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Are you a dedicated hunter? Do you want to learn new things about the latest hunting gear? Then subscribing to a hunting magazine can help. The publications tell you about new gadgets, weapons, hunting tips, and tricks. Furthermore, these books provide valuable information on different subjects related to the hunting and outdoor niche. Here we have the top 10 hunting magazines you can look at to make an informed choice.

Premium Hunting Magazines for 2019

1. Field & Stream

Field & Stream

  • Subscription: $10/year
  • Suitable for: Hunters and Anglers

Field & Stream remains one of the best hunting magazines for both anglers and hunters to read. The newsgroup works for the conservation of wildlife and places. With the book, you can check out the latest fishing, hunting, and survival tips available from experts in the field. There are gun reviews, rut reports, outdoor gear, and so much more to learn. You can save up to 78% if you subscribe now for $10 for a year.

2. Outdoor Life Magazine

Outdoor Life Magazine

  • Subscription: $12/year
  • Suitable for: Outdoor Enthusiasts

For the latest news on the how-to hunt, gun reviews, fishing photos, gear tests and more you need the Outdoor Life Magazine. No matter what your outdoor interest is, you will find everything available in this book. You will find reviews on the best outdoor equipment with special featured true-life stories. The articles are inspirational and instructional to help with your next outdoor adventure. Included with the subscription you get access to the free digital edition as well.

3. Deer & Deer Hunting

Deer & Deer Hunting

  • Subscription: $23.99/year
  • Suitable for: White-tailed Deer Hunters

The Deer & Deer Hunting Magazine is one of America’s number one best sellers for the hunter. In the publication, you get everything you need to know about hunting deer. With detailed and informative information, the experts help you with proven techniques to hunt your next trophy. Furthermore, you get book reviews, the best hunting practices, product reviews, and more. You can even find the best hunting sports reading the book.

4. North American Whitetail Magazine

North American Whitetail Magazine

  • Subscription: $14.97/year
  • Suitable for: Avid Sportsman

Have you ever watched the popular deer-hunting show on the Sportsman Channel? The hunting magazines are based on this popular show. The books are made for the hunter who is passionate about getting a trophy deer. Inside the book, you get learning tips and tricks and the hottest places to hunt for the top bucks. Whether you are a mid-level to an experienced hunter, you will find the latest approaches and techniques for your next deer-hunting trip available in these issues.

5. Bowhunter


  • Subscription: $17.95/year
  • Suitable for: Bow Hunters

With the hunting magazine, you get the most insightful, educational, and entertaining news on hunting with a bow. From hunting wild to bow fishing, you can find the information available in these books. You can read about large to small game bow hunting, tips, gear reviews and more. If you are, a newbie to bow hunting the latest edition will help you with equipment to get the big game during your adventures as well. You get ten issues per year for $17.95.

6. Gun Dog

Gun Dog

  • Subscription: $24.97/year
  • Suitable for: Hunting Dog Owners

Do you own hunting dogs? You will love the Gun Dog Hunting Magazine. Each publication covers different dog bread, health-related issues, training, accessories, and reviews on gear. Whether you have a dog or not the magazine helps you with helpful information on the subject. You get the book seven times a year, and each issue focuses on different breeds. With the help of the magazine, you can train your dog for bird hunting to keeping your canine healthy with nutritional tips.

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7. Buckmasters Whitetail Magazine

Buckmasters Whitetail Magazine

  • Subscription: $19.95/year
  • Suitable for: Deer Hunters

Buckmasters Whitetail Hunting Magazines are filled with interesting information for your next hunting trip. The editions filled with helpful tips and tricks, gear reviews, the latest hunting equipment, and more. Each publication offers you featured articles from real hunters with colorful images to help make your hunting trip the best outing ever. You get six issues throughout the year for $19.95 and come with a Buckmasters Hat, Doe-n-Rut Buck Lure, White Decal, and Big Bucks DVD.


8. Guns and Ammo


  • Subscription: $9/year
  • Suitable for: Gun and Hunting Enthusiasts

The Guns & Ammo magazines are dedicated to all weapon users alike. Whether you are out at the shooting range, partaking in competitions, or out in the field hunting you will love this publication. You get reviews on firearms, optics, shooting gear, and ammunition to keep you up-to-date with the latest firearms and rifles available. For only $9, you can subscribe to the printed or digital edition online.

9. Huntin Fool

Huntin Fool

  • Subscription: $100/year
  • Suitable for: Hunters

The Huntin Fool hunting magazine comes out monthly and is dedicated to big game hunters. To receive the publication you need to sign up with a membership on the site. Once completed you have access to a personal hunt advisor to help personalize your hunting strategy. Included you receive the magazine filled with in-depth state-by-state coverage. The membership fee is $100, and there is a free account available as well.

10. Shooting Times & Country Magazine

Shooting Times & Country Magazine

  • Subscription: $100/year
  • Suitable for: Outdoor Enthusiasts

No matter what shooter you are from hunting, target shooting to competitions, you will love the Shooting Times magazine. Each month the editions filled with interesting information on new weapons, optics, ammunition, and so much more. When subscribing to the magazine for $9 a year you can add the Guns & Ammo publication for an extra $7.50 a year. These two magazines are exceptional and filled with tricks and tips on different subjects related to shooting in competitions, hunting, and more.

The following list of the best hunting magazines can help you with informative tips and tricks to better your next hunting trip. With these books, you can step out of your digital world and get a quality-hunting magazine to hold in hand and enjoy reading. You will learn more about hunting techniques to become a better hunter. You will enjoy browsing through the stories while sitting on your favorite chair drinking your beverage.

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