Top 10 Best Gay Magazines In 2021

Gay Magazines

Maybe you’re a teenager who is still in the closet and for good reason. Maybe you’re in your 40s and this British guy called Dan Howell on Youtube just gave you the courage to come out to your supportive wife, who knew deep down that you couldn’t really love her back. Or maybe you’re a guy strutting around in heels and defeating the bullies because when they make the mistake of taunting you in your face, they discover that you have a mean right hook.

You are all in it together. Sometimes what any of us wants is just a sense of community, somewhere we belong. Let this pro LGBTQ and gay magazines remind you, whether they weigh you down while hidden in your backpack or give you giggles as you read them in a coffee shop, that the world has come a long way and it still has a long way to go. Here are the list of Top 10 Gay Magazines.

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Top 10 Best Gay Magazines In 2021

1. Out

Out - Gay Magazines

This is a GLAAD Media Award-winning monthly LGBTQ magazine with the highest circulation in the United States. It was first issued in the year 1992 and has since become one of the most popular sources of LGBTQ representation and entertainment. Hence, Out easily made it on our list of the top gay magazines. One of the most notable features is the Out100 list that recognizes and honors 100 LGBTQ community members who have been influential in the past year.

2. The Advocate

The Advocate - Gay Magazines

The Advocate is actually a sister-concern of Out. While Out is more about lifestyle and influence, The Advocate also has a tendency to explore the political side of things. The magazine features LGBTQ achievements, no matter what the scale. Here you will feel outrage at what some non-ally politician said in the parliament, but then feel elated after reading about how a 16-year-old boy stood up to his bullies and changed their school environment.

3. Gay Times

Gay Times - Gay Magazines

Gay Times Magazine is a monthly publication from the other side of the Atlantic and is an easy pick as one of the best gay magazines. First issued in 1984 from London, this magazine started out catering solely to gay and bisexual men but has since branched out its content to include the broader LGBTQ community. The contents covers ranges from entertainment, fashion, and lifestyle to individual stories and achievements. The magazine received a spotlight on the 1996 movie Beautiful Thing as a key plot element.

4. Attitude

Attitude - Gay Magazines

Another British magazine, Attitude is a bestselling LGBTQ lifestyle magazine in the UK and Europe. It has a physical version, as well as a website and also a downloadable app. First published in 1994, the one thing you will overwhelmingly feel as you read their articles is pride. They really do a great job of telling people’s stories. And bonus: they have a really pretty Instagram, so you can go follow them there too.

5. OutSmart


Back in the US now. When it started out in 1994, OutSmart did a lot for its local community of Houston, Texas. It has since become very popular in the southern US and unlike some other names on this list, OutSmart was not primarily an entertainment or lifestyle magazine. It focused more on the community and politics. In fact, it still does focus on that but has also branched out to include arts and entertainment, as well as even a Nightlife section. For a more wholesome foray into gay achievements, I would recommend this one.

6. Hello Mr.

Hello Mr.

Next on our list of gay magazines is a different kind of pick, and one of my personal favorites. Hello, Mr. began as an Australian indie magazine in 2013 with the very simple yet memorable slogan: about men who date men. It then went on to take the world by storm gaining a big social media following, the magazine itself and the editor-in-chief then being covered by GLAAD, The Huffington Post, and even Out. However, in July 2018, they printed their last issue. Its 10 issues can now be found in an online archive on their website. A break from gossip and politics, the contents of this magazine include fiction, personal stories, and interviews, art and photography.

7. Instinct

Instinct Magazine

Next on our list of top gay magazines, Instinct magazine used to be a physical magazine in the publication from 1997 to 2015 but which is no longer in circulation. But, their website which was launched in 2013 is still going strong. In fact, it remains one of the most popular lifestyle magazines which has a demographic consisting of gay men. Content-wise, it has everything.

8. Gayletter


Another indie publication for this list. Unlike most mainstream publications, Gayletter actually started out as a weekly email newsletter in 2008, and then expanded to printed and online magazines in 2014. The stories they put in here are the true highlight. They have a very personal and relatable appeal. The entire publication is very thoughtful and, as the kids call it these days, aesthetic.

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9. Rage

Rage Magazine

When you find out it was first published in the mid-2000s, it all makes sense with this one. The overall vibe very much goes with that. This one is for those of you who like to bring out your party animals. It really helps you navigate your way through pride festivals and queer art exhibitions. This magazine is for those of you who wait for your chance to celebrate being gay or queer or whatever you prefer. It very much helps if you happen to live in California, though. That is the locality this magazine targets, and it always seems to be where the party is at.

10. Passport

Passport Magazine

Need a break from all the news about the uphill struggle for equality and diversity? Or are you maybe exhausted from attending too many pride festivals (who am I kidding as if that’s a thing)? Do you just need a very gay vacation? Well, this magazine has got you covered. Passport is basically a travel and culture magazine that caters exclusively to gay and lesbian tastes.

It has interesting features about not just great travel destinations, but fun things to do there – events often tailored for LGBTQ people. Everything you see in this magazine provides you with an immediate sense of calm as if just looking at pictures of a wine glass beside the ocean can actually make it real. One thing it does indirectly, and something to appreciate, is that it lets you know about international destinations that are LGBTQ friendly, especially helpful if the vacation you have in mind is of the romantic kind.

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These gay magazines have been handpicked for our list because each has something fun and intriguing to offer to its readers. All 10 of these magazines are amazing in their own way and have tens of thousands of fans.


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