Fantasy Wireless Charger for iPhone and Android Devices

Say goodbye to Lightning cables and USB-C port cables. Fantasy Wireless Charger are the innovation of the 21st century. There are more smartphones in the market that support these over any standard charger. As more brands have come out with wireless charging systems, they have become cheaper, and more accessible with multiple advantages over your regular charger.

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Fantasy Wireless Charger for iPhone and Android Devices

The problem…

More often than not, we are hooked to our phones when it’s connected to the charger. We all do it, more than anyone would ever admit it. While it might be something important you’re attending, this is dangerous and hazardous.

The solution…

If we have a wireless charging pad or mat, we can easily avoid this. It proves advantageous to the overall interaction with the way you use your phone. Whenever you want to use it, just pick it up from the pad without any wire plugged in every interaction of your phone. It makes the process hassle free and a lot easier.

A fun fact is this type of charger is called the Qi, pronounced as “chee”. Smartphones are built with the Qi adaptation because it’s all about convenience. Juice up your device just by placing it on the top of the pad without wearing any charging port.

Qi Charger Compatibility

The other big advantage of using wireless chargers is that it is a universal standard for inductive charging for cellular devices or mobile devices.

The current mobile devices that are built to be Qi-enabled range from the past few iOS generations, a few smartphones from Samsung, and most other androids these days.

What is Qi enabled?

Qi enabled devices are phones that have a built-in Qi receiver coil to transfer inductive energy. Your phone has to be Qi standard. Although most mobile devices these days have built-in Qi, some regular ones have settings so you can upgrade. Qi standard chargers are called inductive chargers.

Things we considered while picking Fantasy Wireless Charger:

Charging Speed – Different Qi chargers charge at different rates. It’s also not the same way on an iOS and on an Android.

Design – Since you’re about to place your phone on it, the surface should be non-slip. Your device shouldn’t slide around.

Price – No matter how expensive you choose, none of the wireless chargers offer the fastest charging and they don’t have extra amazing features either. So why not go for an affordable one?

We will be covering in detail why we picked the Fantasy Qi Wireless Charger and why people rave about it so much!

The Most Affordable Wireless Charger

While there are quite many wireless chargers available in the market, we are going to talk about Fantasy Qi wireless charge. You can get your Fantasy wireless charger on Amazon. It is one of the latest tech sensations, so we encourage you to check it out!

Fantasy Qi Mini Wireless Charger

Fantasy Wireless Charger for iPhone and Android Devices

Product Description: While the world was in a constant feud about which phone is better – the iPhone or an Android, Fantasy brings out a wireless charger pad that charges both.

Its unique universal compatibility makes it to be one of the most popular chargers out there. Whether you have the latest versions of iPhone or any of the standard Qi enabled Samsung Galaxy series devices, Fantasy wireless charger takes care of it all.

Functionality: Now the term “wireless” plays out here only because you don’t have to plug in your phone. All you have to make sure is your Qi charging device is wired to a well located region. Then you can place your phone on the charging pad. As soon as you place it, the Fantasy charger pad lights up. Its LED indicates for you when it’s charging so you can tell easily.

Using a Fantasy mini wireless charger has its perks. It is more efficient and convenient if you’re leaving your phone overnight for charging. Its LED light is not overpowering so it won’t disrupt your sleep at night.

Just make sure where you’ve decided to set up a charging station for your phone isn’t accessible to your cat. Make sure your phone doesn’t get knocked over by your feline friend.

Product Design and Quality: The Fantasy wireless charger is a small device, making it handy to carry on your daily commute or on a trip. Its shape makes it great for slipping into a small pocket.

Fantasy Wireless Charger for iPhone and Android Devices

You know what’s better? When you hold the Fantasy charging device, not only will you find the size cute, it has a great feel to it. It has a smoother outer surface while still having a grip towards the center. This assures that it’s non-slip and your cellular device will be stable when placed for charging.

It is also a smart looking wireless charging device. Built with good quality materials, it fashions a red and black color and its LED light indicator is a pleasant blue.

Fantasy Wireless Charger for iPhone and Android Devices

With all the pros, you need to keep in mind that wireless chargers carry a lesser ampere as it’s not directly connected to the battery of your phone. Therefore, you can expect the charging to be slow.

That being said, with all the features covered, what’s remarkable is the pricing on this product. This Qi wireless charger costs around $5 and is the most affordable option out there with such universal compatibility. We couldn’t rave more about a product! Just give this a try and match up with our words if it does what it promises.

What’s clear is wireless chargers have a catch – it’s the slower rate of charging compared to direct plug-in. But with all the other pros, it is a great thing to have in your backpack for emergency situations.

After knowing the benefits of using wireless chargers and getting our top recommendation, what do you think? Are you ready to ditch the cables and make a Fantasy wireless charger purchase? Do you think Fantasy did a great job with its Qi wireless charger’s specifications? Let us know because we can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

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