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Top 10 Fitness Magazines | Obtain Your Desired-Body-Type With These!

If you’re looking to get fit, you should stop senselessly lifting dumbbells and lift a magazine regarding fitness instead. While the internet does have tons of content, it’s hard to identify what to follow because of the diversified and inconsistent nature of the content available. On the contrary, despite being on the decline because of the digitization of content, fitness magazines continue to have consistent content.

To help you out with this process, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 fitness magazines that clearly stand out among the rest.

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1. Men’s Health

First published in 1987, Men’s Health has evolved into the world’s largest male fitness magazine in the world. With a 1.8 million circulation of 44 different editions, this fitness magazine is the most critically acclaimed and widely-read in this category of magazines. The digital equivalent of this magazine receives on average 38 million page views a month – bearing greater testament to the credibility of those that curate this magazine.

Over the years, this fitness magazine has evolved from a health-focused service magazine to a lifestyle publication featuring a holistic overview of men and their well-being. This magazine covers aspects including but not limited to health, fitness, sex, grooming, fashion, finances, and nutrition. The main issue might seem too convoluted for men simply looking for grooming tips in which case, we’d suggest subscribing to one of its many men’s health spin-off issues.
Throughout the years, this fitness magazine has won a tremendous number of awards and accolades – righteously so. If you’re looking for a safe option, you can’t go wrong with Men’s Health Fitness Magazines!

2. Women’s Health

Women’s Health is the sister magazine to Men’s Health. Since it’s formation in 2005, this magazine has 15 international editions and spans 27 countries. It surpasses its predecessor, Men’s Health by amassing approximately 12 million readers each month. This makes Women’s Health the fastest growing and one of the largest female fitness magazines in the world!

The contributors and the editorial team provide its subscribers an organized approach into their lives while simultaneously giving them valuable insight into staying healthy. Similar to its male counterpart, it features multiple sections from fitness, sex, love, food, and weight loss. If you’re looking for a more niche-copy, you may easily avail one by browsing through its many counterparts.

3. Runner’s World

If you’re a running enthusiast, you should probably do some research before running off into the horizon, that’s where this fitness magazine comes in. Runner’s World has a worldwide circulation of approximately 800,000 with 15 international editions. This fitness magazine is the global authority on running, setting the precedent for runners globally while also defining the market for corporate conglomerates waiting to capitalize on the running industry.
Runners World is an award-winning magazine that is critically acclaimed for all the right reasons. In 2008, they were awarded the National Magazine Award for general excellence online by the American Society of Magazine Editors for their facilitation of the largest online running community via their website.

4. Prevention

Prevention is a US lifestyle and fitness magazine which amasses nearly 3 million readers per month. It’s arguably one of the most popular magazines in the western world while being America’s most widely read consumer magazine., it’s online counterpart receives 24 million page views a month.
The bulk of articles in Prevention relate to health, food, nutrition, and fitness – making it an extremely viable option if you’re looking for a fitness magazine.

5. Fitness

Published 10 times a year, Fitness is a fitness magazine that solely targets women. Since it’s the first publication in 1992, the magazine has grown massively to a point where it circulates to over 1.5 million readers on average.
Unlike other fitness magazines curated towards women, Fitness has a noble and sophisticated agenda that prioritizes being ‘healthy’ instead of co-opting into toxic societal standards of being ‘skinny’ for women. Fitness bears a very positive impact on the lives of women, remolding perceptions while simultaneously helping individuals attain their goals.

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6. Slimming World

Slimming World is a commercial diet plan, and a subsequent magazine based in the UK. This fitness magazine features practical advice, inspiration, and all you’ll need to stay committed to the process of slimming down. With over one-million readers, Slimming World is UK’s most-read slimming magazine and is definitely a must-read if you’re looking to embark on this long painful journey of losing weight.

7. Men’s Fitness

First launched in 1987, Men’s Fitness has a younger target audience than it’s competitors, namely Men’s Health. This magazine focuses more on popular cultural aspects like sports, fitness, sex, and fashion to get their point across while appealing to their audience with their interests.

With a 7-million circulation, Men’s Fitness features in-depth interviews with current celebrities, having featured past cover stars like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Andy Roddick, and Pamela Anderson in the past – they’re very heavy on the inspiration!

8. Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers is arguably the world’s most commercial diet plan, and it is because of this accreditation that they’re a very successful fitness magazine that has made their way into our list. With a monthly publication mechanism, Weight Watchers exists to streamline your weight loss process, giving you tips and strategy on how to get this done – the extra push. This also features inspirational member stories, helping you gain extra motivation.


9. Top Santé

Top Santé is a fitness magazine dedicated towards smart, professional women in their late thirties to forties. With over 170,000 active readers, this magazine is for you if you’re a woman having to multitask many things that put you in a hard spot to remain fit. This fitness magazine encourages its readers to live their life to the max while prioritizing things such as health, beauty, fitness and emotional well-being.

10. Yoga Journal

You don’t need to go to the murky peaks of the Himalayan mountains to get an in-depth understanding of the spiritual and physical practice of yoga while Yoga Journal exists. This fitness magazine has a readership of over a million and produces content that deals with the practice, spirituality, and benefits of being a Yogi.

This list of fitness magazines is what you need if you wish to get in shape and maintain that perfect physique, each brilliant in its own way.

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