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Drafting Boards

It takes a professional architect to comprehend the significance of standard drafting boards. You will find that there is no shortage of brands or variety. There are so many available in the market that it can be difficult to find a good board. So, here is a list of the best.

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Top 10 Best Drafting Boards

Best Drafting Boards Reviews | Get Comfy While Working

10. Martin Universal Design U-PEB2436K

Martin Universal Design U-PEB2436K

It is a straightedge board which may be set in an equidistant manner. The drafting board consists of an anti-warp aluminum body which provides the sturdiness. Other than that, it will feel more stable compared to other products. You may adjust the board in multiple settings, going as far as six different ways that are flexible.


  • Flexible settings
  • Straightedge eliminates divergent lines
  • Includes a high-resin set-up resulting in sturdiness


  • Heavier than other tables and hardly portable

9. U.S. Art Supply Tall Artist Adjustable Wood Drawing Boards

U.S. Art Supply Tall Artist Adjustable Wood Drawing Boards

The construction for this board includes beechwood. For the finishing touch, natural oil is applied and makes it more desirable. It comes with a very flexible setting which allows users to work with ease on their architectural plan. There is enough versatility on display to convert any usual table-top into a workplace.


  • Allows adjustments while providing comfort
  • Effective conversion of table-top into a workplace
  • Contains pencil holding sill, work becomes simpler


  • Set-up for the drafting board remains mediocre

8. Studio Design Vintage Oak Drafting Tables

Studio Design Vintage Oak Drafting Tables

You can tell from the name that it offers a vintage design. As a result, each room you place it in will get elevated. On the other hand, the frame’s construction involves firm hardwood. It comes with flexible angles making it very desirable as a drafting board at the end of the day.


  • Flexible angles
  • Firm hardwood provides stability
  • Already built groove for placing equipment


  • The assemblage part is a bit difficult

7. SoHo Urban Artist Board

SoHo Urban Artist Board

No matter what size of the project you may have, this drafting board can handle it all. In addition, you will be able to find a suitable bottom lip, allowing every drawing tool to be kept close by. It consists of five settings to adjust from flat to 80-degree angles. There are other features making it more interesting.


  • Easily foldable and portable product
  • Flexible settings from with flat to 80-degree angles
  • Conversion as table-top into your workplace possible


  • Many customers feel it’s not as sturdy

6. ZENY Glass Top Adjustable Drawing Table

ZENY Glass Top Adjustable Drawing Table

It is one fine board that you adjust at any given time. This drafting board is very versatile too. You may use it for more than one purpose. In addition, the stand proves to be very flexible. You will have no problem with its storing capacity which includes a solitary shelf beneath the desktop. In fact, this feature makes it appear more complete.


  • Allows completion of work based in comfort
  • Construction involves tempered glass
  • Huge storing capacity including a solitary shelf


  • Assembly part seems tricky for some

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5. Frylr Metric A3 Drafting Board

Frylr Metric A3 Drafting Board

Very few top-quality boards offer as much durability as this board. It comes with a drafting head-lock system as well as straightedge settings. You will find its fast release paper clamping feature quite useful. There are so many features included which should suffice as per the usual requirements.


  • Very lightweight in comparison
  • Simultaneously move and lock rulers
  • Spacious enough to handle any project


  • Shipping and packaging remain unsatisfactory thus far

4. Alvin White Base

Alvin White Base

The main intention of using this drafting board is to improve performances at the home office. It comprises of compact legs to adjust the height. Of course, that comes in handy wherever you work. This adjusting of height ranges from thirty to forty inches. In addition, you will get the chance of using a pencil ledge worth twenty-three inches as per your comfort levels.


  • Collapsible and portable to multiple places
  • Simple assemblage part wasting little time
  • Adjustable height


  • Teeters slightly when working

3. Dorel Living WM3514 Espresso

Dorel Living WM3514 Espresso

Never before has a drafting board looked as impressive as this product. Usually, it is great for individuals who work from home because of multiple factors weighing in. In addition, there is a classic wooden set-up and includes a glossy finish. So, there is no shortage of advantages when it comes to this very fine product. As such, it offers something unique to customers.


  • Suitable for use as study desks
  • Suitable split-surface designing
  • Proper storage facilities increase durability


  • Some units get hampered on their way

2. Offex Glass Crafting Station

Offex Glass Crafting Station

This is a drafting board with a unique design. It consists of areas to paint and pencil with multiple angles. There will be no problem even if you have other things at hand. Furthermore, there is a tempered glassed top which you may use as a light table. So, it offers variety in terms of the use of this product in general.


  • Contains three sliding drawers
  • Floor levelers make it stable
  • Easy to review photographic films on it


  • Tilting the drafting board results in dissatisfaction

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1. Tangkula Hobby Desks

Tangkula Hobby Desks

One of the best features of this board is that anyone may sit at it with sufficient storing capacity. It will face zero problems no matter what you store starting from pens all the way to a huge protractor. There is powder coating as part of the construction. As a result, it maintains durability for years which is a hallmark of a great product.


  • Metal shelving helps its cause
  • Contains three tensile drawers
  • Comprises of a comfortable stool


  • Assembling takes time which is unexpected

Architects need to spend a significant amount of time in front of the drafting boards. If the product is not good then work will be tremendously hampered. So, make sure that you pick the best drafting boards from our list.

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