[Infographic] How to Use Drawing Table

Infographic How to Use Drawing Table

How to Use Drawing Tablet

What is a drawing tablet?

A drawing tablet is usually an input device for the computers. The users can be able to use them to easily hand-draw images, the graphics or the handwriting as if one was drawing on a paper. Usually, they do use a pointing device commonly refereed as a pen. The drawing tablets is one of the ways of digitizing the physical piece of the artwork. Instead of making use of the hardware such as scanners, one can easily trace an image from a piece of paper, and it is going to be recreated on the screen. Another thing about the drawing tablets is that they have a handwriting recognition feature, which is very popular in East Asia as a speedy way to enter the Chinese characters into an application.

Features of a drawing tablet

Surface: A tablet does have a flat surface on which the user can be able to draw. The surface can of the various sizes or even shapes, but most often, it is square. The images drawn on the graphics tablet are mostly not shown on surface itself, but they can only be seen on the screen. However, some special graphics tablets do allow the users to see input right on drawing surface. Such hybrids are a combination of the graphics tablet as well as a screen. The graphics tablets often do have features such as pressure sensitivity or the stylus hovering which most touchscreens does not have,
Stylus: This is a pen-like the one device is used to give the tablet its input. Also, it can be used to detect various amounts of pressure, mostly for use in drawing program to be able to change line thickness or color density.
Puck: After the stylus, pucks are often used tablet accessory. Usually, the puck is the mouse-like device, which can detect its absolute rotation and position. The professional pucks often have loupe for higher precision.

Typically, the tablets have been characterized by the size of the device, its resolution size, drawing area, pressure sensitivity (level of varying size of the strokes with pressure), the number of buttons and types as well as some interfaces: USB, Bluetooth etc. Actual drawing accuracy has been restricted to the pen’s nib size.

How to connect a drawing tablet to a computer or other devices.

Depending on the nature of work that you shall be doing, the drawing tablet may be part of the standard toolkit. Regardless of what the manufacturer made the drawing table that you have, the device came with the CD, which includes installation drivers, software and maybe a manual for your device. Install the manufacturer software before you can plug the device into the Windows 7, 8 or 10. The software can be able to walk you through steps of calibrating tablet so that it does respond to your gestures and handwriting. One can also specify the settings (or even tweak things that are not working well) by making use of the control panel.
A step-by-step guide on how to connect a drawing tablet to a computer
Let us look at how you can set up your tablet. For this process, we shall use windows 7. However, windows 7, 8 and 10 are almost similar hence; you should not have a hard time setting up the process. Windows 7 does include some settings, which you can customize so that the drawing tablet will be able to work the way that you want it to in the Windows 7. The type of settings can vary depending on the capabilities of the tablet model, but the steps given below gives you a sense of how to find and set the drawing tablet options.

  1. 1. Click start.
  2. Click the control panel.
  3. Click Hardware and sound.
  4. Scroll down to the area, which reflects the tablet, and click set-up your pen as well as tablet.
  5. Click the arrows and click your choice to be able to use the way that you want the pen buttons to work.
  6. Get to adjust soft-Firm slider to be able to change feel of pen tip.
  7. Choose if you want to hear the audible click when you use the tablet.
  8. Click Advanced.
  9. Get to choose how you want the windows 7 to be able to recognize right clicks on the pen.
  10. Click ok.
  11. Go ahead and click the tablet for more options.
  12. Choose right-handed or left-handed use and then click it.
  13. You can go ahead and save the box by saving the settings.

How to use a Graphics tablet and a pen

Before you learn how to use a drawing tablet, you must get the right drawing tablet for you. Do some research, as there is a wide variety of tablets, which are available in the market for you? You can be able to get some inexpensive drawing tablets, depending on what your needs are. Some things that you want to take into consideration when purchasing a tablet include:

  • Cost
  • Software support
  • Ease of use
  • Learning Curve
  • Size
  • Pressure sensitivity
  • End usage

Get to take into consideration how it does interact with the computer. How exactly is the interface? Well, wireless and USB are the most common ones. Get to look for software that is geared for the tablets. Most of the tablets have a software, which allows you to be able to draw and create with the tablet. Majority of them, you do not even have to own a tablet to use. Well, PD particles are among the software, which is fun and super easy to use with a tablet. Practice using the stylus.
The stylus is usually a pen-like attachment to a tablet, which allows one to be able to draw, just as you can draw with a pen. Experiment with the adjusting pressure that you do apply. One of the key advantages to a stylus as well as the tablet is that you can change the pressure, which you are using. Through taking advantage of motion utilized during the drawing, the drawing tablet can be able to give one smoother curves as well as creates small and complicated shapes with so much ease about the mouse.

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