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Fashion Blogs

This industry has a strong influence over different classes of people in the society starting from celebrity and VIPs to the very ordinary people. Even the whole designing and selling process in the market is run by the continuous change of trends. There is this random survey that says, in every 0.25 seconds a fashion blog is launched somewhere in the world.

Though it can’t be entirely considered as a correct one, it carries an example of such blogs being rapidly increased over the world each day. These are providing diverse ideas about beauty tips, make-up items, clothing, and other such accessories. Now the list of such sites is a bit long to go through and each one doesn’t carry the same quality. So, here we go with some of the best fashion blogs that might instantly enlighten fashion tips seeker!

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1. The Fashion Guitar

The Fashion Guitar

First up on our list of fashion blogs is The Fashion Guitar by Charlotte Groeneveld Van Haren. She has a lot of prior experience of working in this field and finally she made one as her own. Charlotte did collaborate with some other renowned designers and brands. Posts here vary from each other like Beauty, Fashion Week, Brand Collaborations, Editorial Shoots, Mamma Fashion, Inspiration, Outfit, Travel, 5 Days 5 Ways, etc. This magazine should be able to bring out your inner fashionista or embrace him/her better than before.

2. Hello Fashion

Hello Fashion

Hello Fashion by Christine Andrew, covers beauty, life, family, travel along with fashion itself. Her long blogging experience helped her selling own clothing line named ILY COUTURE since 2011. Her dressing sense even made her appearance on the Vanity Fair Best-Dressed List, which came as no surprise to her big group of followers. Some of the posts from her site are provided here:

  • 2 Ways to Wear Your Summer Stripes
  • The Blazers You’ll Wear Now and Keep Forever
  • The Pieces I’m Wearing All Summer Long

3. Atlantic-Pacific


Blair Eadie who is considered as a fashion influencer is the creator of another good fashion blog named Atlantic-Pacific. She has got some 1.1 million Instagram followers along with followers in other social media because of her outstanding performance in this field. She has worked with brands like Gucci, CoverGirl, Sephora, Nordstrom, Target, Tory Burch and many more, growing with each passing day. Also, she has the reputation of collaborating with world-famous brands such as Elle, Vogue, Who What Wear, Harper’s Bazaar, Style Watch, Refinery 29 and more.

4. Chronicles of Her

Chronicles of Her

Carmen Hamilton, an Australian style expert introduced another blog named CHRONICLES OF HER in 2011 which features a bunch of stylish women showcasing their outfits on a regular basis. But another special feature of this particular site is to educate and teach style and beauty hacks to its followers. This is one fashion blog that should be a good place to start if you do want to get into the world of fashion.

5. Egg Canvas

Egg Canvas - Fashion Blogs

Egg Canvas is a NYC based journal with related designs by director and photographer, Erica Choi. It incorporates fashion, beauty, travel, and lifestyle all in one place. Posts here are basically visual along with the key text being a photo heading or caption. Besides, New York Fashion Week occupies a special section in here.

6. Harper & Harley

Harper & Harley - Fashion Blogs

Harper& Harley by Sara Crampton is a fashion blog for the people with cravings for white, black and gray. Since 2008, Harper & Harley is rocking in the field of such sites following the ‘less is more’ philosophy. Moreover, Sara even appeared on reality shows like Fashion Blogger and has worked with diverse global brands like Nike, Loreal, and Gucci. Some of the relevant Harper & Harley’s posts are as below:

  • A Summer Staple
  • That Blazer Life
  • White Shirts and Blue Jeans Never Go Out of Fashion

7. The Daileigh

The Daileigh

The Daileigh offers perfect teaching to organize own flawless closet. It even has eBooks and posts with beautiful photography. Posts in here are most often seen to get started with How-Tos’. For example, ‘How To Wear Shorts In Your 40’s’, ‘How To Wear Shorts In Your 50’s’ and there are other sorts of posts like,

  • Wardrobe Essentials
  • How to Build a Classic Wardrobe
  • How to Wear Your Clothes in Different Seasons

8. Kyrzayda


Kyrzayda Rodriguez has made a fashion blog naming the same as hers portraying her zeal for such works. Here she shares her own pictures that illustrate diverse sides of her fashion sense. Furthermore, Kyrzayda even provides different links to buy related stuff. Even a shop is being operated from her very own site named Kyrz’s Closet. Posts here incorporates topics like fitness, beauty, lifestyle, and travel.

9. My Fash Diary

My Fash Diary

My Fash Diary illustrates itself as a style diary that considers style as one’s sole belief about it. It has earned international identity and has been nominated for Ahlan! Magazine’s Best at the Dubai awards, Marie Claire, UK Blog as well as Twitter awards. The editor of this site is Tala Samman who has appeared in popular publications like Grazia UK, The Guardian, Grazia Middle East, Marie Claire Middle East, and Harper’s Bazaar Arabia. Articles and posts here cover topics like beauty, food, style, and travel.

10. Sincerely Jules

Sincerely Jules

Sincerely Jules is a fashion blog that was founded by Julie Sariñana in February 2009. Here she presented her daily thoughts, motivations, and pictures depicting her own style. Gradually this site has developed an upper ranked position for its activities marking Julie as a lifestyle influencer internationally. Moreover, she is the owner and Creative Director of the clothing line store of her blog too. She follows the motto ‘Dream, Believes, Achieve’. This site was nominated for shorty award for Best in Fashion.

Apart from all these, one can also take a look at few more fashion blogs like The Sartorialist, Girl With Curves, Style Me Grasie, Lust for Life and such others to bring on perfection in everyday looks.

Enjoy being a fashion icon all by yourself with help from fashion blogs above!

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