Top 10 Best Hanging Succulents in 2020 | Beautiful and Easy-to-Grow

Hanging Succulents

If you are someone who wants to start gardening but have very little experience in it, you can opt for succulent plants. Succulents have thick, fleshy stems or leaves which may grow as rosettes or bushes. Succulents are available in various colors and could be either grown in pots or hung to the ceiling or onto the walls in baskets. They are very easy to grow in moderate conditions; in other words, they are completely fuss-free. If you are looking for such hanging succulents, you are in the right place.

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Top 10 Best Hanging Succulents in 2020

10. FATPLANTS Hanging Succulents Collection

Hanging Succulents | Beautiful and Easy-to-Grow

Bearing the scientific name of Senecio radicans, these succulents also go by the name “dolphins”.

Design and Quality: The tiny succulents look like little dolphins or bananas, hence the name.

  • The plant comes in plastic pots deeply rooted in the soil
  • They grow really fast and can grow up to 61cm
  • Can be grown indoors but adequate sunlight and water need to be given

9. JIMGOOD Orchid Cactus Hanging Succulents

Hanging Succulents | Beautiful and Easy-to-Grow

Meet the white epiphyllums or Orchid cactus! They are also known as Queen of the Night.

Design and Quality: The package contains 8-10” cuttings, which need to be planted. Dig 2 to 3 inches in the soil in a pot, and then place the cutting 5” above the soil surface.

  • The package contains cuttings, not big flowers
  • The flowers, once grown, bloom at night, and stay open for a long time in the morning
  • The flowers, when fully grown, are 6” wide, can be hung in baskets

8. HIRT’S GARDENS Red Christmas Cactus

Hanging Succulents | Beautiful and Easy-to-Grow

Also known as Zygocactus, these hanging succulents can be beautiful gifting items!

Design and Quality: These come as 4” potted plants. They need 14 hours of daylight and darkness, with strict routines of water supply, eventually forming buds that take 10-12 weeks to bloom.

  • They come in different shades—fuchsia, pink, white, orange, to name a few
  • After full bloom, the plant could be pruned for regrowth
  • Every 2-3 years, the plant should be shifted to a new pot

7. HIRT’S GARDENS White Christmas Cactus Plant

Hanging Succulents | Beautiful and Easy-to-Grow

White Christmas Cacti are also called Zygocactus, and they bloom near December, just the right time for a Christmas gift!

Design and Quality: They grow in South America, tropical, and love both sunlight and shade in equal doses.

  • Watering procedure—wait for the soil top surface to dry before the next watering session
  • Buy them in September, and give them 14 hours of sunlight, and 14 hours of darkness
  • After buds form, the full bloom will take at least 10-12 weeks

6. WRC GREENHOUSES Rare-String of Dolphins

Hanging Succulents | Beautiful and Easy-to-Grow

Its Scientific name is Senecio peregrines, and these hanging succulents look like tiny dolphins, aka String of Dolphins.

Design and Quality: These plants are a hybrid between String of Pearls and Candle Stick Plant. They flower between May and June, and the color of the flowers is a combination of pretty pink and white.

  • They grow well in cool and shady places, but make sure there is enough sunlight
  • When fully grown, the leaves look like tiny dolphins, and they even form flowers
  • Growing them near a window would be a good decision

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5. DH7 ENTERPRISE Ruby Necklace Hanging Succulents

Hanging Succulents | Beautiful and Easy-to-Grow

These adorable plants come in 2” cuttings, scientifically known as Othonna capensis and affectionately called Ruby Necklace.

Design and Quality: They are 2” cuttings, pots included. They grow very fast in bushes or trails. The plant grows long green leaves, resembling beans, which ripe to purple or burgundy colors.

  • At first, they grow 2” high and then trail downwards
  • They look amazing as hanging succulents
  • They may also grow tiny, yellow daisy-like flowers all year round
  • Suitable for growing both indoors and outdoors

4. ZAA Peanut Cactus Hanging Succulents

They look like small prickly cucumbers at first, unless they bloom to beautiful orange-red flowers!

Design and Quality: Scientifically known as Echinopsis chamaecereus, these peanut cacti grow best in nursery pots.

  • Give enough light and air, they will thrive
  • Make sure the pots have holes at the bottom for excess water drainage
  • At times of extremely cold conditions, heat packs could be provided


3. SUCCULENTS BOX String of Pearls

Hanging Succulents | Beautiful and Easy-to-Grow

Hanging Succulents are hassle-free plants and growing one of these would be a great addition to your nursery!

Design and Quality: The plants have bead-shaped leaves whose stems grow up to 3 feet long. The pack includes one 2-6” plant that arrives bubble-wrapped safely to your doorstep.

  • The plant has bead-shaped leaves, resembling a string or necklace of beads
  • Grows best in partly shaded and partly lit up areas
  • The soil used should be porous, well-drained, water to be added when the top-soil gets dry

2. SUCCULENTS BOX String of Hearts

SUCCULENTS BOX String of Hearts |  Beautiful and Easy-to-Grow

When they arrive at your doorstep, you will find that they are the cutest things you would have ever laid your eyes on!

Design and Quality: The plants have heart-shaped leaves that can grow up to 12” long.

  • The leaves could be green, pink and cream in color, and grows purple flowers in spring
  • The pack contains a 6” tiny plant, bubble-wrapped for safety
  • Water should be given when the top-soil runs dry, looks great when hung on baskets

1. BIO GARDEN Mistletoe Cactus

BIO GARDEN Mistletoe Cactus |  Beautiful and Easy-to-Grow

Scientifically known as Rhipsalis cassutha, these cacti look filamentous and absolutely amazing when hung!

Design and Quality: The branches are hair-like and once they start to grow, they cascade down the pots or baskets. Once mature, they may produce mistletoe-like berries.

  • Long periods of direct sunlight need not be given
  • Partly shaded-partly lit up places are best for rapid growth
  • Soil should be porous, water to be given once the top-soil dries up


Succulents are very easy to grow, and with simple lighting and watering routines, you can make your succulent garden thrive. Taking care of a plant is very fulfilling, and if you want fuss-free plants, hanging succulents are one of the best options.

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