Top 10 Best Fleece Blankets In 2021

High-quality fleece blankets are a must-have closet essential if the snowfall is a common factor where you live. Such a textured blanket is comfortable, retains a good amount of body heat while also being very easy to clean and wash later on as well. you may also check Best Woven Blankets

Best Fleece Blankets Review

10. Utopia Bedding

Utopia Bedding | Fleece Blankets

This blanket can be found in three different bedding sizes and 5 solid colors. Made from 100 percent microfiber material, this warm and soft fleece blanket is the perfect throw-on blanket for your movie nights. With a 90/90 inches size, this long-lasting, double-stitched blanket comes with a 1-inch hem as well.

  • The product is machine-washable
  • Durable and soft
  • Double-stitched blanket.

9. Bare Home 

Bare Home | Fleece Blankets

This travel-friendly fleece blanket sports a bright, rosewood color for the body. Available in 4 different sizes to choose from, you can get this comfortable and super soft blanket in 10 amazing, pastel colors.

The Sherpa blanket comes with diameters of 50 inches x 60 inches at most and is double-stitched as well. The hypoallergenic feature makes this blanket ideal for all skin types.

  • Large 50”x60” size
  • Soft and comfortable fleece
  • The solid color is aesthetically pleasing to look at
  • Hypoallergenic fabric quality.


SONORO KATE | Fleece Blankets

The neutral grey color of the blanket makes this a unisex product everyone can use. Available in 9 different colors to choose from; this Queen sized fleece blanket is large enough to cover two adults at once. This soft and very warm blanket has very little elasticity in it, therefore retaining its original shape and stretchiness for a long.

  • Double-stitched blanket
  • 330GSM technology incorporated
  • Product is machine-washable
  • Large in size.

7. Charm Heart 

Charm Heart | Fleece Blankets

Further down the list, we have this dark grey colored fleece blanket. The blanket is ideal for sofas, beds, and also as a throw-on cover during air travels. This King-sized fleece blanket is incorporated with 350GSM technology that makes the product hypoallergenic and super soft on all skin types. On top of that, this blanket is known to reduce static by approximately 90 percent!

  • Fade-resistant
  • The product is machine-washable
  • High quality, non-shedding fabric
  • The blanket is available in many other shades.

6. Bedsure Store 

Bedsure Store | Fleece Blankets

 If you want a blanket that provides comfort and looks pretty chic at the same time, then look no further than the Bedsure fleece blanket in navy blue! With over 25 different colors to choose from, this large and soft 50 inches x 60 inches fleece blanket is made with 100 percent microfiber fabric.

The softness of the product, combined with its beautiful color, makes this fleece blanket a must-have for your wardrobe this winter season.

  • Completely machine-washable
  • Large size can cover two people at once
  • The softness of this microfiber blanket is amazing

5. Exclusivo Mezcla 

Exclusivo Mezcla | Fleece Blankets

 This beautiful Exclusivo fleece blanket sports a light, slate blue color and has a large size of 50 inches x 70 inches at most. The fleece blanket is made of 100 percent soft and durable microfiber material that provides users with optimal comfort and warmth. The velvety touch of the fleece blanket makes this product easy on irritated or bruised skin as well.

  • The fleece blanket is machine washable
  • Durable and soft velvet touch is easy on the skin
  • Lightweight product.


ALISISTER | Fleece Blankets

 Unlike the previous blankets on this list, this funky and fun fleece blanket comes with a cute shark and galaxy print on it that attracts the attention of young kids and toddlers. This fun and quirky fleece blanket of 50 inches x 70 inches come with over 20 other prints to customize and choose from. The product is made of 100 percent polyester material with a fleece lining on the inside.

  • Lightweight product
  • The blanket is available in different prints
  • Ideal as a gift for children.

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3. Martex

Martex | Fleece Blankets

 The Martex Super Fleece Blankets in linen color is perfect for throwing on the sofa for a book reading session in the evening. It made with 100 percent polyester material combined with fleece lining on the inside. This amazing linen fleece blanket has a generously large size of 90/90 inches that could easily cover two adults at once.

  • Lightweight
  • The fleece blanket is soft
  • 100 percent polyester fabric.

2. BEDSURE Store 

BEDSURE Store | Fleece Blankets

Next up, we have yet another BEDSURE Sherpa Fleece Blankets in light grey color. It made with polyester fabric and comes at a size of 50/60 inches. The material is soft, machine-washable, and also compatible with tumble-drying.

  • Machine-washable blanket
  • High-quality polyester and fleece lining material construction
  • Durable and soft.


GREEN ORANGE | Fleece Blankets

 The last product on this list is this amazing GREEN ORANGE striped Fleece Blanket in black and white. This best fleece blanket has large measurements of 50/60 inches and is made of soft microfiber polyester material. The inner lining of the blanket is a fleece.

  • The ribbed texture is comfy on the skin
  • Lightweight product
  • The blanket is machine-washable.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and that our top 10 best fleece blankets were up to your standards. Stay comfy and warm this winter season! Check out Best Indoor Hammock Stands

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