Top 15 Best Free Animation Software | Animators Best Choice in 2019

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It seems daunting initially when you hear about animation. This is because it seems difficult to most people due to the assumed complexity. However, now you need not bear such anxiety regarding complexity because the free animation software let you perform animations with ease. They come with several useful tools like commerce tools in different formats including the 2D/3D animating tool, image animating tool, etc.

Even if you have little knowledge or zeal to learn animation, you will be able to gradually attain expertise in using such tools. The use of such tools is not only limited to video making, but it is used in different applications in the commercial world. It is possible to get confused since the market consist of lots of free animation software, so take a look at a few of the best ones:

Top 15 Best Free Animation Software | Animators Best Choice in 2019

15. Blender


Blender is an extensively popular tool when it comes to animation. Indeed, Blender is a professional, freely available and open-source type 3D computer graphics software toolset. It is extensively used for the creation of animated films, incorporation of visual effects, art, interactive 3D applications, 3D printed models, and video games. So, it becomes a handy tool for casual animation or for commercial use.


  • Blender’s features incorporate lots of advancements that are hard to find in other free animation software. To clarify, it comes with features like UV unwrapping, 3D modeling, raster graphics editing, texturing, fluid and smoke simulation, rigging and skinning, soft body simulation, particle simulation, animating, sculpting, camera tracking, match moving, video editing, rendering, and compositing.
  • Its integrated game engine speeds up the entire animation making process.

14. DAZ Studio

Daz Studio

Even if you have little knowledge of animation, you could easily master the skills using DAZ Studio. It comes with a steep learning curve that enables its user to encompass a bunch of info in little time.


  • The users can use the free Daz Studio application to pose, render and also animate 3D figures. To use it, just register and subsequently download the software.
  • It comes with a user-friendly interface and houses a super-fast design engine.

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13. K-3D


K-3D is recognized as freely available 3D modeling and animation software with tons of useful features. It is one of the finest free animation software since it exhibits a plug-in-oriented procedural engine for all content included inside. One of the sole aspects about this great tool is it supports polygonal modeling; also, it incorporates fundamental tools for curves, patches, NURBS, and animation.


  • K-3D comes with the procedural and parametric workflows. All of its properties could be modified interactively and the outcomes are instant.
  • Facilities of the node-based visualization pipeline provoke a number of possibilities for animation.

12. CreaToon


Excellent customization in creating desired animation effects is now possible using CreaToon. At first glance, its overall interface may look relaxed and obsolete. However, this animation software is capable to carry out lots of advanced tasks capable to generate magnificent results.


  • In CreaToon, there is the availability of menus on either side of the operating space. Hence, quick access to all the options is provided.
  • Its interface is properly organized allowing the users to hold a specific read of the project in the method.


It is hard to find cloud-based software at an affordable price. However, is available at free of cost. Its operation does not require any plugins to operate. The use of represents a decent blend of fundamental stick-figure animation and polygonal modeling.


  • The users will access to an excellent range of mesh instruments to use. Therefore, is among the preferred free animation software.
  • Important features included are sub-object editing, some modeling features like subdivision surfaces, and tons of lifelike g materials which you could tweak with few adaptable lighting.

10. Synfig Studio

Synfig Studio

In a few seconds, Synfig Studio allows you to create animations according to your preference. Essentially, it is an open source as well as multi-platform free animation software facilitating the users to create desired animations. Generally, it is found that Synfig comes with a sharp learning curve due to its advanced options.


  • The interface of Synfig Studio program divides into four distinct windows. That is to say, these windows cover the tools window, navigator window, reduction window, and parameters window.
  • After you attain mastery in using its options, you would be capable to generate excellent quality animations, movies, and cartoons.

9. Bryce


The search for classic animation software for 3D animation ends when you use Bryce tool. To put in another word, it is a 3D modeling, rendering and animation engine suitable for beginners and experienced users both. Those who are beginners will be able to learn the basics of animation. Its overall interface was engineered by artists and presented for artists. So, it is regarded as one of the most accessible free animation software in this category.


  • The users gain the flexibility to download extra materials from different creators to implement in their 3D animation project through the official website.
  • The users can observe the created 3D animation from any angle and illuminate in different ways.

8. Stykz


Creation of enticing second animations is now successfully accomplished through the use of Stykz. Its beneficial posit is it generally supports all the leading operating systems including Windows, Linux, and Mac. This software’s complete version is handy to download at free of cost. Moreover, it packs in several handy tools assisting you to create beautiful animations with a simple interface.


  • Stykz allows the user to draft their animation prior to working on the painting and animation
  • You could develop, edit and also preview your creations to save the time.

7. Toon Boom Animate Pro 3

Toon Boom

The single point that justifies the wide popularity of the Toon Boom among the different free animation software available currently is this software is Emmy award-winning software. It comes with a free trial version recommended to try in order to learn animation. It is true that the learning curve is sharp; however, when you spent some time learning, you could admire its powerful features.


  • Toon Boom Animate Pro 3 allows the user to attain frame-by-frame animation equipped with rich cut-out rigging functionalities.
  • Names of some of the essential components packed in are a pressure-sensitive pencil, onion skinning, texture brushes, an instinctive interface and Bone Deform feature.
  • The lines present on drawings are simple to manipulate
  • In case you are operating using the tool on a tablet, it is certain that you can make the most of the touch shortcuts in order to zoom in and swivel your canvas while you work.

6. Modo

Modo - Free Animation Software

The need for professional working, 3D animation tool is aptly fulfilled by Modo. It packs in multiple options and aspects including modeling, sculpting, and, painting 3D models. Modo employs a minimalistic reasonably approach however, there are no doubts regarding its potency. Its overall functioning is to bridges the gap between reality and virtual pictures. For employing effective animation effects, Modo provides an exceptional blend of top-notch direct modeling tools that function concurrently with a robust procedural modeling system.


  • It comes with the award-winning MeshFusion Boolean tools, retopology functionality, and integrated sculpting.
  • The laborious UV creation tasks can now be simplified with the use of an efficient built-in toolset. This toolset provides several automated options and flawlessly supports UDIM workflows.
  • The included tools integrate entirely with modeling and selection workflows.

5. Aurora 3D Animation Maker

Aurora 3D Animation Maker - Free Animation Software

Equipped with a myriad of options to create infinite animation effects, Aurora 3D animation maker allows you to create animations in a few seconds. Likewise, the users would be able to include special animation effects in their footage and films through its easy to use interface. There is the flexibility to incorporate watermark to videos and images with tricks. The tool could create infinite special animation effects until the distance your imagination reaches. Overall, its neat interface and many different convenient options will benefit you.


  • Based on your creativity, the users could apply particle effects to replicate fireworks, snow, smoke, flame, or the bareness of space. Alternatively, it is possible to employ motion effects like Quad, Linear, Quit, and Cubic to include composition like bounce and twists.
  • The final created animation could be incorporated into your website which gains you options to export them as video, flash, animated GIF, etc. Many free animation software does not provide such flexibility.

4. Plastic Animation Paper (PAP 4.0)

Plastic Animation Paper (PAP 4.0) - Free Animation Software

PAP 4.0 stands for Plastic Animation Paper, is perhaps among the list of the best free 2D hand-drawn animation software for use on Windows OS. It was created by animators who admire their creativity. The overall layout is simple. However, it packs in lots of useful features for animation.


  • PAP 4.0 comes with vital features like the light setup, onion skinning, layers, and blue & red pens for outlining poses & scenes.

The application incorporates instinctive shortcuts intended for different effects like zoom, rotation, toggle between the erase and draw modes, etc.

3. Pencil 2D

Pencil 2D - Free Animation Software

Suggested from the name, you can create animations like drawing with a pencil using Pencil 2D. It is essentially an open-source and free to use 2D animation software. With its appropriate use, you could effortlessly create simple graphics, 2D drawings, and animation. Therefore, you can accomplish all of these through the use of the vector drawing interface. Initially, the inception was done with a simple pencil test and gradually, it developed into superb animation software. Names of the operating system that are compatible are Microsoft Windows, Linux, and OS X.


  • Pencil 2D tool features layers, onion skinning, and a timeline with a simple keyframe manipulation system. In addition, it comes with features like pressure sensitivity, colors, and workspace toolbars & panels which could be easily organized.
  • It comes with a clean, neat timeline in which it is very simple to include new frames on various layers, alter the frame rate and function instantly to generate animations without much effort, unlike other cheap quality free animation software.

2. Autodesk Softimage

Autodesk Softimage - Free Animation Software

Most professionals make use of Autodesk Softimage in motion pictures, movies, and broadcast TV. Furthermore, this tool is a reverted maker that showcases a superb substitute to options as well as tools to choose from. It proves to be an impeccable substitute for those who are highly concerned about animation effects.


  • In Autodesk Softimage, the modeling tools facilitate the creation of polygonal or NURBS models. So, the uses of subdivision modeling do not need extra operators and it functions directly over the polygonal geometry.
  • All the modeling operations are precisely tracked by a construction history stack allowing the artists to function non-destructively.
  • Its animation features contain a mixer and layers, allowing the combination of animation clips in a non-linear fashion.

1. Abrosoft FantaMorph Pro

Abrosoft FantaMorph Pro - Free Animation Software

Abrosoft FantaMorph Pro proves to be ideal animation PC software which could be flawlessly used to reinstate your images. The corresponding free trial version lets you unleash your hidden creativity when it comes to animation. In short, it is one of the finest free animation software that works powerfully to benefit users morph images and involve the desired animation effects.


  • To let you employ effective animation, the tool comes with the improved rendering engine
  • There is the availability of new face extractor and face locator.
  • Every included sequence can possess different effects.
  • Availability of the new dual view mode perfectly supports dual monitors.

Now it is quite straightforward to generate impressive animation through the use of different tools mentioned above. Right from beginners to advanced users, anyone can implement their imaginations into real life through these tools.


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