Top 10 Fastest WordPress Hosting

Fastest WordPress Hosting

If you are looking to select a proper hosting to go with a WordPress website, then your job is very important. The “health” of a website relies heavily on the hosting supplier you are using currently. However, can you be sure that your WordPress host is the fastest and the best? The dilemma comes from the fact that, you will have a number of WordPress hosts to select from. The list consists of Bluehost, SiteGround etc. No matter what host you select, primarily you have to consider these three things before you select one:

  • Quickness: commonly referred to as “load time”
  • Uptime: has to be around 99.94%
  • Customer service: they have to able to aid the customers about WordPress questions.

Why is quickness a necessity?

To understand this concept, at the beginning you have to search across the web regarding website speed and even fast WordPress hosting. You will end up with a horde of frightening statistics that is being hurled around for some time now. Most users in all of these situations will encounter something like, “for each 1 second of speed is equivalent to one percent less metamorphosis rate”. In addition, there is probably going to be few other relatable things that are going to catch your attention.

The values cannot always be right. Even the method that analysts use to test the speed can be faulty sometimes. However, you have to provide your consent to the fact that, a quicker website is always better. No one will ever argue that speed is worth very little for a website. The prime reason for that is, speed is an important facet of Google’s searching algorithm. It means that, if your website loads quicker, it will rank higher.

A lot of people often test a number of those providers to really understand which WordPress host is the fastest. To accomplish the task, they check the uptime of all the hosts for about 12 months. Now we can take a look at the fastest WordPress Hosting here.

Top 10 Fastest WordPress Hosting

1. Cloudways

Top 10 Fastest WordPress Hosting

If you use the code “FASTHOSTING”, you will get $25 credit and you will end up with nearly three months free from the basic plan. The disk storage capacity begins from 25GB. It always comprises of a backup system starting from 1 hour to every seven days with some physical assistance. You cannot forget its customized admin console either. Cloudways has a data centre in excess of sixty places. These places include U.S., U.K., Singapore, Korea etc. As you can see, this is quite a recent hosting supplier. Naturally, it will have variations from the pre-existing suppliers. To be precise, as a user, you are going to have a web-hosting scheme in which, you can allocate the entire server for your own use. But, it does not come with the complex situation that you normally associate with handling a dedicated server. Inside 60 various spots, they work with 5 suppliers- Linode, Vultr, Digitalocean, Amazon and Google. Almost all of the suppliers have a fascination for a single provider, for instance, Wpengine as well as Kinsta are now using Google to work as their main supplier.

You can configure Cloudways quite easily, of course you still need some expertise on the matter. To add to that, you can always scale it and have access to the assets of a dedicated server. So, it is the quickest in the business right now in terms of WordPress hosting. Even so, as the end user, you can weigh in your options and take a look at some of the benefits one last time:

    • Strong performer that has a web hosting scheme allowing you to allocate the entire server to yourself.
    • A large of number of sites over multiple different key suppliers.
    • You can configure it easily and deliver top notch performance.
    • Compatible pricing.
    • Is able to support not only WordPress but others as well.

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2. SiteGround

Top 10 Fastest WordPress Hosting

If you use their special coupon, you will get a discount of $10 for the first month only. The disk storage capacity begins with 10GB and you have to regularly pay €9.95 each month. However, there is a special pricing for a special occasion when, you need to pay only €3.95 each month. On a daily basis, you are going to receive backup in some capacity. For SiteGround, the traffic limit begins at Unmetered traffic while the Admin Console consists of cPanel. You will not such services from any ordinary ones but, only the best fastest WordPress Hosting. The data centre for it exists in four different locations: U.K., Singapore, Chicago in the U.S., and Amsterdam in Netherlands. Many users proclaim of SiteGround providing an all-round performance as well as being the quickest among cPanel hosts. However, if you have a heavy traffic site then, SiteGround is not for you. As usual, it will not only support WordPress but also other hosts. In addition, it’s WordPress scheme comprises of: installing WordPress, automate migration, instant update, improved caching and expertise in WordPress assistance. Let’s not forget the additional group of equipment which will let you coordinate how you handle clients while collaborating on sites. Last of all, SiteGround lets you resettle ownership of a recently built site to a client.

3. WPX Hosting

Top 10 Fastest WordPress Hosting

If you apply for a coupon with the code “WPSPEEDFIX”, then you are going to get a discount of fifty percent for the first month. You can use WPX Hosting on a monthly basis, for that, you will have to pay $24.99 for it. However, if you want to reduce the hassle and pay on a yearly basis, it will cost you $20.83 every month. For this WordPress hosting, the disk storage capacity begins at 10GB. You will also get assistance manually as well as one that is automated by night. If you decide to use this web hosting service, then your traffic limit will begin from 100GB. When you compare it with other manageable WordPress hosting, the dirt is meagre. You will not able to find that many manageable WordPress hosts which are as quick as WPX Hosting. In fact, WPX Hosting guarantees that you are going to get top notch support from them. If your site is about mid-range then, WPX Hosting will help your cause greatly. You can find its data centres at U.S.A. and U.K. hosting spots.

4. WP Engine Hosting

Top 10 Fastest WordPress Hosting

It is the catalyst to innovate and provide some ground breaking digital experience about WordPress which is beneficial in driving the business to the future with a more efficiency for working waiter. More than half of the list of websites that has been covered through a CMS are a part of nearly every website there is. If you are looking for a discount on it, then you may use the coupon of “WPE20OFF” and you will get a discount of 20% for the first month. If you are looking for suitable disk storage capacity then, you need to be aware that, WP Engine Hosting will offer you 10GB to begin things. In addition, you are going to get some manual backup system. But, if you want more backup then you can avail the nightly self-operating format. For this WordPress Hosting, you are going to have a traffic limit starting from 50GB. The company also lets you customize the Admin Console. You may easily use backend with it. And such a characteristic can make it best fastest WordPress hosting WP Engine Hosting is particularly beneficial if you have a heavy traffic site. As it provides so many benefits, WP Engine Hosting has data centres in several spots such as, U.S.A, U.K., Canada etc. Most importantly, this WordPress hosting is going to equip you with an armour. This armour will give you speed, optimum performance, comprehension, as well as amalgamation solution. This scenario makes it easy for everyone to relax. The main objective of this WordPress hosting is to construct and starts deploying a gallery of online experiences at the time due to a campaign site for content to hub toward an e-commerce extension. Some of these attributes really make it look like the best fastest WordPress hosting there is.

5. Kinsta

Top 10 Fastest WordPress Hosting

This WordPress Hosting is going to start off without any coupon and made history. The price you have to pay for it is, $30 every month. One of the many key highlights of Kinsta is the fact that, they utilize modern technology such as, Nginx, PHP 7.3 etc. All of these are kept in place by Kinsta to ensure that, the website can load within the blink of a single eye. So, you cannot have any doubt why Kinsta features among the best fastest WordPress Hosting ever. As a part of the backup system, you will be able to use a disk storage capacity worth 5GB. If the system has any option to limit the daily traffic, which Kinsta does, then it will start with 20,000 visit each month. However, the best feature for Kinsta is that, you can customize the Admin Console. As you can see, Kinsta is well known all over the globe and has Data Centres in U.S.A., U.K., Belgium, Osaka, etc. As a matter of fact, since you can scale it so highly, you can also get its services in numerous locations which many other suppliers do not cover at all. So, if you have a heavy traffic site, you can receive a lot of benefits from Kinsta. Lastly, you cannot just pass away the offer of a fully manageable WordPress host since, it ranks among one of the fastest.

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6. Pressable

Top 10 Fastest WordPress Hosting

You can hear it from the mouth of the employees themselves that, Pressable dedicates its time towards more than just manageable WordPress Hosting. If you look from an outward perspective, Pressable only offers services that all the regular WordPress hosts do. First of all, they make sure you receive the necessary attention or time if you need customer care. They are always going to make the extra effort to extract all the key details from you. Now, if you are in search of enterprise manageable hosting, then Pressable is just right here to help you. You can take the aggregate into consideration only to find out that, Pressable is saving their customers about 33% when it comes to Enterprise manageable WordPress Host. Their support staff always aid the customer when it comes to setting up on their dedicated server. Not only that but, as a customer you can also expect them to assist in migrating the site for you. You can buy their service for $45 per month and if you choose to pay it on a yearly basis, you will not have to pay anything for the initial two-month period. To add to that, you are going to get a limitless storage space when the concern is their disk storage policy. Their backup policy, in which they provide assistance on a daily basis has made them one of the best quickest WordPress hosting in the minds of the customers. Pressable has a traffic limit beginning with 200,000 visits on a monthly basis. You will also get to customize the Admin Console. There is only one data centre for it and that is, U.S.A. If you intend to work with a small site, you will be on the receiving end of a hefty benefit and you can consider Woocommerce since, Pressable is suitable for it.

7. Pressidium

Top 10 Fastest WordPress Hosting

The main focus of this host is its N-tier architecture. You will also come across this information that, Pressidium does not comprise of any solitary point of failure as it is highly reliable and delivers top notch performance. In addition, it will always provide you with the highest security. To get this hosting, you can pay $42 each month on a yearly base. But, if you are looking to reduce the hassle, then you can choose to pay $49 on a monthly basis. So, you will get a disk storage capacity starting from 10GB. As such, you can easily consider Pressidium in the list of the fastest WordPress hosting. It is made up of a dedicated system and the structure of it has been constructed with much availableness. In addition, you can also enjoy the benefit of having a Load Balanced structure which will not disappoint you. Pressidium offers a nightly backup system for the users. It also allows users to customize the Admin Console. The data centre for this host is set up in U.S.A, U.K., Asia and Australia. With such features, users deem it worthy of being one of the fastest WordPress hosting service.

8. A2 Hosting


As a part of the WordPress hosting niche, it is still in its early days. With a load time of 392ms, A2 Hosting ranks predominantly among the top ten fastest wordpress hosting. As a result, they are making quite the buzz among users. To capitalize on this buzz, they proclaim to not only be one of the fastest WordPress hosting but also, twenty times quicker than the competition. The number do not lie as they have a quicker load time than SiteGround. Within the space of a year, their average load time has been 392ms. In other words, a page will load as soon as you press the cursor. One of the factors that compel users to buy A2 Hosting is their implementation of caching that allows data storing inside the visitor’s browser. As a result, the visitor does not need to ask for data from your website in each instance of accessing it. You will get customer assistance during any time of the day or night in the form of a live chat or emails and even through calling. Many users admit that A2 Hosting’s response is quite easy for them to comprehend. It’s not easy to find such prompt customer support these days which further adds to the value of A2 Hosting and lets it be in the race of the fastest WordPress hosting.

9. Site5 Hosting


Matt Lightner is the founder of Site5 and he began the journey in 1999. Over the years, Matt and after he sold Site5 to EIG keep on promising that, Site5 is the best and fastest WordPress hosting if you have a genuine desire to be a web designer. On a test period of a full year, Site5 consists of an aggregate load time of 704ms. You have some doubts about using it since the uptime does not look very promising. Their uptime, being 99.98% is on the sixth place when it comes to uptime. However, they make up for an average uptime by providing spectacular customer support. You can find them on a 24/7 basis on live chats, emails and even on the phone for whatever problem you may need to solve. One of the noticeable factors about Site5 is that, they will provide you a 90-day money back guarantee if you do not like their services. When it comes to pricing, they are quite flexible. Site5 is going to provide you with three pricing plans. Initially, you will see the “hostBasic” plan that charges you $6.95 each month. In addition with this pricing plan, you can have a website as well as free migration. If you do not like this plan, they have a second one known as “hostPro+Turbo” which will cost you $11.95 on a monthly basis. Not only that but, you are going to be getting 24/7 live chat system, costless migration with a costless dedicated IP. Finally, you will come across “hostPro” for which you need to pay $8.95 per month. This pricing plan comes with the benefit of having a restriction-free number of websites as well as a costless migration system. Surely the user can start to consider it as one of the fastest WordPress hosting when you consider such features.

10. Dreamhost


If you have a WordPress hosting that starts out in 1996, it is only customary that this host will have a large network. In fact, Dreamhost boasts of a very strong network worth 1.5 million sites. In a testing period of 12 months, their loading time has been 724ms on aggregate. One other worrying factor is that their uptime is not very impressive with 99.90%. However, Dreamhost always tries to satisfy the customer. As such, they give away a number of good add-ons. One of these add-ons include a limitless bandwidth. Dreamshot is going to credit the user’s account for each hour in which the user faces an issue alongside uptime. If you, as a user ask for customer assistance, you are going to receive a very quick response. The price is relatively affordable as you have to pay $7.95 on a monthly basis. One of the biggest advantages of using Dreamhost is that, you can buy it, use it as much as you want for a three-month period. If you are not pleased with the service, you can get your money back within 97 days. No other host allows such a large period of time on a test drive. The loading time is certainly not the fastest but, is good enough for you to consider it as one of the fastest WordPress hosting there is.

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What to Expect When Selecting a provider:

It’s not always wise for customers to select a hosting supplier on the basis of price only. When it comes to hosting, you are exactly going to get your money’s worth. As such, it’s quite natural for you to think about the costing. And it is given, when you try to get the fastest WordPress hosting provider at a reasonable price. However, the cost is one of the many components you have to consider before you buy the service.

Quickness, Reliability & Uptime:

Of course, if you come to this page, you are looking for the fastest WordPress hosting provider. However, as they look for the fastest WordPress hosting providers, people often forget that uptime and being reliable is just as important, if not more. If you look at it from a broader perspective, you will notice that uptime and reliability are even more valuable since, if the site crashes, it will have zero speed altogether.

Each and every one of them on this list will provide you with great uptime, very quick loading time and outstanding customer assistance. It is up to the buyer to decide which one of these fastest WordPress hosting provider suits his/her needs.

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