Best Dog Training Books to Buy in 2021 | For Tips and Trick

The day a cute little pup comes to your home is a special day for the entire family. However, it takes a lot of preparation before you bring someone home. You need to be aware of the supplies, place to sleep, and of course, the behavioral changes it may show you. Nowadays, for every problem, there are many trips and tricks that are readily available so that we can have the best out of life with our pups. Moreover, what will be the better way to learn things through a book written by an expert? To help you choose the best book according to your needs, we have enlisted the top 10 dog training books. Continue reading to learn more! 

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To 10 Dog Training Books to Buy in 2021            

1. Decoding Your Dog: Explaining Common Dog Behaviours and How to Prevent or Change Unwanted Ones

Best Dog Training Books to Buy in 2021

Here is an amazing book for the new dog owners with such impressive training methods. It comes filled with expert advice and covers different subjects like training treats, dog supplies, dog toys, etc. This book has pretty much everything that dog training should offer, and most of the people will love it because of its entertaining writing style.

  • Tips and tricks from many dog trainers.
  • Veterinary approved training methods. 
  • Positive approach.

2. How To Raise A Puppy You Can Live With- 4th Edition

Best Dog Training Books to Buy in 2021

This dog training book offers useful information and the newest methodology for training your puppy. The book includes all the practical and up-to-date methods so that you can easily educate your little pups and make them good canine citizens. It also covers the planning of a new puppy, selection of breeder, house-training, discipline, socialization, and many more.  


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3. How to Behave So Your Dog Behaves

Best Dog Training Books to Buy in 2021

This is one of the finest books written by the leading veterinary behaviorists. It provides you with the up-to-date science of dogs’ behavior and elaborates on the key concepts in straightforward language. The practical approach of these methods helps you apply those concepts to your puppies to be well behaved.                                      

  • Revised version with brand-new chapters.  
  • Concise language
  • Science-based approach.

4. Training Your Own Full Potential Service Dog

Best Dog Training Books to Buy in 2021

If you are willing to have a service dog and do not have the extra funds, you may go for this dog training book. Written by Lelah Sullivan, this book covers all the fundamental areas to train a dog. This guide will help you to train your canine friend yourself, and make them behave well and follow different commands.

  • Written by a retired service dog trainer.     
  • Suitable for dogs with disabilities.   
  • Professionals result in low-cost.

5. How to Housebreak Your Dog in 7 Days

Best Dog Training Books to Buy in 2021

Struggling with housebreaking? Then this fantastic book may be a perfect option for you. The book can help you train the most ‘untrainable’ puppies. From all types of housebreaking to paper training or litter training, it will provide you with different tactics and suggestions. Regardless of the age of your pup, you will be able to train this cute creature. 

  • Suggestions for potty training schedules. 
  • Advice for handling any accident. 
  • Ideal for all-aged puppies.

6. Puppy Training for Kids

Best Dog Training Books to Buy in 2021

If your kids continuously ask for puppies, good news! Here comes an intelligently conceived book, which will help your child take the responsibility of their new friend. Young readers can easily get to know about clicker training, healthy exercise, and how to nurture their puppies. This 96-page book is photo-heavy allows kids to visualize and to have the joys of puppy companionship.        

  • Specially written for children.    
  • Chapters on fun time with puppy.
  • Insightful information on canine behavior.

7. The Art of Raising a Puppy- Revised Edition

Best Dog Training Books to Buy in 2021

This book is a classic bestseller, which is written by the Monks of New Skete. The book features new photos with updated chapters on adopting, play, caring, raising, developments in canine, and of course, canine behavioral theory. It is overwhelmingly useful for both you and the puppy to adjust, as it offers valuable tips for every stage of a puppy’s life.

  • A must-have for new pup owners.
  • Written with 30-plus years of experience. 
  • 352-pages book.

8. Lucky Dog Lessons: Train Your Dogs in 7 Days

If you have just rescued an untrained dog and want to own it as your pet, then the Lucky Dog Lessons will help you out to miraculously transform your furry friend into an obedient one. Written by Brandon McMillan, this book is a reflection of his show named “Lucky Start.” Here, he shares all the experience, such as showing love, building trust, and teaching the troubled-shelter dogs proper behaviour.   

  • Positive and fun training methods.
  • Inspirational rescue-stories. 
  • Helps to learn the way of connectivity.

9. Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution

Being a YouTuber and Animal Planet personality, Zak George helps you to train your dog uniquely. This 240-page dog training book provides you with the owner’s must-know tips, and at the same time, includes almost all the essential criteria from potty training to leash pulling to aggression. The book focuses mostly on the ‘how-tos’ rather than the technical training material, and this makes it one of the best among others.


  • Provides cool tricks and tips.
  • Ideal for both beginners and veterans.
  • Related videos on YouTube channel.

10. Training the Best Dog Ever: A 5-Week Program

With plenty of dog training tips, this book is available as paperback and ebook. Even if you are the busiest dog owner, you will be able to manage time as this book features 10-20minutes training sessions for each day. The book uses the power of affirmative reinforcement programs applied to former President Obama’s dog Bo and many others.


  • Written by the White House dog trainer.
  • Ideal for short training sessions. 
  • Step-by-step illustrations.

Whether you are a young pup owner or just randomly rescued a dog from somewhere, you always need to take care of your little four-legged friend with updated methods. For this, there is a wide range of dog training books available in the market. They are written by many renowned dog trainers and come with different specialties as per dog owners’ needs. The ten books mentioned above are our topmost selections according to their contents and overall customers’ reviews. You can now choose dog training books that can best help you out raising your puppy to be healthy, social, and well behaved.

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