Top 15 Best Human Resource Software – Best of 2019

Best Human Resource Softwares
Best Human Resource Softwares

The manual HR (human resource) operations are now outdated and the present era uses the advanced system for that. Nowadays, the business of different sizes utilizes Human Resource Softwares in order to automatically and effectively manages the team. In order to make the business process effective overall, the HR operations are made more functional using such software. The type of software represents a flexible blend of certain dynamic applications and contemporary technologies. These technologies assist the business to save the time, cost and effort spent on different business activities. It is certain that the functional implementation of manual HR operations will be streamlined through such software. Moreover, better solution strategies would be generated to perform different business operations effectively. With a view to getting a clear view, take a look at the best Human Resource Softwares:

Top 15 Best Human Resource Software – Best of 2019

15. CakeHR


All the HR operations in a business will be simplified with the use of CakeHR software. This software application essentially acts as an assistant for SMEs to stay agile. The software is to offer prominent functionalities like responsive feedback, expenses, employee scheduling, performance assessment, time tracking, and team directory. Its user-friendly navigation and personalized dashboard benefit the users a lot. These aspects easily automate tasks, remove the dependence on Excel sheet, improve software adoption and decrease email frequency. It is compatible with the Android and iOS system.


  • The CakeHR software aims to automate your HR process, so you need not to concern about tracking time-off and shift change requests, unlike other Human Resource Softwares.
  • Through a few clicks, the business could upload their employee database into the online staff directory.

14. OrangeHRM


Whether your business is less experienced or highly experienced one in the market, the OrangeHRM software comes with tons of benefits. There is no need for downloads, setup, or any complex maintenance efforts. The users could easily control their operation from the convenience of their mobile devices. One of the appealing traits about OrangeHRM is that it enables the users to personalize their business operation. Also, it gives the opportunity to develop your personal modules while you work with experts.


  • For those who are professional users, OrangeHRM software promotes the core HR management suite. This is made possible with the payroll & benefits functionalities. These functionalities come in flexible and affordable packages.
  • The users could contact the team for the purpose of implementation, configuration and also for the training assistance.

13. TribePad


Those business professionals who are looking for modern and effective Human Resource Softwares can go for this software. TribePad is essentially an international applicant tracking system equipped with enterprise-level functionalities. The HR software assists multiple companies and institutes all over the world to enhance their recruitment and engagement strategy. Furthermore, it could manage employment processes in accordance with their current workflows.


  • This HR software helps to evaluate opportunities and risk. Besides, it depends on an open API infrastructure for developers in order to link it to third-party systems as well as applications.
  • Every user would attain a package to his/her needs.

12. Calamari


The management of people in business will be simpler like never before through the Calamari software. It enables you to schedule and monitors different aspects like sick leave, vacation and time off. It came to know that Calamari supports many different companies with offices located in different countries. Plus, it supports role-based security that is rarely found on other Human Resource Softwares.


  • The Calamari software facilitates Clock-in and Clock-out that does not need any action from the employee.
  • It is quite easy to track time with QR code scanner, iBeacon technology, and several other functional clocking methods.
  • Important features include employee time tracking, manual time entries, timesheets, and approval flow.

11. ADP Workforce Now

ADP Workforce Now

ADP Workforce Now software is a comprehensive HR, labor, payroll software. Basically, its functioning is based on the management system that is specially designed to assist employee administration from hiring to retirement. The HR software is popular as one of the most powerful HR management suites. It intends to present a broad range of hiring teams ranging from startups to international enterprises.


  • Operation of ADP Workforce Now is based in the cloud; hence, you could access it whenever you want. There is no restriction on the device.
  • It presents many flexible expert services assisting to develop an effective rewarding strategy.
  • There is the inclusion of the ACA compliance support and improved enrollment potentials.

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10. Zenefits


The functioning of Zenefits is adjustable to effortlessly meet the requirements of different industries. The excellent scalability is rarely available in other Human Resource Softwares but Zenefits come with superb scalability. It is capable to develop in parallel with your business. Moreover, it caters to the particular culture of the company and can adjust to the rules of your company.


  • Zenefits presents a great possibility to protect your current benefits plan. The business owners would avail the option to retain their existing plans or select from a wide selection of benefits options accessible in the system.
  • It assists users to simplify requests and approvals.

9. Bitrix24


With so many Human Resource Softwares used widely in different businesses, the Bitrix24 is one of the leading free HR software. It is extensively utilized by more than 4 million businesses present worldwide. It is available in the cloud and on-premise through open source code access. Different HR departments, professional recruiters, and staffing agencies widely use this HR software.


  • Bitrix24’s cloud version is 100% free for maximum 12 users and it incorporates 5GB worth of online document storage in order to meet all your HR management requirements.
  • In order to effectively manage the business operation, the software uses Employee directory, request forms, company calendar, work reports, absence management, punch clock and more.

8. Lanteria HR

Lanteria HR

The HR management platform from Lanteria is for medium to large-scale businesses. Basically, it presents different dashboards and modules for varied sections of human resources. These include attendance, employee performance, and internal learning, and hiring and application tracking.


  • The users are capable to provide targeted training programs and monitor the performance of the staff members.
  • Its operation is cloud-based, so it could be easily accessed on a varied range of devices.
  • It encompasses different resources like time-off, tracking, payroll training, and performance management.

7. Kronos Workforce Central

Kronos Workforce Central

Kronos Workforce Central is in the list of the premium Human Resource Softwares that emphasis on enhancing the productivity of your business. Furthermore, it works on different aspects like engaging the employees, tracking labor costs, and reducing compliance risk in different business environments. With its use, you would get an automated solution to effectively manage the schedules of the employee. This gives assurance that the employees could also serve themselves. Moreover, they would gain access to all critical information.


  • It is possible to make data-empowered decisions whenever you wish. This is due to the fact that Kronos can be used on desktop and mobile devices.
  • This HR software comes with end-to-end visibility into consistent and precise data.

6. Workable


When it is crucial to keep track of different aspects of a business, just go for Workable. It is a cross-platform solution allowing companies to easily and effectively keep an eye on future candidates. The users are able to set up a careers page presenting the newest jobs in a snap.


  • Workable presents clean looking dashboard, so the users could organize prospective recruitment.
  • It is quite easy to share the files with your team and save the data of candidates in one database.
  • There are many Human Resource Softwares that do not come with a free trial; however, Workable comes with a 15-day trial allowing ample time to decide.
  • Its overall operation is simple to use and affordable.

5. Dayforce HCM

Dayforce HCM

Presented by Ceridian Software, Dayforce is an end-to-end workforce management suite to simplify the management process in an organization. This HR software is considered as one of the latest human capital administration system. This is due to the fact that it combines flexibility, accuracy, and visibility with time, attendance, and payroll processing. All these benefits are incorporated to ultimately enhance the effectiveness of the business operation. During the recruitment procedures, the software assists to track and connect endowed performers, evaluate their skills and scrutinize their information.


  • With cloud-based operation, Dayforce HCM merges the experiences of employers and employees. Moreover, it covers human capital management domains allowing a single employee record to be made accessible on most devices.
  • Inclusion of an open API architecture allows the user to virtually connect it to any business application.

4. Bullhorn


When the prime focus is on the hiring process and applicant tracking, Bullhorn is one of the preferred choices. It is uniquely designed to simplify recruiter tasks and enhance the experience of the job applicant. Moreover, it excellently controls data with a view to generating actionable reports that are meet with staffing.


  • Bullhorn flawlessly integrates with other platforms such as Gmail, LinkedIn, and Outlook. Such a feature is rarely available in other Human Resource Softwares.
  • The whole interview process is smooth, ranging from planning to categorizing notes and feedback.

3. Zoho People

Zoho People

A flagship of Zoho, Zoho People is one of the best HR management products available currently. During the preparation, Zoho crafted this software as an all-inclusive online HR package. Moreover, Zoho People consolidates and protects all data of employees. A reliable self-service portal come with a function where users could access and update information.


  • Zoho People simplifies the hassles associated with discerning skills and it admires talented performers through 360-degree insights.
  • It is quite simple to manage your workforce in a snap through its functional time and attendance features.
  • For the purpose of advanced leave management, Zoho People is the preferred solution compared to other Human Resource Softwares. This is due to the fact that it controls custom leave types, organize holidays depending on locations, perform importing/exporting leave data from third-party systems, etc.

2. Jibble


In addition, to consider as HR software, Jibble is popular for an award-winning time tracking application. It intends to simplify time tracking specifically for billing, payroll, and productivity. If you are leading a consulting firm, tech startup, or a local restaurant, it is certain that Jibble benefits you with billing, payroll, or team productivity.


  • Taking a look at its use, employees could clock in and out through their web browser or mobile devices.
  • All the work activities are precisely tracked comprising of notes and activities.
  • It could generate automatic timesheets, project tracking, powerful reporting as well as client billing.
  • There would be no concerns to know the amount of time consumed on your projects through the h Activity Tracking & Client Billing feature.

1. BambooHR


BambooHR is undoubtedly a compact HR system which controls varying aspects of the hiring process and employee administration workload. When it comes to Human Resource Softwares, BambooHR is popular for the flagship product because of the wide range of exceptional HR management features. It is a web-based system for effectively managing the HR operations in the business. The day-to-day tasks in business would be made automatic in order that the business could emphasis on other crucial tasks.


  • BambooHR provides applicant and training tracking functionality.
  • Besides, it offers e-signatures to substitute paper-based systems, performance tools. Also, as well as time-off management, and easy reporting.
  • Its corresponding mobile app is available so you could access its functionalities on the go.

The discussed Human Resource Softwares benefits a business a lot for effectively managing different organization functions. With the use of such software, there would be a considerable saving in time and working operations would be enhanced.

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