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People severely underestimate history buffs we tell you. It isn’t just the reason for the fall of the Holy Roman Empire we can tell you, it is also the fact that Leonardo Da Vinci’s last words were essentially him beating himself up because he thought his work wasn’t good enough.

But even if having relatable insecurities with Da Vinci doesn’t get your friends to appreciate you, or whether you just want to go back in time inside your head (because that is obviously the best place to be), these following history magazines give you a diverse range of options with which to flex your history muscles.

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1. History Today

History Today Magazine

This London based monthly publication claims to be “the world’s leading serious history magazine”. First published in 1951, this magazine covers features from prehistory to contemporary times. If you are an academic or scholar, you will probably get more use out of this magazine than other people, but history lovers, in general, prefer it too.

This periodical tells stories that act as a bridge from serious academic journals to magazines someone new to the subject can enjoy. From political history and wars to archaeology and biographies, it has everything in it that will make you appreciate your current world more.

2. National Geographic History

National Geographic History

Next on our list of history magazines is the #1 history magazine bestseller on Amazon. The writing style is less academic and slightly more buoyant, as in expected from National Geographic. But that does not make it take away from important words and concepts. If you want to learn about riveting events that have happened over the years without the heavy in-depth stuff, we would highly recommend this magazine.

3. BBC History Magazine

BBC History Magazine

If you look up ‘history magazines’ on the internet, this website will probably be one of the first results. One of the highest-rated history magazines on Amazon, this magazine is a particularly good choice for younger learners, because the writing style is so captivating that it might keep their dislike of history at bay for as long as possible. This magazine also does a good job of shining a different kind of light on current events as well.

4. Archaeology

Archaeology Magazine

This is another one for those of us who like to get all nitty-gritty with the details of it all. The most obscure fossil they unearthed that you didn’t know you wanted to know about until you did? You’ll find it here. But it isn’t just specific categories that this magazine caters to. It is a publication of the Archaeological Institute of America and covers everything from ancient history to modern-day archaeological discoveries. From amateurs to professionals, this publication is both highly revered and extremely popular, with its own dedicated reader-base.

5. Smithsonian


This isn’t so much of a history magazine as it is a magazine for people who like history. The contents of the Smithsonian are more diverse and include articles on topics like the arts and sciences and pop culture as well. They claim the magazine is “edited for modern, well-rounded individuals with diverse, general interests”. Basically, if you like nerd-ing out completely, this magazine will most likely help you with that. Also, if you get a subscription then you get perks at the Institute, like discounts at the gift shop and such, which is always a plus.

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6. World War II History

World War II History magazine

Next on our list of top history magazines is the World War II History. The war had a monumental impact on modern history, so it is only fair that there be publications solely dedicated to that specific period in time. This magazine covers all sorts of things that went on during that time. It includes stories from soldiers’ mouths to battle strategies and weapons that were used. The entire publication really is just details and descriptions of every possible thing they could think of writing about from that war. And the stories really do never end. And they even have special editions published on important anniversaries of events during the war.

7. Civil War Times

Civil War Times

Another bi-monthly publication focusing on one important time in history. Also specific to North American history, this magazine includes everything from eye witness accounts to photographs and art made depicting those times. Every issue is a fascinating read with interesting features and random details and information. This, like the previously mentioned publication, reminds us that wars can be so big and impact so many people. We don’t get to know the stories of every individual, so when we are reminded that they were everyday individuals that we could most probably relate to, we should cherish the snippets of what happens behind the front lines.

8. Lighthouse Digest

Lighthouse Digest

This one caters to a rather niche demographic – people interested in the old lighthouses of North America. The magazine is a monthly publication that talks about more than just the history of lighthouses, but also about their preservation and activists who help with that. Really though, think about these old towers that would guide sailors back home to their families who would wait for them for months. Think about the storms they must have weathered and the reunions they had witnessed. Now think about how most of them are now forlorn and overlooked, forgotten in a world of technology. Are you intrigued? Then this magazine is for you.

9. Good Old Days

Good Old Days magazine

We’ll end this list on a happy note, shall we? You know how your grandparents always like to reminisce about the “good old days”? Well, this magazine is like listening to stories from a bunch of grandmas who want nothing more than to share their most fond memories with you. Be prepared for the secondhand nostalgia and feels that comes with this one. And if you think you’re too Gen Z for this one, get one for your grandpa as a gift.

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History magazines are all just periodic suppliers of feels. Appreciate their existence, and this list of magazines, and soak in everything our world ever was, and everything it could have been.

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