Whether you are a professional or an architect in the making, there is no doubt that you will be making use of drawing boards a lot no matter where you are. From being a student of architecture to being a professional, this is the one tool you will always need, we have listed down the top 10 must-have drawing boards for architects like you!

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Top 10 Must-Have Drawing Boards for Architects

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1. Alvin DPX Series Deluxe Drafting Board

Alvin DPX Series Deluxe Drafting Board

This drawing board from Alvin comes with a parallel straight edge plus a protective cover tool for your board, so you can use it for numerous applications of drafting and drawing. This board comes with a very durable phenolic blade that is equipped with a clear acrylic inking plus nylon bearings for even support and smooth motions over the whole surface.


  • Easy to move blades
  • Bump free space for easy drawing
  • Surface is covered in a layer of VYCO cover
  • No assembly needed


  • Flimsy legs

2. US Art Supply Drawing & Sketching Board

 US Art Supply Drawing & Sketching Board

This drawing board is beautifully crafted by hand using seasoned Beachwood with the finished off with natural oil. It comes with 5 settings that bring it from a completely flat to an 80-degree angle to allow you to find the right angle for your work.


  • Large working area, great for large projects
  • Turns a regular table into a drafting one
  • This comes completely assembled and can be folded for easy transportation


  • Product differs slightly from picture

3. Martin Parallel Drafting Board

Martin Parallel Drafting Board

This drawing board makes use of an aluminum straightedge that makes it one of the strongest and sturdiest and most stable. It comes with a six-position stand that is adjustable. There are knobs that can be used to align the straightedge to create a parallel line.


  • The board is made of resin which prevents breakage
  • Right size for most professionals


  • Heavy

4. Martin Portable Drawing Sketch Board

Martin Portable Drawing Sketch | 10 Must Have Drawing Board for Architects

This drawing board from Martin is portable, making it perfect for those who like to move from destinations to destination to get their work done. The handle is comfortable, and the clips make it easy for the papers to stay in place. There is a six-position stand which is adjustable and is very easy to do so.


  • The board is made of resin which protects it from breakage
  • Smooth surface


  • The stand is a little wobbly sometimes when set flat

5. Alvin Drafting Board

Alvin Drafting Board | 10 Must Have Drawing Board for Architects

This drawing board from Alvin is a tabletop board and is very lightweight. Perfect choice for beginners or students, this drawing board has side edges made of aluminum which go on all four sides making it sturdier. With a hollow honeycomb interior. Surfaces are made of unfinished wood veneer.


  • Lightweight
  • Great quality and craftsmanship
  • Reasonable price


  • A T-square is required for drafting

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6. Martin Universal Drawing Board

Martin Universal Drawing Board | 10 Must Have Drawing Board for Architects

This drawing board by Martin is called universal as it can be used for drawing and drafting by anyone, whether professional or not. With anti-wrap aluminum bodies, these come with parallel straight edges. They also have knobs on the sides to adjust the alignment when drafting. Under the board, there are two strips that allow it to sit tight over desks.


  • It comes with folding feet of rubber which adds to its stability
  • The surface is of melamine making it smooth


  • There is an instruction manual

7. Blick Sketch Boards

Blick Sketch Boards | 10 Must Have Drawing Board for Architects

This is a drawing board by Blick especially designed for artists and architecture students who require a firm and sturdy surface for their work. Students also have to carry their work a lot, and that is where the clips on come in. The smaller  one is used to hold sketch pads in place firmly, while the other is oversized and made of rubber located at the bottom to keep things in place during transportation.


  • Made of Masonite , which is very lightweight
  • Easy to move around


  • Masonite can delaminate without proper care

8. Alvin Portable Parallel Straightedge Board

Alvin Portable Parallel Straightedge Board | 10 Must Have Drawing Board for Architects

This parallel drawing board from Alvin is one of the main choices of professionals and is a staple drafting tool for them. There is an aluminum straightedge which makes it sturdy, an acrylic blade and a melamine top giving it a smooth surface. The rubber grips and brake mechanism help keep it in one place without moving. It also comes with metals legs which can be folded and put up to prevent collapsing.


  • Reasonable price
  • Comes fully assembled


  • The ruler is hard to adjust

9. SoHo Urban Artist

 SoHo Urban Artist | 10 Must Have Drawing Board for Architects

This extra-large drawing board by SoHo is great for those who love doing large pieces. With a natural finish, this drawing board is very sturdy and comes with a solid top. In terms of the angle, there are a handful of options to play around with.


  • Reasonable price
  • Lightweight


  • It has an odor

10. Helix Ultra-Lite Board

Helix Ultra-Lite Board | 10 Must Have Drawing Board for Architects

This lightweight drawing board by Helix is 80% lighter than your average drawing board. With a smooth and natural basswood surface on all sides with a resin-filled pulp fiber honeycomb core which fix to the surfaces for strength and rigidity.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable


  • Needs to use with care

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From different materials to styles and even portability, this list makes sure to cover all bases for you. If you seek on the market for drawing boards for architects, skim through to take your best pick, and just remember that for an architect, this is an investment.

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