Top 20 Best Film Schools in The World in 2019

The QS World University Rankings currently does not rank the film degree high on their list, but it remains popular with students. The courses range from film study programs to undergraduate programs at large universities and small institutes. You can find specialized postgraduate programs available as well. Therefore, if you are interested in the film industry, you can look at the following film schools in the world to complete your studies.

Why Study for a Degree in the Film Industry

If you are interested in making films, you can study for a Bachelors of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), Master of Fine Arts (MFA), or MPhil/Ph.D. Alternatively, you can complete a diploma in one to two years. With a film degree, it offers you a load of benefits as it combines theoretical and technical work to improve your skills.

With the ability, you can apply it in a wide selection of creative industries. Therefore, if you want to make it in the competitive industry, you need determination and resilience. By completing your degree at the best film schools, you get experience and networking to give you an early start to succeed.

Advantages of Studying for a Film Degree

During your studies at one of the best film schools in the world, you can combine your talent in both the technical and theoretical side. You develop a portfolio of the work you do to pursue your career. During the process, you display your work at competitions and festivals and attend lectures while taking part in events.

All of the latter helps you to get exposure and offers you the possibility to explore different professions in the trade. There is a big chance independent production companies or even a BBC office can approach you to work with them. Another advantage is during your studies you develop specific abilities to put on your CV:

  • You get the skills in critical analysis and research
  • Your communication improves, and you can work independently or in a group
  • For the film industry, you need discipline, and the course provides you with the latter and self-direction
  • You can tailor your writing to suit a wide selection of audiences
  • It helps to develop your mind skills to create masterpieces

Careers You Can Follow with a Film Degree

The good news is that with a film degree you can work in popular sectors from creative, cultural, heritage, to media industries. You can even work in publishing or research sectors as well. Some of the professions included are as follow:

  • Independent Production Companies
  • Market Research Companies
  • Cinemas
  • Large Broadcasting Industries
  • Advertising
  • Multimedia and more

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Top 20 Best Film Schools in the World

Whether you are studying for a Film Degree in the USA to France, each of these institutions is the best film school in the world. Complete your studies with one today and see what a difference it makes in your career.

20. University of Southern California | California

University of Southern California

The University of Southern California is one of the wealthiest film schools in the world. Many graduates are working in the trade compared to other institutes, and students get the best support. The premier curriculum is the Peter Stark Producing Program available under the graduate producer Larry Truman and remains an aspiring producer. When it comes to technical training USC is in the forefront as understanding the culture of filmmaking one does not find in a book. Some of the critical studies are BA, MA, MFA, and Ph.D.

19. Tisch School of the Arts | New York

Tisch School of the Arts

Compared to studying for a film degree in Hollywood, New York is different but proven to be the direct route to take. Here you can sit in a class of twelve and listen to James Franco turn a poem into a movie. You can display your work in competitions and the debut feature film as a gift from the school. Alternatively, you can further your studies at the Tisch School of the Arts in Singapore to get your MFA degree in digital arts, animation, and more. The degrees included BA, BFA, MFA, MPS, MA and Ph.D. degrees.

18. Beijing Film Academy | China

Beijing Film Academy

Do you want to follow a career in film writing or production? The Beijing Film Academy offers you this opportunity and more. The institute works hand-in-hand with the Beijing Film Studio, and international students can apply. The degrees presented are BA, MA, and Ph.D. in performance, direction, to animation and cinematography. Unfortunately, the course is done in Chinese and some course is available in English.

17. American Film Institute | Los Angeles

American Film Institute

The American Film Institute is a selective film school offering two-year programs to specialize in directing, writing, and producing. You can get your MFA certificate of completion with them. The schools made for students who have already completed some film degree.

16. California Institute of the Arts | Los Angeles

California Institute of the Arts

For a hands-on experience in the film industry, nothing comes close to CalArts. The film school remains one of the best in the world to complete your degree. They offer from music, dance, theater, to film/video making. The college is famous for learning student’s animation, documentaries, live action, multimedia, and more. You can complete your Bachelors of Fine Arts or Masters in Fine Arts with them. Alternatively, you can follow your dream and get an MFA in film directing or BFA in character animation.

15. The Film & TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts | Prague

The Film & TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts

FAMU is one of the oldest film schools in the world and prestigious at the same time. The class is in Czech and English and remains strong as it draws students globally. Nine departments work with the NYU’s TISCH School of the Arts and Yale. At the college, you can get your MFA in digital media and cinema.

14. University of California | Los Angeles

University of California

The University of California has a long history when it comes to film, television, and theater. When studying, you join a multicultural campus. The university has some famous alumni such as Tim Robbins, Francis Ford Coppola, and Alexander Payne. You can complete your BA, MA, MFA, and Ph.D. with them.

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13. The National Film and Televisions School | UK

The National Film and Televisions School

The National Film & Television School used to be the only faculty to study a film degree in the UK. However, things have changed as more schools have made its way onto the scene. While not the only film school anymore, it still has a unique reputation and brags with a new building with loads of programs. Therefore, if you want to complete an MA in film and TV, this is the place to be.

12. Columbia University | School of the Arts | Columbia

Columbia University | School of the Arts

Columbia University is in the Ivy League when it comes to the best film schools in the world. The tuition offered is MFA 1st and 2nd years in film and MA in film studies. During your time at the college, you will learn the craft of screenwriting, making movies, and the business side of the industry. In Columbia, you get a combination of arts with a conservatory and trade school.

11. La Fémis | France

La Fémis

La Fémis is a prestigious film school in France and offers undergraduate degrees in directing, sound design, film editing, producing, screenwriting, and film distribution. Many of the students studying at the faculty have won prizes at film festivals across the globe. Some notable alumni are Noemie Lvovsky from Feelings and Francois Ozon from Swimming Pool.

10. Wesleyan University | Connecticut

Wesleyan University

While USC and UCLA are prominent in the film industry, Wesleyan University is giving them a run for their money. The faculty has a tight-knit group and offers a wide selection of programs. You can get your Bachelors of Arts in film studies with them. Some notable alumni are Michael Bay from Transformers, Zak Penn from X-Men, and Miguel Arteta from the Good Girl.

9. University of Texas | Austin

University of Texas

When it comes to the thriving indie, the scene this university churns out some professionals on TV. The faculty has a TV studio, digital picture, editing, postproduction suites, and two soundstages. During your stay at the campus, you can partake in internships while mixing your screenwriting with poetry and other fiction writers. The degrees offered are B.S. in radio-television-film, MFA in screenwriting, film, and media production.

8. The University of North Carolina | School of the Arts | Carolina

The University of North Carolina

Are you serious about filmmaking? Then you need to study at the School of the Arts at the University of North Carolina. At UNC, you plunge into filmmaking while combining drama, design, dance, and other talents. Whether you want a BFA in animation, cinematography, editing, sound, directing, producing, you can get it with them. Alternatively, you can do an MFA in film music composition. Another, highlight soon added is a new animation and gaming building.

7. Syracuse University | New York

Syracuse University

At Syracuse University, you can learn the complete process of filmmaking. You will be able to write a script for produce a film. The faculty offers animation and visual effects to make you stand out of the crowd. The classes are small offering you plenty of attention to get the best experience in studying for a film degree. The programs offered are BFA/MFA in film, minors, and majors in animation/VFX.

6. Lodz | Poland


The Polish National Film, TV, and Theater School have produced some famous producers in the Polish cinema. You can study different techniques of filmmaking with their modern equipment. There is an acting department, and you will learn to work with theater, television, and film. Other departments include editing, production, photography, digital, journalism, and script writing. Get your BA, MA, and Ph.D. or professor degree today with Lodz.

5. Florida State University | College of Motion Picture Arts | Florida

Florida State University

While Florida is far from the entertaining capital the FSU, students are going places. Throughout the years, students have produced up to 40 feature films in Florida. Another benefit is the faculty is busy collaborating up with the digital giant Digital Domain. Programs offered are BFA in production, digital arts, and animation. You can complete your MFA in writing, production, and do a non-degree with the Torchlight Program.

4. Emerson Visual & Media Arts School | Boston

Emerson Visual & Media Arts School

Emerson film school originates from Boston and boasts some alumni such as Norman Lear and Jay Leno. At Emerson, you can do anything from writing to performing your script. The faculty offers graduate and undergraduate programs in performing and visual arts, writing, communication and more.

3. Loyola Marymount University | California

Loyola Marymount University

LMU separates itself from other film schools in the world and teaches students humanism over commercialism in the film industry. You get the opportunity to do internships at some of the leading film making companies in Los Angeles. At the Incubator Lab, you meet up with world mentors and the university is more socially conscious than most. You can study for a B.A. in film/TV, animation, and recording arts. Alternatively, you can complete an MFA in film/TV, and screenwriting.

2. Stanford University | California

Stanford University

Stanford University offers you an exclusive MFA in documentary film and video programming. If you are lucky, you could be one of the students helping to make movies the old way. You receive training in sound, editing, directing, and cinematography. To complete your MFA in documentary film and video this is where you need to be.

1. Rhode Island School of Design | Rhode Island

Rhode Island School of Design

RISD has been providing students for more than 134-years with film, animation, and video programs. You will learn to create your innovative style in animation. You can get your degree in BFA film, animation, and video with them. Some of the notable alumni are Seth MacFarlane and Gus Van Sant.

With a film degree, you get an array of opportunities to work different jobs in the film industry. Whether it is, the technical side from lighting and camera to audio or mixing the 20 top film schools in the world can help. You may be a natural at writing or find producing or directorship more appealing all of the education you need to make it a success is made possible at these schools.

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