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Everywhere you look today; you see the touch of magic added by a graphic designer. You can see it displayed in movies, what you read, books, websites, commercials, logos and more. They are wizards that turn an app or poster into something miraculous to bring over a message that everyone desires to have. Therefore, if graphic designing is appealing to you, you need to find a suitable school to study the arts of graphics. You need the best graphic design schools in the world to help. We are here to help with the right place to learn and which programs you need to follow.

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Why You Should Study Graphic Design Degree?

Graphic Design Schools

There are many reasons we can give you as to why you should study graphic designing. However, the most essential one is money. If you have the right degree at a top graphic design school and find a top job, you can earn loads of cash.

Furthermore, if you love art and playing around with images, text, or media, you can make money while still enjoying what you do.

Another, great reason to study the degree is if you are interested in technology, this may be the best place to start. With the right BA or BFA degree, you can build a strong portfolio to show potential employees you are a worthy contender to use.

The Advantage of Graphic Design Degree

Graphic Design Schools

One of the most significant advantages of a graphic designer is your artistic power. You possess art and allow you to earn a good amount of money. Furthermore, you can work in different areas and will enable you to pursue your passion. For example, if you are a painter you can use your drawing skills in graphic design.

Alternatively, you get flexibility in different mediums to work and express your art. With all the available mediums, you can display your work and present it for others to see leading to a considerable client base at the same time. Whether it is web-designing, advertising, filmmaking or more the working medium is endless for a graphic designer. Here are some more benefits:

  • You get a better career opportunity as it is a fast-growing industry.
  • Graphic design is simple to learn, as there are different short-term courses available as well.
  • You can expand your creativity from selling goods to providing services.
  • Graphic designing is flexible when doing online work and you can do it from anywhere.
  • You can expand your career to concentrate on different opportunities from doing more than one thing at a time.
  • You can still enjoy what you are best at an that is art to keep your creativity and imagination active all the time.

What Do You Learn in Graphic Designing?

Graphic Design Schools

With a BA degree, you get both lecture-based sessions with hands-on practice to learn how to use graphic design software and additional technologies such as sound machines, cameras, printers, and more. You get different types of graphic design degrees:

  • The Bachelor of Science
  • The Bachelor of Arts
  • Bachelor of Graphic Design
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts

No matter which degree you pick, you need to provide a professional portfolio of your skills. When studying B.F.A and B.G.D, it takes up to four years, and 90% of the program is design related. During your studies, you will explore a wide range of topics from drawing, advertising, computer graphics, typography, and 2-D and 3-D design. For you to qualify into these bachelor degrees, you need a high school diploma or equivalent with a portfolio.

Careers You Can Follow with a Graphic Design Degree

Careers You Can Follow with a Graphic Design Degree

Whether it is animation, project management, design theory, or portfolio development you can follow your dream with a graphic design degree. Two of the primary mediums to display your work are printing and the web. Lately, one of the most advanced fields is web-design and to be a good web designer you need the correct programming skills learned at a graphic design school.

By following your dream, you get doors opened at web-designing companies enabling you to earn a lot of money. Furthermore, it leads to freelance work allowing you to work in different fields with your creativity. Eventually, you can start your own business and provides you with more exposure to working with big brands in the market. Here are some excellent examples of the work you can do in graphic designing:

  • Creative Director
  • UX Designer
  • UI Designer
  • Production Artist
  • Product Developer
  • Art Director
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Multimedia Artist or Animator
  • Freelancer

Top 20 Graphic Design Schools in 2019

Now it is an astonishing time to be a graphic designer. Therefore, if you want to expand beyond your boundaries of only doing traditional art study at one of the following graphic design schools to expand your borders in the field.

1. Stanford University

Stanford University

Location: San Francisco, USA Degree Type: BA Annual Tuition Fees: $49,896

For one of the top art & design schools in the world, you cannot go wrong studying at Stanford University. The schools settled within Silicon Valley where all the innovative companies are situated. The biggest problem is it is one of the most difficult universities to get into.

However, if you do get in you have a dedicated building for studying arts that includes Graphic Design. They have added new faculty programs from Art & Art History, Creative Writing, Dance, Design, Digital Media, Film, Music, to Theater & Performance.

Furthermore, they have different course listings and provide financial aid if needed. If you want to find out more about their Graduate Aid, you can click through here.

2. Louisiana State University

Louisiana State University

Location: Baton Rouge, LA, USA Degree Type: BA Average Tuition Fees: $14,000

The university has been in existence since 1860 and enrolls many students every year. Furthermore, they have the largest design programs. With the course, the university prepares you to go to different graphic design careers. You can develop your typography, branding, and do identity design.

Some of the programs included drawing, composition, color design, and graphic abstraction. They provide you with approximate undergraduate tuition with multiple options to earn your degree. Therefore, you get one of the most extensive courses that offer you the best education in the region.

3. Aalto University

Aalto University

Location: Helsinki, Finland Degree Type: BA Annual Tuition Fees: $17,538

Aalto University is a well-established school and provides effective ways of teaching. The university is known for its graphic design programs and combines art, innovation, and philosophy to perfect your designing skills. You can feel assured that once you complete your degree, you will know the visual aspects of design. Furthermore, you will know the cultural and political context of how designs formed. While Aalto University is more appealing to EU and EEA citizens who can study free, the problem is the BA degree the professors teach in Finnish.

4. Maryland Institute College of Art

Maryland Institute College of Art

Location: Baltimore, MD, USA Degree Type: BA Average Tuition Fees: $40,000

At the Maryland Institute College of Art, you can earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Graphic Design. With the course, you can master the visual composition of digital & print design. All this happens while working directly with real clients from the concept to the delivery. Some of the courses included are Studio, Art History, and Junior Review.

The approximate undergraduate tuition is $1,178 per credit. Further, the programs help to promote your curiosity and process. Alternatively, it encourages you to develop and produce your work, and the MCAD program comprises an internship and Junior review requirement.

The average class size is twenty students, which is reasonable to get the correct attention you deserve when studying graphic design.

5. University of Arts London

University of Arts London

Location: London, UK Degree Type: BFA Average Tuition Fees: $24,000

The University Of Arts London (UAL) provides students from around the world with six different colleges to study. UAL is a world leader when it comes to art schools. They provide you with different aspects of art and offer you pre-degree, undergraduate, postgraduate, and short courses.

With them, you can study BA Fine Art, BA Photography, BA Illustration, and FdA Illustration. Alternatively, you get an education in an internationally renowned course and work in four pathways: 2D, 3D, 4D, and XD. You will receive the knowledge and skills to become innovative within the artistic and cultural field.

6. Royal College of Art

Royal College of Art

Location: London, UK Degree Type: MA Annual Tuition Fees: $43,000

The Royal College of Art is on the top of the list of Graphic Design Schools in the world. They offer an exclusive postgraduate program for you to take your career to a new level. RCA provides the best visual communication course that makes the graphic design the focal point.

It will take you two years to complete the course, and you will be hands-on in workshops and working with other professional designers. Therefore, if you are a seasoned graphic designer looking to build a network to gain experience, this school is the right choice for you.

7. Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon University

Location: Pittsburgh, PA Degree Type: MA Average Tuition Fees: $35,000

At Carnegie Mellon University, you can focus on three areas of graphic design: Product Industrial Design, Physical & Digital Environments, and Communication Graphic Design. The courses include the design of service, social innovation, communication, and the environment. The average class size is twenty students, and the university customizes the degree to fit in with your needs. The appropriate undergraduate tuition is $1,680 per credit.

8. Rhode Island School of Design

Rhode Island School of Design

Location: Providence, USA Degree Type: BFA Average Tuition Fees: $49,000

When studying at the Rhode Island School of Design, you obtain an understanding of the design process and communication theories. The classes take place at the school’s design center and provide different topics that include media posters, print publishing, and film.

RISD is one of the oldest prestigious design schools in the United States and has a long history of arts. Furthermore, when selected for the program you can enjoy unlimited trips to art museums with rotating exhibits. The admission rate is 27%, and you need to bring your A-game, as the competition is fierce.

On the other hand, the primary curriculum includes logical, formal, sensory, and technical design.

9. Lesley University

 Lesley University

Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts Degree Type: BFA Average Tuition Fees: $49,000

At Lesley University, you can become a functioning member of the world of graphic design. You will be able to exhibit design techniques, do message development, problem-solving, and more. Furthermore, you can combine it with another degree in the design field such as photography and illustration. You get additional benefits such as placement, counseling, and credit for your experience.

You can gain hands-on experience to land your dream job with Lesley University. Further, you get internships at some of the largest studios and organizations in Boston and beyond. The graphic design degree takes up to four years and provides you with credits to help achieve your studies in the field.

With the degree, you can work in advertising, branding, information design, packaging, publishing, and signage & wayfinding.

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10. Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design

Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design

Location: Hung Hom Kowloon, China Degree Type: BFA Average Tuition Fees: $$$

At the Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design, you can exploit the heritage and vitality of Asian culture. With them, you will learn products, systems, local & global markets, and brands. You can partake in undergraduate BA degrees in advertising, communication, environment, interior, product design, and more.
An advantage of participating in the courses is that you get hands-on and interactive with design projects, tutorials, seminars, workshops, and the list goes on. All the programs are in English, and you can take part in exchange programs as well. While the school is government, funded international applicants can apply for funding.

11. Rochester Institute of Technology

Rochester Institute of Technology

Location: Rochester, NY Degree Type: BA Average Tuition Fees: $30,000

At Rochester Institute of Technology, you can study a wide selection of Graphic Design courses. The average size of classes is up to 50 students and offers a balance from the history of arts to the theory behind graphic design. By the end of the course, you will be able to do problem-solving and the integration of technology. Some of the programs include artistic perspectives, immersion, and ethics in computing. RIT’s academic score is impressive at 75, and the approximate undergraduate tuition is $1,240 per credit. Therefore, if you want a well-rounded and liberal art education makes sure to check RIT for your graphic design education.

12. California Institute of The Arts

California Institute of The Arts

Location: Rochester, NY Degree Type: BA Average Tuition Fees: $48,000

At California Institute of The Arts, you can enjoy smaller classes to provide you with personal attention. You can study broadcasting, film graphics, publication, design history, and branding. Furthermore, you get access to labs 24/7 and live near other BFA students. The admission is competitive and based on your creativity and commitment levels. You will need to provide an audition portfolio with your application. Alternatively, the university boasts different art clubs for you to join from GameMakers, Masterpiece, to CalArts Eye known as the campus multimedia publication.

13. Kadir Has University

Kadir Has University

Location: Turkey Degree Type: BA Average Tuition Fees: $$$

Kadir Has University has an exceptional record for studying graphic design. With them, you can study how to use visual communication and provide relevant information to a targeted audience. With the numerous technologies offered, you can approach problems with a modern perception to solve them. You will take part in projects and studio work to sharpen your skills. Your learning process is communication design, presentation, and computer graphics. Alternatively, you can study undergraduate degrees as an exchange student, and they offer up to four programs for you to participate in.

14. Boston University

Boston University

Location: Boston, MA Degree Type: BFA Average Tuition Fees: $35,000

At Boston University, you can strengthen your graphic design abilities with different open-ended projects. These assignments offer you a starting point when working at a professional level. As a student, you will engage with the design community using different professional organizations to improve your skills. Included in the courses are the history of art, foundation sculpture, and photography. You get a studio approach to how a designer thinks and learn how to solve problems with visual communication. The approximate undergraduate tuition offers $1,700 credit.

15. George Mason University

George Mason University - Graphic Design Schools

Location: Fairfax, VA Degree Type: BFA Average Tuition Fees: $30,000

At George Mason University, the average class size is up to 50 students, and many of them return for a 2nd year to complete their degree. As a student, you will become accustomed to the different demands of the profession. You will work on a variety of theoretical projects while working with real clients. Included with the program, you can learn design, color, new media in creative arts, and printmaking. Furthermore, the school encourages you to engage with other artists, or writers to see in which direction you want to take your profession.

16. Arizona State University

Arizona State University - Graphic Design Schools

Location: Tempe, AZ Degree Type: BS Average Tuition Fees: $20,000

At Arizona State University, you can get your Bachelor of Science Degree in various design programs. With the degree, you can inform, educate, communicate, and direct effectively with others. Class sizes vary from 20 to 50 students and score high in the academics. Further, the school is actively involved with the AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts. Included with the program are letterform designing life and visual communication.

17. Art Center College of Design

Art Center College of Design - Graphic Design Schools

Location: Pasadena, CA Degree Type: BA Average Tuition Fees: $45,000

Do you want to study graphic design in various industries? Art Center College of Design is the place to be as they have an art center offering you undergraduate degrees. They have multiple media platforms for you to earn your bachelor’s degree. You learn to create apps, digital magazines, branding, and more.

Further, you get access to a wide selection of alumni and faculty connections. To be able to attend the college you need to submit a detailed portfolio with self-portrait as it helps to determine your skill levels. The full-time course comprises of twelve to nineteen units, and you need to graduate in four years.

18. Temple University

Temple University - Graphic Design Schools

Location: Philadelphia, PA Degree Type: BA Average Tuition Fees: $25,000

The Temple University Tyler School of Art is a recognized Graphic Design School Worldwide. They provide you with interactive programs to learn the design process to prepare yourself for the professional world. Further, they help cultivate and discipline your creative thinking. The programs include publication design, the design of print, and digital narrative. The approximate undergraduate tuition is $840 per credit, and you get a unique educational experience for an affordable price.

19. University of Florida

University of Florida - Graphic Design Schools

Location: Gainesville, FL Degree Type: BA Average Tuition Fees: $20,000

At the University of Florida, you can get the personal attention you need when studying graphic designing. On average, there are twenty students in a class meaning you get the awareness required to be the best in the class. You study in a collaborative studio environment, and your focus is working with clients to develop professionally. Some of the courses include sculpture, printmaking, and studio art. Another advantage the program includes is a capstone course with promotional materials and a professional portfolio. The courses are challenging, fun, and priced right; you can consider completing your education at this university.

20. University of Wisconsin-Madison

University of Wisconsin-Madison - Graphic Design Schools

Location: Madison, WI Degree Type: BA Average Tuition Fees: $20,000

The University of Wisconsin offers you more than just a graphic design degree. You can partake in certificate programs as well to expand your knowledge. Some of the sample programs are art history, visual design, and typography. You can enjoy small classes with special attention to hone your graphic design skills, and the undergraduate tuition is $1000 per credit.

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Getting a graphic design degree can be rewarding as it provides you access to a highly demanded career. Furthermore, you can use your artistic bent online and get an online degree to gain an edge over your competition. Alternatively, you can enroll yourself in one of the 20 top graphic design schools in the world. If you have an interest in creating art, each of these universities offers you different programs to get a graphic design degree. We hope that you find a suitable place on the list for you to get your BA degree.

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