Top 15 Best GIF Making Softwares

With the use of GIF (Graphics Interchange Format), it becomes extremely simple to exhibit a situation or product. Normally, GIFs own the potential to express your emotions, creative ideas, marketing strategies, animations and many more. They are visually appealing and entice visitors or prospective clients while navigating a website. Hence, they are handy to include within your web pages particularly when there is a need to use lots of content. Now you can prepare GIF according to your own customization with the use of some of the best gif making software. They are incorporated with a broad selection of tools to make sure you can unleash your creativity without any obstructions. The entire experience of making GIFs will be fun-filled through such tools. You may take a look at the best GIF making software below to make a smart buying decision:

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GIF making software

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Top 15 Best GIF Making Software in 2019

15. GifApp


For use on Windows or Linux OS, GifApp is an ideal choice to consider. Basically, GifApp is a lightweight, open-source GIF app possessing simple to use interface. This unique interface allows you to effortlessly extract images from video. Also, the users could import media, remove frames, implement 17 diverse effects and fine-tune dimensions. It owns the potential to create GIF animation from a series of images while applying different effects. All these wonderful aspects make GifApp one of the best gif making software.


  • GifApp comes with the source image edit/effects.
  • For customization, it is possible to set different delays amongst the frames.

14. RecordIT


Those users looking for adopting an easy way to record a part of the screen, RecordIT is a convenient option to try. The prominent traits of this awesome gif making tool are its tray or menu bar. It enables the user to begin recording through a few clicks.


  • The process of recording is quite easy –just click Record, and choose a region of the screen to record.
  • It is easy to see the result after the recording is completed; just click the resultant notification.

13. UnFREEz


The desires of creating ingenious GIFs are now fulfilled using the UnFreeze tool. To present flawless user experience, UnFREEz does not contain complex user interfaces. It is a high-speed Windows-based application capable to transform any images into distinct GIF files. It is quite simple to generate a single animated GIF from the saved images. The eye-catching trait that sets UnFREEz apart from its competitor is freeware. This aspect indicates that you can use it for a lifetime without paying anything. There is no learning curve associated since it is extremely simple to use.


  • To use UnFREEz, the users just need to drag and drop a few GIF files from explorer. Next, just adjust the frame delay time, and finally go for the ‘Make Animated GIF’.
  • UnFREEz carries out automatic interlacing and transparency detection during the process to make GIFs, so high effectiveness is guaranteed. So, there is no doubt why UnFREEz is one of the best gif making software.


The need for creating animated GIFs is satisfactorily fulfilled by too. There is no much complexity associated with its use and you can create video animations and slideshows using this awesome free tool. There are no impedances to prepare animated avatars and icons for sharing them on social media. In this way, you could indirectly flourish your business.


  • Using, the users could decrease the file size of a particular GIF and can do resizing, reversion, merging, splitting, etc.
  • It is found convenient to use for people of different backgrounds like students, amateur, photographer, professional designer, etc



The hassles associated with the time-consuming process of creating GIFs are now removed using The users could instantly prepare animated GIFs online at a free of cost. It is possible to use the online images or uploaded images to prepare amusing and attractive slideshows, banners, cartoons, previews and much more. According to the needs of your business, the users could use as an effective marketing material online.


  • In order to create GIFs using, simply upload pictures or take them from your Flickr.
  • To add amusing effects in the output, you could prepare humorous flashy slideshows, cartoons, banners, previews, etc. This feature adds to its popularity as one of the best gif making software.

10. Animation Desk

Animation Desk

The commendable aspect of Animation Desk is its superb drawing environment allowing the users to effortlessly animate their drawings. It comes with a user-friendly interface for sketching, animating, and storyboarding. Any creative idea you may have in your mind can now be converted into real life with this GIF making software. Your creativity can be converted into animated movies, animated figures, and e-cards. Regardless of being a novice or a professional, Animation Desk app enables the user to mix out contents that appear as if they were prepared by experts.


  • The users could export their animations in the form of high-resolution GIFs, PSD layers, videos, and PDF Storyboards.
  • It is found seamlessly compatible with Android, iOS, and Microsoft platforms.

9. Picasion


The free Picasion tool allows the creative minds to create an elegant avatar resembling the actual character. It is a feature-rich GIF tool equipped with lots of functionalities and benefits just for the convenience of users.


  • It allows the user to upload images in a range of 2 to 10.
  • Once the uploading is done, you could share the created GIFs via social media platforms or through a website.

8. Screen To GIF

ScreenToGif logo

The unique specialty of Screen to GIF is it allows the user to choose a specific portion of the screen and then record anything that takes place in that particular area. At first glance, you would see that this GIF making software functions as a simple Windows application to streamline the GIF creation simple.


  • Screen to GIF comes with a ‘Recorder’ option to allow you to choose a part of the screen to record.
  • Its option –‘Webcam’ allows you to record GIFs through the camera of your computer.

7. GiFPal


GiFPal is a freely available GIF tool with efficient effects allowing you to employ desired effects in the output. The GIF animations can be taken using images and webcam. There is the inclusion of the drawing tools for drawing and including text. Now you can add the anticipated effects in your animated GIFs without any compromise in the output quality. Generally, GiFPal is perfect for stop motion animations and this is one of the reasons why GiFPal is stared as one among the best gif making software.


  • It is easy to adjust animation speed and frames delay.
  • The timeline frame editing comes with 30 effects and 20 frames.
  • In a few minutes, it is possible to make GIFs for Tumblr and blogs.
  • The frames can be managed and edited in the timeline.

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6. Imgflip


For professional use, Imgflip is capable to prepare superior quality animated GIFs. In this way, any business could incur more profits and perceive a boost in sales. It is quite simple to create GIFs from video files, images, YouTube, images or other video websites. It is extremely straightforward to use and it incorporates superb customizable options.


  • It is possible to save the created GIFs online by logging into an Imgflip account. Moreover, you could download your GIFs and also keep them private by enabling the “private” box.
  • Presence of the Imgflip watermark assists other people to know the place where GIF was made. This watermark would not create a bad impression and it is so small that it will be even not visible on petite GIFs. You are able to disable the watermark with a Pro account in case you do want watermark-free images.

5. Ezgif


For accomplishing fundamental animated GIF editing, Ezgif is recognized as a simple-to-use online GIF maker. Using Ezgif appropriately, you could create, crop, resize, reserve and optimize GIFs. Moreover, you can add unique effects if you need to. There is many best gif making software that may not support an animated image format –MNG; however, Ezgif supports it. Now you can directly edit MNG files or transform them to APNG or GIF.


  • When you wish to crop any animated GIF, PNG and WebP images, the GIF cropping feature from Ezgif is a versatile tool.
  • It is quite simple to crop an image –just upload the GIF and with your mouse, choose the particular portion of the image to trim.

4. Giphy


Since many years, Giphy has stayed as the default search engine for GIFs. This is due to the fact that its library is limitless. The GIF maker from Giphy allows you to concurrently create and share the animated GIFs so that it is easy to use. All you need to do is choose the source material from Vimeo, YouTube, or Giphy Links. Subsequently, you could choose the desired portion of the video to convert into a GIF.


  • Facility of adding captions is available.
  • The prepared GIFs are immediately uploaded to Giphy from where you can easily share them. Also, you could download them or can customize them by different tools.
  • It is possible to transform a collection of steady images into a GIF.

3. SSuite GIF Animator

SSuite GIF Animator

SSuite GIF animator is an all-inclusive best gif making software that can work as a GIF animator, movie creator and slide show creator. All you need to do is simply upload your image files into the list, and finally hit create. Every animated file prepared using SSuite GIF animator is seamlessly compatible with all prevailing web browsers. Furthermore, it is found compatible with every Windows OS that supports 32 and 64bit software. The plus point of using this animator is it is energy efficient and easy to use; there is no need for windows registration.


  • Being a Green Software program, SSuite GIF animator consumes less energy while operating the program.
  • The process to create slide shows, movies, animated gifs and more is straightforward.
  • The users could easily set their time intervals ranging from milliseconds to minutes.
  • Names of different image formats supported are jpg, jpeg, bmp, and png images.

2. Gifted Motion

Gifted Motion

Actually, Gifted Motion operates independently from a platform; however, it implements JAVA. It is competent to function on all OS. In absence of installation, most users have praised the functioning of Gifted Motion. It is possible to edit existing images and finally create GIFs using images of different formats like JPEG, PNG, BMP, etc.


  • Gifted Motion is freely available and simple to use for beginners.
  • When you find Photoshop expensive but wish to animate an avatar for a forum then this tool is a preferred choice.
  • It comes with zero learning curve.

1. Photoscape


Majority of the users who already used Photoscape find it to be an easy to use tool with lots of functionalities. Using the tool, you could employ tons of amusing editing effects inside your videos. Names of important functionalities are viewer, editor, page merging, animated GIF, color picker, and photo splitter. It is a straightforward process to attach multiple photos horizontally or vertically to create a final photo.


  • The viewer functionality allows the users to view images in your folder; also, it is possible to prepare a slideshow.
  • Important features included are resizing, white balance, brightness and color adjustment, frames, backlight correction, mosaic mode, balloons, incorporating text, sketching pictures, filters, cropping, blooming, red eye removal, clone stamp, paintbrush, and effect brush.
  • Through the Screen Capture feature, it is easy to capture your screenshot and then save it.

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Now maximum results can be attained with the use of GIF creator software tools discussed above. For commercial uses or for just fun, these best gif making software lets you employ the desired GIF effects.

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