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Gay Blogs Trending

Whether you are gay or interested in finding out what the LGBT community has to say we have all the news here. Enjoy some interesting reads with the top 10 best gay blogs trending on the internet now. So join in the fun and read a wide selection of news presented by the LGBT community. Follow their news, gossips, and views online.

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Top 10 Best Gay Blogs Trending Today

1. Card-Carrying Lesbian

Card-Carrying Lesbian

Are you trying to figure out what your place in the lesbian community is? You need to read the Card Carrying Lesbian blog to find out. Find helpful information provided by Sasha on her personal experience of being a lesbian. Read about love advice, dating, and the best places to live.

Furthermore, if you are an excellent writer, her blogosphere offers you space to share your own experience with others. She even has a fabulous jewelry collection, so check it out, and see what you like. You can advertise here as well. Also, for the straight woman, there is a fascinating story about straight females falling for the lesbian that makes an exciting read.

2. JoeMyGod


For a blunt gay blog, JoeMyGod is necessary to visit. The blogosphere focuses on gay-related concerns, and he gives his readers breaking news in various areas. You can read about politics, news, culture, and more. The popular blog has many followers and gives you a fun-filled read. You can also leave comments for JMG and independently run. There are many visitors with their political views leaving feedback. So if you need to find the best entertainment and culture, make sure to visit JMG.

3. Attitude


For one of the best-selling gay magazines in the United Kingdom, you need to read Attitude. Online you can learn exciting news and request the printed edition. You can view the publication on your tablet or mobile as well. Find out the latest news and events on celebrities and read personal reviews from different people. Some of the stars are Elton John, Lady Gaga, and more. You can get breaking news, style, travel, and lifestyle with them. The fantastic thing is they even have a global fashion-conscious gay men audience. Therefore, if you want to find out the best clubbing, grooming, and see hot images of guys follow Attitude.

4. GA Voice

GA Voice

For exclusive A-list celebrity interviews look at GA Voice the Atlanta LGBT Community Blog. Some of the superstars include Lady Gaga, David Beckham, and Elton John. You get different topics covered from breaking news, culture, travel, politics, to lifestyle. There is a bi-weekly print with up-to-date news, and you can communicate with them, as they would like to hear from you. Make your voice heard with them if you have ever been a victim of a hate crime. There is even a business listing available for you to advertise your company.

5. The LGBTQ Nation

The LGBTQ Nation

For relevant gay, bisexual, lesbian, and transgender news, you need to follow LGBTQ Nation. They love to hear from their readers, so leave your comments, tips, or any news you may have. Now it is one of the most followed gay blogs trending in the United States. They focus on a wide selection of things from gender violence, gay rights, politics, racial justice, and so much more. For the most compelling topics with up-to-the-minute breaking news, make sure to follow them online.

6. FTM Magazine

FTM Magazine

FTM Magazine is a platform for Tran’s voices and offers a printed and digital publication of the edition. With them, you can find informative news in the transgender community. The blog touches on the transition phases. Furthermore, you can read culture to questioning articles on your gender and other related concerns. The blog has been around for a long while and prints the magazine quarterly. To receive a publication, you need to create an account on the blog. Some of the highlights currently on the site are mental health a dirty word and a short history of transgender people’s fight for equality.

7. OUT

OUT Magazine

OUT is a trendy LGBT publication in the gay community. In the USA, they are one of the most extensive editions and cover entertainment, lifestyle, fashion, travel, news and more. Even on Facebook, they have a broad audience and provide engaging content to read. In 1996, Scott, employed by Robert Hardman changed the point of view of the blog by attracting renowned brands to advertise with them. With them, you can see what is happening in the film industry, pornography, TV, and so much more. You can even subscribe to the subscription to receive a publication throughout the year.

8. Gay Star News

Gay Star News

The international media source is one of the best gay blogs online. You get LGBT news and entertainment from around the world. You get updated articles daily, and they have a powerful voice. Also, you can get information on politics, religion, entertainment, business and more. The publications are run by a professional team and the central office you find in London. Their specialties are marketing, digital sales, brand exposure, journalism, and they cater to a wide selective audience. Whether you are gay, lesbian, Trans, Bi, or straight, you will love reading the news articles available.

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9. Huff Post-Queer Voices

Huffpost-Queer Voices

With Huff Post-Queer Voices, you can make yourself heard in the gay community and more. The publication is part of the larger Huffington Post group. They discuss many topics related to the LGBT community with debates for all to read. Different writers are providing articles on the blog related to gay dating, celebrity news, relationships, and so much more. Recently they have undergone a name change to Queer Voices. Furthermore, they provide exciting reading material for all gays too in between.

10. After Ellen

After Ellen

For a lesbian/bi feminist blog, you can subscribe to After Ellen. It is one of the best gay blogs online and takes after Ellen DeGeneres. Furthermore, it is one of the largest bisexual and lesbian websites. With the blog, you get a viewpoint on music, films, sports, television, lifestyle, and more. For different lifestyle issues, you will love the blog that covers lesbian sex. Find out how people came out of the closet and how it was to date for the first time. You may be surprised at what actresses or prominent managers have already climbed out of their wardrobe.

These are some of the top best gay blogs trending available online, and there are many more we were not able to list. Each one brings interesting stories to like-minded people to enjoy. When you visit any of the sites, you are supporting the LGBT community, and we thank you for stopping by and reading our article.

What is sexual orientation?

What is sexual orientation?


Sexual orientation is an undergoing example of the sentimental or even sexual fascination (or even a mix of these) to people of the other gender or sex, similar sex or to both genders and more than one sex. These attractions are commonly subsumed under heterosexuality, homosexuality, and bisexuality, while asexuality (the absence of sexual fascination in others) is here and there recognized as the fourth category.

These classes are parts of the more nuanced nature of sexual personality and terminology. For instance, individuals may utilize different marks, for example, pansexual or polysexual, or none at all. According to the American Psychological Association, sexual direction “likewise alludes to an individual’s feeling of character dependent on those attractions, related practices, and participation in a network of other people who share those attractions.

What should you do when you first realize that you are gay?

What should you do when you first realize that you are gay?

  • Contemplate on how you should tell someone- The decision is yours. Being gay, lesbian, or swinger is ordinary. However, a few people do not get this. Telling individuals, they are gay, lesbian, or bisexual is known as coming out.
  • Think about sexual intercourse- We, as a whole, have similar emotions and tensions about sex. Choosing when you are prepared to have intercourse is a major advance, whatever your sexuality and whoever your potential accomplice may be.
  • Reflect upon Sexually Transmitted Infections- In case you are having intercourse with somebody of similar sex, there is no danger of pregnancy, however explicitly sent contaminations (STIs) can go from young ladies to young ladies and young men to young men, just as among young ladies and young men.
  • Get access to free condoms- You can get free condoms from sexual wellbeing, network preventative or youthful people’s facility and a few GPs, regardless of whether you are under 16

What is “coming out” and why is it important?

Informing individuals concerning their sexual direction or sex character is gotten from coming out. Coming out is not an erratic occasion – lesbian, gay, bi and trans (LGBT) individuals may need to come out commonly during their lives. It is likewise individual, and individuals may confront various difficulties when coming out. There is no recommended approach to coming out. You may feel great being open about your sexual direction and sex personality with certain individuals, yet not with others. Coming out might be troublesome and takes boldness. Responses to somebody coming out can go from exceptionally sure to less inviting. When you have settled on the choice to tell individuals, you might need to consider how you let them know. We have set out a couple of considerations on coming out, and connections to where you can discover further counsel and backing.


Regardless of whether you have dealt with your sexual orientation or sex character, or you are considering it, it very well may be troublesome managing that all alone. You may arrive at a point where you have to discuss it with somebody, to uphold or essentially get it out into the open. To conceal who you are from others regularly implies lying and imagining. You will have to consider in the case of covering up is pretty much upsetting than being open about it. Try not to feel constrained to come out – take as much time as is needed. You will know when you feel good and prepared to do it. If you choose to come out, yet are uncertain how others may respond, you could consider connecting with a care group first. There are helplines, local gatherings and organizations the nation over who are there to help and prompt you.

What are the stages of coming out?

What are the stages of coming out?


  • Individuality confusion- Considers self to be individual from standard gathering—disavowal of inward emotions.
  • Individuality comparison- Start to emerge from the “mist.”
  • Individuality tolerance- Experience a person or thing that gets through the forswearing framework.
  • Individuality acceptance- Exploring subculture activities, readings.
  • Individuality Pride- Feel pride/arrogance in a new identity as well as deep rage toward majority culture. One may heighten/adopt stereotypical behaviors or characteristics (That is “I am different as well as proud of it!”. In addition, one may isolate self from the mainstream values and activities.
  • Identity Synthesis- Acceptance as well as integration of the new identity. One may go through five processes of grief to let go of the old identity and all advantages of the heterosexual privilege. One can Internalize pride feelings about identity. Typically, is “out” (with friends, family, at work). More at peace with self.

There are different speculations, and they fundamentally follow a comparable example: the underlying stage includes some mindfulness that another method of being (other than being hetero) exists.

How to know and accept your sexual orientation?

Start by posing yourself some genuine inquiries about your sexuality and sexual inclinations:

• Do you favor sex with an individual who is a similar sexual orientation as you?

• It is safe to say that you are genuinely pulled in to individuals of a similar sex?

• Do you feel a passionate bond with different individuals from your sex?

• OK, consider a close connection with somebody who is of similar sex as you?

• Being gay methods being explicitly pulled in to an individual from similar sex.

Sadly, there is no unequivocal method to tell in case you are gay or lesbian. You cannot simply step through a straightforward exam to decide your sexual direction. Additionally, numerous individuals who believe they are gay are androgynous. Being straight, gay, or bisexual is not something that an individual can pick or decide to change. Individuals do not pick their sexual direction anything else than pick their tallness or eye shading.

What are the tips for gay dating?

What are the tips for gay dating?



• Mood kills your Grindr profile before the date starts, regardless of whether that is the place you discovered him. That little “pop” stable, while you give him blossoms, is a sentimental buzz kill.

• In case you are more than thirty and at any rate, four years more seasoned than your date, do not be astonished on the off chance that he calls you Daddy. Accept it as a commendation; do not accept it as motivation to get the check.

• On the off chance that you do pick to talk about recent developments, abstain from anything so questionable it will pulverize expected science, similar to Crimea, Obama’s activity execution, or the significance of HBO’s “Looking.”

• It is an indication of a genuinely honorable man on the off chance that you walk him to his entryway, and he says it is too early for you to come inside. It is likewise, without a doubt, a sign that he lives with his hit-or-miss ex.

• On the off chance that seemingly out of the blue, you do wind up in bed together after the date, make sure to prop the foreplay up for in any event 30 minutes. This permits adequate time for close kisses, investigating each other’s bodies, and for the Cialis to kick in.

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The sexual direction is not something the hetero greater part frequently considers essentially because they are the standard. Yet, for those whose sexual direction lies at either end of the ringer bend of sexual conduct, considering sexual direction involves endurance. Employments, family connections, social contacts, even life itself can be endangered if one violates what is viewed as the standard. To adore somebody of similar sex in certain social orders is to chance their very lives; in different social orders the hazard detainment alongside the loss of the solaces of loved ones, and the capacity to hold a vocation; in still different spots they hazard separation both explicit and inconspicuous. The craving to carry on with an open life, the need to live with honesty, and their preferred want to cherish the individual is a best-case scenario, an everyday battle in many social orders on the planet.

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