with bending metal, you need to get that perfect angle. For this to happen, you need good hydraulic tube benders.

A good hydraulic tube bender will lessen the risk of damaging the metals while working with them. So here is a list of a few hydraulic tube benders you should check out.

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Top 10 Best Hydraulic Tube Benders of 2021

1. Mopohorn Manual Pipe Tube Bender

Mopohorn Manual Pipe Tube Bender - Hydraulic Tube Benders

Manual tube benders are lightweight, portable and affordable. That is all the reason as to why someone should consider manual hydraulic tube benders. You can easily bend metal pipes up to 2mm thickness. moreover, this tool will help you ease all the pressure that comes in building a roll cage. The handle of the tool works seamlessly.

Design and Quality: This bender has lots of added benefits. It is lightweight and very easy to handle.

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Not much pressure required
  • Comes with seven dies
  • It can bend tubes to any angle.

2. GoPlus 12Ton Hydraulic Tube Bender

GoPlus 12Ton - Hydraulic Tube Benders

This bender is the best of both worlds, i.e. it has both manual and hydraulic functions. This one can take on the toughest of tasks with no sweat. It offers adjustability of the roller levels. There are up to 6 options to choose from. Six dies are included with the box which is precision cut. The bending bars of the product can be adjusted quite easily.

Design and Quality: It can seamlessly bend up to 3 inches wide metal poles with ease. The whole structure is constructed of premium steel, so the build quality is practically awesome.

  • Quite flexible
  • Good for hydraulic and manual bending
  • Can bend metal that is quite wide
  • 6 precision cut dies are included.

3. Torin 12Ton Pipe Bender

Torin 12Ton Pipe Bender - Hydraulic Tube Benders

This bender from Torin is decent if you are looking for one that offers fantastic performance. The build quality of the product is premium. But it takes a little time to get used to this one. If we take the words of a few users, we can say that most of them loved the build quality of the product. Others, however, said it takes a little getting used to.

Design and Quality: The product can generate 12-ton force and this bender is technically a great choice for anyone looking for a hydraulic metal bender.

  • 12ton force
  • Has an adjustable roller
  • Comes with 6 cast iron shoes
  • Very premium build quality.

4. Xtremepower US 16 Ton Hydraulic Bender

Xtremepower US 16 Ton Hydraulic Bender - Hydraulic Tube Benders

This hydraulic bender from Xtremepower US is one of a kind. The product promises to deliver a fantastic price-performance ratio. And the users are always satisfied with the results.

Design and Quality: With a stylish design and sturdy build quality, it can exert up to sixteen tons of force and bend pipes at any angle.

  • Has 8 precisely cut dies
  • 16ton force can be exerted
  • Top-notch build quality
  • Bending bars have great adjustability.

5. Eastwood Hydraulic Metal Tubing Bender

Eastwood Hydraulic Metal Tubing Bender - Hydraulic Tube Benders

The build quality of this bender from Eastwood is incredible. It is indeed solidly built. The unit includes dies shoes that can easily make precise cuts. But it has a little trouble bending something at greater than a 60 degree angle.

Design and Quality: The bender performs quite well and can be called a consistent metal forming device.

  • Good customer service
  • Great value for money
  • Consistent performance.

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6. Edward Hydraulic Tube Bender

Edward - Hydraulic Tube Bender

This one is a heavy-duty pipe bender and offers professional levels of performance. The whole thing is quite easily movable due to the wheels.

Design and Quality: The hydraulic system of this bender is quite handy and the product has a strong and sturdy build quality too.

  • Can easily bend 2inch pipe
  • Very portable
  • Has a hand-jog operation
  • It comes with auto-stop technology.

7. Affordable Bender ab1101

Affordable Bender ab1101 - Hydraulic Tube Benders  

This one from Affordable Bender as the name of the brand suggests is quite affordable. All the operations are handled by an 8-ton jack.

Design and Quality: The bender consistently does its job without breaking the metal tubes.

  • Very portable and lightweight
  • Does not require any surface to mount on to
  • Makes the perfect bends.

8. KAKA Industrial 8ton bender

KAKA Industrial 8ton bender - Hydraulic Tube Benders

This hydraulic bender comes from one of the top metal forming tool manufacturing companies. Although the device ensures maximum performance for that price, the highest bend angles you can get is 90 degrees.

Design and Quality: With a strong build and sleek design, this bender will get your work done without any hassle.

  • Very durable
  • Includes 5 dies for precision cutting
  • Can bend thick pipes to 90 degrees.

9. Ridgid Heavy Duty Tubing Bender

Ridgid Heavy Duty Tubing Bender - Hydraulic Tube Benders

This hydraulic bender from Ridgid provides excellent performance and if you are someone who won’t compromise quality, this is the one to get.

Design and Quality: This bender is quite the performer and will get you through thick metal pipes.

  • The long handle makes it easier to handle
  • The bender is very lightweight and portable
  • Simply unlock and lock system
  • Features a design of two stages.

10. Pro-Tools HB-302 One-Shot Bender

Pro-Tools HB-302 One-Shot Bender - Hydraulic Tube Benders

This one from Pro-Tools has been designed to bend metal pipes quite efficiently with pretty little effort.

Design and Quality: The hydraulic tubing bender comes with the following bar made from aluminum. The performance offered by this bender is quite good when its price is considered.

  • Can bend pipes of 2inch width
  • Bends to a right angle in one go
  • Fantastic price-performance ratio.

So, if you are on the hunt for a hydraulic tube bender for metal forming, you should check one of these tools out, you surely will not be disappointed with your purchase!

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