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With the advent of globalization came the emergence of foreign exchange, or Forex for short. It is the world’s largest single market. Millions of traders work hard every day, leading to a market size of over five trillion dollars in 2016. The popularity of Forex has only grown with each year. So many stories have taken place in this market. For many, this is where they went from rags to riches.

As a result, it is clear that many people are interested in getting involved with the trade. Of course, you may be interested in joining the market as well. But before making such a substantial decision, it is always best to stay informed. As a result, here are the top Forex blogs for you to use in order to better understand the industry.

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1. DailyFX


If you need a one-stop Forex blog to research the market, take a look at DailyFX. With over 100,000 fans on Twitter and Facebook, this portal has it all. From indicators to trading news to charts, you will have all the tools you require to analyze the Forex market. Strategy overviews, calendars, and charts – this website has it all!

2. FXStreet


Although perhaps not as popular as DailyFX, FXStreet is a lot more active. Approximately 168 posts are made a week, giving its users fresh content regarding the foreign exchange all the time. Additionally, FXStreet provides webinars with seasoned professionals of the market, in case you wish to learn a few things from them. It is reputed as one of the best Forex blogs in the world.

3. Abnormal Returns

Abnormal Returns

A much smaller operation than the other Forex blogs, this site is led by a single man. He is Mr. Tadas Viskanta, a man who has spent over 25 years working in financial markets. He is also an author and university instructor. Abnormal Returns is well accredited, with mentions from newspapers such as the Wall Street Journal. As a result, Mr. Viskanta’s advice is known to be very valuable for newcomers to the market!

4. BabyPips


If you’re completely new to Forex, it would probably be better to take on a Forex Blog more tailored to newcomers. BabyPips does provide tools that can be used for trading in the market. However, it also provides insightful educational blogposts to explain the nature of Forex to newcomers. In order to make learning more productive, quizzes and lessons are used effectively.

5. Forex Factory

Forex Factory

If you want to be in a community with the world’s most famous Forex traders, go for Forex Factory. A lot of renowned Forex traders make use of this blog. Some even upload their trade journals! It is a good way of understanding how the most skilled traders operate from day to day. The strategies provided here are also considerate of experience. If you are new, you will be able to go through strategies for those who are inexperienced. As you gradually settle into the market, you can adapt strategies here used by the best.

6. Forex Peace Army

Forex Peace Army

Like any other market, there are a lot of risks when someone works with Forex. There are always security threats. Scamming, for instance, is prevalent. As a result, it is always best to go through sites such as the Forex Peace Army. It is one of the leading Forex blogs that are calling out Forex scams. The website supports all victims of scams through early warnings, investigation and court action.

7. Investopedia


By far the most popular site of the list, over sixty million people visit this site a month. Experts of the industry have always relied on and supported this site through its 20 years of existence. It is a great place to familiarize yourself with the world of finance. If you’re unsure about entering the world of Forex, this Forex blog has a stock market simulator to help you understand how markets work.

8. LeapRate

LeapRate - Forex Blogs

A completely independent Forex blog, LeapRate has a well-made list of Forex brokers worldwide. They also keep track of Forex broker complaints – so if you’ve ever been scammed, LeapRate will get the word out. It also possesses the Market Research tool. Other Forex sites reportedly don’t have it. Collective information from analysts is collated and interpreted. They are finally provided in one piece, making research easy.

9. ZeroHedge

ZeroHedge - Forex Blogs

This Forex blog is unique in the sense that it does not only provide updates regarding the world of finance. ZeroHedge also provides political news. This gives users a variety, in case they find themselves bored with Forex research. It also provides insight on how political incidents may trigger a change in the foreign exchange rates. As a result, both financial and political news allows for the market analysis of the foreign exchange market using ZeroHedge.

10. EFxdata

EFxdata - Forex Blogs

It can get tough to have to go through so many sites for Forex data. As a result, EFxdata is a one-stop-for-all portal for your Forex needs. It has data from various sources, such as the Central Bank Insider, as well as models and forecasts. As a result, EFxdata is ideal for those who wish to use a blog that provides all sorts of data in one convenient site. Its use of a variety of Forex tools and information make it ideal for any trader, whether they’re new or not.

The world of Forex is certainly very overwhelming for those that are new to it, but you should not worry. The internet is an excellent tool, and there are hundreds and thousands of Forex blogs out of this list that is probably worth seeing as well. Allow yourself to experience the industry first hand! Make use of these great resources and blogs to ensure that your time in the market is a safe and profitable one.

Most importantly, give back to the community! Once you’ve learned everything taught to you by the Forex blogs, consider opening one up yourself. That way, you will be able to call even more people into the trade.


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