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Gaming is an activity that bonds people of all ages. It can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere and with anyone. The gaming industry has evolved quite a lot since the first games were made. Games are no longer isolatee to personal computers or small handhelds. It has become a cultural phenomenon and expanded beyond expectations. Every year there are gaming competitions held throughout the world. Gamers test their prowess against other gamers. With the rise of gaming, there has also been a peak in interest in getting information related to games. Gaming magazines are a great way to get information about upcoming games, reviews, etc. Here are the top 10 gaming magazines to satisfy the gamer in you:

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10. Ind13

Ind13 magazine - Gaming Magazines

Indie games or independently developed games have been getting better as time passes by. At this moment, there are many Indie games that are far better than their contemporary counterparts. Ind13 is the best source for your information on Indie games. Whether you are looking for reviews, news, tips and tricks, game development related information- this magazine has you covered. With a circulation in all major regions across the world, it is the best gaming magazine for any information regarding Indie games.

9. Hyper

Hyper - Gaming Magazines

Hyper is one of the oldest Australian gaming magazines to stay in circulation. Their approach to making a gaming magazine is quite different from others. They have game information from all major gaming platforms. Hyper covers everything from reviews of new game releases, to retro or classic style games and anime. Gaming news, previews of popular games, popular movie reviews- this magazine has it all. Their website also contains a forum where discussions can take place between gamers. It is one of a kind magazine that gives the reader options to explore various platform choices.

8. Games World of Puzzles

Games World of Puzzles - Gaming Magazines

If puzzles, crosswords, Sudoku or other brain games excite you, this is the magazine for you. Games World of Puzzles is a gaming magazine that covers all the types of puzzle games you can think of. The cool thing about this magazine is that the cover of the magazine is a puzzle in itself. Different puzzle type games are the main highlight for this unique magazine. The magazine came together when two different companies got together in a merger. Fancy puzzles, brain teasers- you can find everything puzzle related in this magazine. Games World of Puzzles releases nine issues throughout the year.

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7. Retro Gamer

Retro Gamer - Gaming Magazines

Does the sound of 8-bit audio in retro games send a tingle down your spine? Retro Gamer is the perfect gaming magazine for the retro game enthusiast in you. Featuring all the classic retro games you can think of, it takes you on a ride down memory lane. Information, previews, interviews with game developers- this retro magazine covers every topic for the modern retro gamer. The magazine has a history plagued with management issues but is currently stable. They also have a YouTube channel. Originally a quarterly magazine, Retro Gamer later turned into a monthly.

6. Official XBOX Magazine

Official XBOX Magazine - Gaming Magazines

Official XBOX Magazine is the accompanying gaming magazine that is published to complement Microsoft’s immensely popular gaming console, XBOX. The magazine covers new releases, previews, and reviews of its popular games. The magazine often come with bundled discs that contained new game demos for the reader to try but was discontinued in 2012. Currently, GamesRadar holds the ownership to the magazine and publishes it in all major regions including Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom. It is a magazine for gamers who prefer to stay updated on what to play on the XBOX.

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5. 110% Gaming

110% Gaming Magazine

Targeting a younger fan base, 110% gaming magazine is for information on the most popular games in circulation. With reviews and features from the most popular games, it is a fan favorite among young gamers. As mainstream online games like Fortnite gain more and more players, this magazine provides its readers with exclusive information that is not found in other magazines. It also promotes a creative and interesting approach to writing which is highly favored by its young reader base. The magazine is available from their official website and often comes bundled with free gifts.

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4. Minecraft World

Minecraft World magazine

Does your life revolve around Minecraft and how awesome it is? This is the gaming magazine for all things Minecraft. Providing unique ways to create your own universe in the virtual space, this unique magazine is your ultimate guide to building in Minecraft. Build away with the tips and ideas provided in the magazine and escape to your virtual world where your imagination is the only limit. The magazine also comes with puzzles, information on the online Minecraft community, information on how to achieve goals in game and tons of opinions from the experts. So go ahead and lose yourself in the world of Minecraft.

3. Edge

Edge gaming magazine

If you are a serious gamer, Edge is the gaming magazine of choice for you. Featuring reviews, news, release information, each magazine is full to the brim with important information about your favorite games. It covers topics from all major game platforms so you are not missing out on anything with this magazine. With game developer interviews, detailing the game development process and more technical details such as 3D design, everything is included in this highly comprehensive magazine for the seasoned gamer. The magazine gets issued 13 times every year.

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2. Game Informer

Game Informer | Gaming Magazines

If you are looking for the big guns of gaming magazines, Game Informer is a worthy choice. With reviews, previews, and information about games from every major platform in the market, it is a treasure trove of gaming information. It is one of the most popular magazines in the United States with circulation numbers that are off the charts. Game Informer is currently a monthly magazine.

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1. PC Gamer

PC Gamer magazine | Gaming Magazines

When it comes to gaming magazines, PC Gamer is the best thing you can find. It is globally considered to be the main source of information on video games. The magazine features detailed reviews, previews, gaming news, gaming mods and everything a PC gamer can dream of. The magazine even tells you about the latest and greatest gaming hardware to fulfill your gaming needs. Also, the magazine arranges yearly events where its readers gather. Established in 1993, this magazine has maintained its dominance in the market. PC Gamer is a monthly magazine.

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Read these top 10 gaming magazines to get your dose of the latest and greatest in gaming. Rock out your own gaming PC with the detailed tutorials or find the best games to keep yourself enthralled throughout your gaming adventures.   


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