How to Write Perfect Ivy League Level Costco Essay

Costco Essay

Having excellent scores in your GPA and SATs is not enough to get admitted to an Ivy League School. Most universities and colleges will require you to write an admission essay or a personal statement depending on the prompts they issue. Hence, here comes to a Costco essay!

What is the Costco Essay?

Costco Essay

The Costco Essay is commonly known as Brittany Stinson’s essay. It is a personal statement named after the famous Brittany Stinson, who headlined the news after being accepted into five Ivy League schools. The Costco essay encompasses the experiences of the student in a creative and organized manner. There are free online examples of Costco essays that are quite intriguing in exploring the relationship with Costco.

What Should You Consider?

There is a lot to be learned when it comes to Costco essays. However, instead of replicating other people’s ideas, use the following steps to create a perfect Ivy League Costco Essay:

1.     Originality

It is very easy to find yourself borrowing ideas from the examples of personal statements uploaded online. However, remember to use them as inspiration and not a replacement for your own experiences. You can refer to the prompts given by the college to get a sense of direction for your essay. For example, if you are asked one meal you like cooking with your family member and what it means to you. You can take it as an opportunity to show the culture that you have, teamwork, hard work, dedication, and resilience to grasp the family recipe. Try connecting the values to academics.

2.     Simplicity

Do not complicate issues. You will be surprised that the most straightforward essay like Brittany’s landed her into an Ivy League School. It is essential to use language that is understandable and creative. Also, the use of jargon tends to steer the panels away. Connect the life experiences to academic performances to ease the transition of ideas.

3.     Confidence

Costco Essay

Brittany’s essay reveals how unapologetic she was about her past. This makes her essay easy to connect to and brings out the human aspect of her life very vividly. No one is perfect in life; we all make mistakes. Therefore, do not feel the pressure to hide behind your flaws or change the past to increase the chances of getting admitted. Always be yourself; remember your essay will be read by a person just like you.

4.     Honesty

Writing a personal statement may prompt you to become very creative. Sometimes students get caught up in their imagination and lose track of reality. Do not write unsustainable lies as they are easily detected. Costco’s personal statement musty embody honesty even when it hurts.

5.     Proofread

Please do not make any submission of your Costco college essay before going through it thoroughly. If this process is overwhelming, you can always seek help from writers online who can edit for you. There are also free tools available on different online platforms that will ease the process significantly. After editing, ensure that you submit your essay before the application time runs out.

How To Write The Costco Essay

Now that you know what the panel members are looking out for, you can craft an excellent personal statement. Brainstorm on some ideas that are relevant to the academic path that you wish to pursue.  Here are steps that you should take:

Costco Essay

1.     Select an Outstanding Topic

Your topic selection will affect your word choice, as well as the theme of the whole essay. The prompts provided will help you select an appropriate topic to tackle. Make sure the topic is short, entertaining, and memorable. Also, link the topic to your personal qualities.

2.     Research

Writers who have successfully been admitted to Ivy League Schools have demonstrated deep thinking and research. Their reasoning capabilities can be clearly outlined in the way they present their ideas. Ensure you research first before embarking on writing.

3.     Theme

Ensure the theme of the personal statement stands out from the rest of the applications. The theme must be entertaining and informative. The topic should indicate the theme you are tackling for synchronicity. Also, the flow of ideas and the choice of words should depict your values. Moreover, it should feature active and dynamic language to engage the reader.

4.     Tone

The students who successfully got admitted to college have one common feature. Their applications had a prevalent tone throughout their essays. Whether it’s a formal tone or informal one, ensure that the tone you use in your statement is unanimous. Many students tend to mix the tone in their essays, which eventually confuses the panel.

For example, Stinson used an approachable and humorous tone in her essay. It is filled with witty, well-crafted sentences that did not come off as being informal or too serious.

Always remember to be original when writing a Costco essay to get admitted into college. Remember that there are thousands of applications, and chances are ideas are shared amongst the applicants. Therefore, remaining true to yourself will be an added advantage over the other applicants. Narrate your personal experience in life and try to visualize in different points of view. All in all, reading more Costco essays may help you decipher the right tone and choice of words.

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