Changing your hairstyle for a special occasion is too overrated! Be it a special day or event, you can switch it up and do something entirely different! Simply spray on glitter in your hair to rock that starstruck look! They say everything’s better with glitter. Whether it’s Halloween or your birthday, you’re allowed to go extravagant! But what’s good for your hair? What will give the best color? You might be clueless now, but if you keep reading, you’ll find a detailed list of 8 of the best glitter hair sprays of 2021. We bet you’ll be able to pick matching glitter eyeshadow in no time!

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Best Glitter Hair Sprays In 2021 | Hair and Body Sparkly

8. Samy Salon Collections 24KT Gold Shimmer Hair Spray

Samy Salon Collections 24KT Gold Shimmer Hair Spray - Glitter Hair Sprays

Samy Salon Collections 24KT hair spray has gold shimmery glitter. You can spray it on with ease into any type of hair. It leaves on a visibly glittery finish that enhances your overall look.

Dial up the crazy with a fine glitter hair spray that has gold dust in it. This is a good quality spray option. You can literally get a pack of 3 cans at a very affordable price. If you ask us, it’s a great deal!

  • 3 cans
  • Fine gold shimmer
  • Low price

7. B-Wild Hair and Body Glitter Spray

B-Wild Hair and Body Glitter Spray - Glitter Hair Sprays

Want to smell great besides looking stunning in a crowd of party animals? Spray on this silver and gold glitter from B-Wild’s Hair glitter spray can and go wild about your day.

As soon as you spray it, you’ll notice the pleasant strong scent that will help you survive through sweaty crowds. It has fine glitter dust that shows up sparkly and beautiful in photoshoots. It has a promising quality and won’t budge on you no matter where you use it.

  • For hair, body, and clothes
  • Fine glitter dust
  • Good fragrance

6. JoicoDust Shimmer Spray, Gold

JoicoDust Shimmer Spray, Gold - Glitter Hair Sprays

Why do you have to worry about your hair type to wear glitter out on a fun night? Be it at your graduation after-party or for your best friend’s club night out, this JoicoDust Shimmer Spray in gold will make you stand out.

This glitter hair spray is very shimmery and has a great sparkle to it. You can use this sparingly on your body as well if the mood or occasion calls for a fine metallic gold look. There’s never enough gold in the world to cover you up so you can go heavy on this product.

  • Ultra-fine glitter dust
  • Light hold
  • Can be used on any hair type

5. Redken Silver Glitter Spray

Redken Silver Glitter Spray - Glitter Hair Sprays

When you have more time in your hand to dedicatedly spray-on glitter in your hair, use the Redken Silver Glitter spray. Step out and use it sparingly on yourself and then brush through to evenly spread out the glitter.

If you’re not feeling gold, use silver because it’s the next best thing. Sparkles are always better when they look starry, especially through your hair! Without being too thick or greasy, this hair spray also smells amazing!

  • Non-greasy formula
  • Travel friendly
  • Good fragrance

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4. Captain Blankenship Shimmer Sea Salt Hair Spray

Captain Blankenship Shimmer Sea Salt Hair Spray - Glitter Hair Sprays

Captain Blankenship shimmer sea salt hair spray is a vegan formula for people who want a more natural look. You don’t need an occasion to wear this! With three distinctive colors, this will make you look like a shimmering goddess especially in the summertime!

This product is built for any type of hair, light or dark. Not only does it add a soft shimmer, but it also nourishes the hair, making it smell like a beachy rose. You can sparingly spray this right after stepping out of the shower or in dry hair. If you’re into everything au naturel, definitely buy this!

  • Adds natural shimmer
  • Vegan lightweight formula
  • Infused with essential oils

3. YOFI Cosmetics Hair Glitter Spray

YOFI Cosmetics Hair Glitter Spray

If you want that 80’s party glitter, then this is the glitter hair spray you’ve been looking for! YOFI Cosmetics has a cool hair glitter spray for your natural hair that wants extra jazz and attention across the room.

The formula on this is shiny on all types of hair, even on dark hair. The best part of this brand is it gives you a bunch of colors, not just silver or gold. It has extremely fine pigmented glitter for all types of occasions.

  • For dark hair
  • Easy to use
  • Various colors

2. IGK Hair Strobing Glitter Spray

IGK Hair Strobing Glitter Spray

IGK Hair Strobing glitter spray gives your hair that ravishing look you want. Rather than looking like straight up glitter, it catches the light from certain angles.

Not to forget, this one is a vegan and cruelty-free choice too! To some extent, you get UV rays protection in daylight. The glitter on this product is super fine, usable for any type of hair. Especially if you’re rocking curls or beach waves, this would lock on the shimmer. Use sparingly to achieve your desired look.

  • Free of parabens and sulfates
  • Can be used on color-treated hair
  • Vegan option

1. Rock The Locks Shake & Shimmer Glitter Spray, Pink

Rock The Locks Shake & Shimmer Glitter Spray, Pink - Glitter Hair Sprays

Let’s talk about Rock The Locks. You simply shake up the bottle and spray on the shimmer. This product comes in a few variations and adds fun pops of glitter.

This would be a great purchase if you’re into fun colors, great non-artificial smell, and amazing ingredients. This one has essential oils in it, it’s paraben free and has been tried and tested by salon professionals in the USA.

  • Natural ingredients
  • Adds shine
  • Non-artificial fragrance
  • Various choices

Hair glitter sprays are a fun touch to any outfit. Whether you wear it in your roots or spiral it around your high ponytail, glitter can make you stand out at any party. We scoured the internet to suggest the best in terms of quality, longevity, and price. You can rock any color if you believe glitter hair sprays on hair is the answer to everything!

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