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free video editing software

For any B2C or B2B marketing strategy, video content is considered to be an essential portion. In order to present a video in new form with new effects, the need of video editing is crucial. Gone was the time when editing a video was difficult. Now with the advent of video editing software, this is made quite easy. To present cost-effective solution, fortunately, there is the availability of different free video editing software in the market.
Finding the appropriate video editor frequently involves confusion. This is due to the fact that these tools pack in tons of features and some of them may not be required by you. Whether you are a beginner or expert in the field of video editing, the below-discussed free video editing software assist a lot:

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Top 15 Free Video Editing Software in 2019

15. WeVideo


WeVideo is basically a cloud-based platform benefitting the users to generate professional videos from the convenience of their phone, tablet or PC. It is extremely simple to use for video editing through the drag and drop editing functionality and ample of other useful features. This free video editing software owns the potential to perform chroma-key for the green screen type editing. There are no hassles to generate video in 480p, 720p or 1080p quality.


  • It is possible to work on the video from any place because WeVideo is cloud-based editing software.
  • There are no issues to upload images and videos to this software. Also, there are many different audio and video tracks available for editing.
  • Its free account offers up to 5-minute video publishing every month. Moreover, it offers 1 GB of cloud storage as well as 480p resolution.
  • There is the inclusion of music, video, and image libraries.

14. Magisto


Easily accessible on iOS and Andrid OS, Magisto is extremely suitable for creating professional videos. Those looking for a decent quality video editing tool, Magisto is certainly justifies the investment. It is a suitable tool for all video editors, and it enables the user to refine their videos in desired manner.


  • Magisto works to distribute your video over different mediums.
  • There is no need of appropriate video editing skills with a view to editing the video on the software.

13. Media Composer

Media Composer

Media Composer is dedicated to offering quick high-res-to-HD workflows, automated media management and real-time collaboration. Therefore, you could emphasis on delivering projects quickly with astonishing production value. It is highly suitable for high resolution media.


  • This easy-to-use free video editing software comes with responsive interface.
  • It provides comprehensive support for 4K, 2K, HD, and SD standards.

12. Splice


Splice is highly suitable for quick video editing purposes. Since years, iPhone users are using this software in form of their go-to video editor. Its appealing aspect is it is freely available to let you access all the editing features. The users could begin editing their videos as soon as it is completed; also, they would function seamlessly. The Splice app includes tons of royalty free music which you can select from. This app enables the user to upload their edited videos directly to Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.


  • It is quite easy to use and all-in-one solution.
  • There is the facility of the customized audio at your fingertips.
  • There are no issues to add your own sound effects and transitions inside your videos.

11. Hippo Free Video Editor

Hippo Free Video Editor

Specially designed for marketers, Hippo Video is freely available video editing software. It helps you to make, edit, share, host and evaluate. There are no concerns to deliver mass personalized video email campaigns. It is found that Hippo Video is the world’s foremost DIY video personalization software solution. Hippo editor delivers profound user insights to present more qualified leads and incur more profits.


  • Hippo Video conveys in-video and hyper video customization to sales outreach as well as marketing automation workflows.
  • It comes with the custom workflows for sales, email campaign, marketing, and customer support procedures.
  • The free video editing software comes with the screen capture feature and audio & webcam recording.
  • It comes with real-time user engagement analytics and marketplace integrations.

10. Media 100

Media 100

Suitable for Mac, Media 100 is recognized as an exclusive video editor. Actually, it is not a stand-alone video editing tool because it is marketed as a suite. This suggests that the editor is occupied with all the functionalities all the creative professionals wish to implement in their videos. The users would perceive professional grade transitioning through the use of Media 100.


  • This simple to use video editing tools supports all formats and resolutions.
  • It’s simple interface comes with every professional-grade features.
  • There is the support provided for multi-camera editing, and there is no need of any specialized Apple hardware to operate.

9. HitFilm Express

HitFilm Express

Suitable for use on Windows and Mac OS, HitFilm Express is essentially a free editing and VFX software. It is quite simple to export files. The included filters and editing options are extremely useful. Any newbie or experienced video editors can easily use HitFilm Express.


  • HitFilm Express is free video editing software that includes 2D and 3D effects compositing.
  • It is seamlessly compatible with Mac and Windows OS.
  • There is the inclusion of more than 180 visual effects.
  • It comes with transitions and unlimited tracks.

8. KdenLive


The search of decent quality video editor tool ends when you go for the KdenLive tool. Basically, it is an open source, free, and simple to use tool. Names of OS on which this popular free video editing software runs effectively are Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. One of the appealing traits about KdenLive is it packs in tons of beneficial features intended to smoothly edit video content. There are myriad of good things about the KdenLive software that proves it one of the finest freely available video editors present in the market. It came to know that the user interface is extremely flexible and found to be user-friendly.


  • KdenLive includes cross platform editing support and proxy editing.
  • There is the support provided for multi-track video editing.
  • It flawlessly supports all the major and minor audio/video formats.
  • Its software interface can be customized as per your requirements.

7. Vegas Pro 16 Free Trial

Vegas Pro 16 Free Trial

Contrasting to the Adobe Spark Video Maker and several other tools available in the market, Vegas Pro is known to be a real Pro video editor software. Its uses are intended for ultra HD videos, particularly for shot editing. Due to tons of functionalities and simplicity of editing, this Vegas Pro tool is one of the preferred choices among video editors. Generally, it is widely used by a huge portion of YouTubers and Vloggers. All the features needed for video editing are available.


  • Every video editing element is simple to navigate on the tracks.
  • It is quite easy to include an image/video clip in form of intro or outro.
  • There are no hassles to generate fancy transitions. Moreover, the users could control the levels of audio volume using sliders on the soundtrack.
  • Based on the need, it is possible to modify brightness, color saturation, etc.
  • It comes with accurate timeline controls.

6. OpenShot


For beginners, OpenShot is highly suitable video editing tool that is available freely for Windows, Mac, and Linux OS. Those looking for a functional and an open source video editing tool could try OpenShot. This tool is extremely simple to use without incorporating any perplexing menus. It facilitates cross-platform editing, so the editing requirements are simplified. There is the facility of HD video output and also the audio manipulation works excellently.


  • OpenShot provides comprehensive support for a wide range of video formats as well as image formats.
  • It comes with curve based key frame animations.
  • You could include as many layers as you need.

5. Clipchamp


Clipchamp is intended to offer video editing software and a browser-based webcam recorder. Its functioning allows you embed a button into your website, so your web app users and website visitors owns the potential to upload videos through HTML5 video API. It comes with the plugins accessible for WordPress, Gmail and Slack.


  • Clipchamp supports 5 videos per month and 5 min per video webcam recordings.
  • It comes with unlimited maximum input video length and unlimited maximum input video size.
  • There are no issues to compress a video.
  • Facility of the batch video processing is available.

4. DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve is undoubtedly one of those video editing tools that pack in versatility and flexibility to use. It is suitable for people who are intending to create their videos in artistic manner through different features. With lots of useful functionalities, DaVinci Resolve makes this software one of the greatest ones for anybody looking to use a decent quality free video editor.


  • It is extremely suited for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.
  • Found to be highly suitable for color corrections.
  • Comprehensive support is offered for Black Magic RAW files.
  • This free video editing software is quite easy to color grade and correct the videos.
  • There is a wide range of collaborative tools.

3. Avidemux


It is true that video editors need not to be fancy, and needs not to pack full features in order to be extremely functional. The same aspect is proven by Avidemux which is prepared for those people looking for an instant and simple way for video editing. It is extremely convenient for basic editing. Avidemux is resource friendly software and it could operate on a wide range of devices. It does not necessarily need powerful hardware. One more appealing aspect of Avidemux is it does not begin re-encoding without any causes.


  • It comes with tons of advanced features which are easy to use.
  • Different functionalities offered includes cut, filter, and encodes videos.
  • Avidemux could support all major video formats.
  • It possesses full support for all the leading platforms.

2. Filmora

Filmora free video editing software

In simple terms, Filmora is a Windows, Mac, Android and iOS based free video editing software. It facilitates users to drag and drop media content and also save it to different formats. One of the wonderful traits of Filmora is it is simple to use and adept. Choice of color grading presets is motivated by popular movies. It supports 4K editing and GIF support.


  • Filmora includes noise removal, color tuning, reverse, and camera shake effects
  • It comes with the precision speed control and you could add up to 5 text tracks as well as 10 music tracks to your timeline.
  • Some important functionality include picture in picture (PIP) track, advanced text editing and audio mixer.
  • There is the facility of video stabilization, audio separation and tilt shift.

1. Lightworks

Lightworks free video editing software

Whenever you are looking for professional video editing software with many benefits, it is best to go for Lightworks. It could seamlessly generate video in SD and HD quality with up to 4K resolution and known that Lightworks is extremely influential editing processor with many features comparable to paid editing tool like Adobe Premiere. It is straightforward to create new projects in a creative manner.


  • Lightworks comes with simple and intuitive user interface.
  • Facility of easy timeline editing and trimming is available.
  • There is the incorporation of the lo-res proxy workflows for 4K export video specially for Vimeo/YouTube and SD/HD quality.

The recently available video editing tools simplifies the hassles faced by the users to digitally edit video files suited for different applications. These may include educational guides, creation of promotional materials, and feature length films, etc. All the above tools are known to be free video editing software and packs in lots of editing features.

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