Top 10 Best Dog Magazines for Dog Lovers

Dog Magazines for all Dog Lovers

Are you a dog lover? Then you need to keep up to date with what is going on in the pet industry. The best way to do this is with a dog magazine. With a pet publication, you can learn to understand your dog’s behavior.

Furthermore, you can see the breakthroughs taking place in the veterinary field from new pet products to medicines to take care of your canine friend. Therefore if you want to learn how to train your pet or want to read exciting dog news, make sure to subscribe to one of the dog magazines here.

Interesting Dog Magazines for Pet Lovers

1. Family Dog Magazine

Family Dog Magazine

  • Subscription: $9.95
  • Where to Subscribe:

The dog magazine from American Kennel Club you can get up to six times a year. If you see your pooch as part of your family, this is the publication to have. You get interesting how-to tips and training techniques all available in a fun format.

You also get feature stories with regular AKC expert columns on natural therapies, alternative therapies, and dog nutrition. With the publication, you can stay up to date on your canine’s healthcare. If you are interested, you can subscribe to six issues for $9.95.

2. Best Friends Magazine

Best Friends Magazine

  • Donation: $25
  • Where to Subscribe: Best Friend Animal Society

The Best Friends Animal Society publishes the dog magazine. It is one of the largest animal shelters in the United States. In the book is inspirational information on pets. You get tips, tricks, news about the organization and perspective articles. The books filled with amazing photos of the animals living at the shelter.

Furthermore, the images portray how their lives improved with the help of member donations. You can pick up great advice in the “Ask the Vet” column to keep your canine healthy. The fantastic thing is you receive the magazine in the form of the donation to share with other pet lovers.

Once you donate $25, you receive the publication delivered to the home every two months.

3. Modern Dog Magazine

Modern Dog Magazine

  • Subscription: $16/year
  • Where to Subscribe: Amazon or Modern Dog Magazine

The dog magazine is more of a lifestyle publication for canine owners. You get fabulous, informative articles on your dog’s behavior on how they think. Furthermore, you get top-notch training advice with wellness tips to keep your pet healthy. Another highlight you get is DIY projects, recipes for homemade treats and tutorials. You can take part in competitions, giveaways, and contests. For subscribing, you can join the Modern Dog book club for $16 for a year at Modern Dog Magazine or subscribe on Amazon.

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4. Dog Watch Magazine

Dog Watch Magazine

  • Subscription: $20/year
  • Where to Subscribe: Amazon

The dog magazines released every month and provided by Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. The book compiles health aspects, diseases, the best canine food, immunizations, common dog problems and more. The puppy publication is not that popular but is one of the best dog magazines when it comes to canine health. You get expert advice from the University. The subscriptions available from Amazon and will cost you $20 for twelve issues.

5. The Bark Magazine

The Bark Magazine

  • Subscription: $16/year
  • Where to Subscribe: Amazon or The Bark

While the modern dog culture magazine has a strong online presence, you can get a printed edition delivered to your door. In the publication, you get fun and informative articles related to research and science in the canine world. You can read about dog studies and get an insight into how people and dogs interact with each other. You also get wellness, recipes, art, and review columns. A year subscription will cost you $16, and you will get a discount when joining for two years and more. You can participate through The Bark or Amazon.

6. Dogster Magazine

 Dogster Magazine

  • Subscription: $19/year
  • Where to Subscribe: Amazon or Dogster

The magazine previously known as Dog Fancy has undergone a name change to Dogster. You get a fresh and modern design with the bimonthly publication. In the book are tips, gorgeous photographs, and advice to keep your pooch healthy and happy. The publication concentrates more on your interactions with your dog. You get ideas and activities with travel and uplifting stories. There is a special section available, the “Body and Mind” on how to care for your canine’s physical and mental health. You can subscribe directly at Dogster or Amazon. For the printed edition, it costs $19.99, and the digital edition costs $14.99.

7. Today’s Breeder Magazine

Today's Breeder Magazine

  • Subscription: $$$
  • Where to Subscribe: Purina Pro Club

Are you a breeder of dogs then the Purina Pro Club publications made for you? Today’s Breeder Publications delivered to your home. You will learn about your dog’s health, get training tips, and improve on your canine’s welfare. You get loads of helpful advice on purebred dogs. To receive the dog magazine, you will have to become a member on the website.

8. Dogs Today Magazine

Dogs Today Magazine

  • Subscription: $42.99/Annual
  • Where to Subscribe: Amazon or Dogs Today

The monthly publication provides you with the ethical care of canines. With the publication, you learn how to make your dog’s life better. The books filled with training methods to provide you with friendly interactive activities. You can send questions to other readers or offer your advice as well. The articles are fascinating with fabulous illustrations and more. You have the choice of subscribing to the printed or digital edition. Alternatively, you can also subscribe to the Kindle edition at Amazon.

9. Whole Dog Journal Magazine

Whole Dog Journal Magazine

  • Subscription: $20/Annual
  • Where to Subscribe: Amazon or Whole Dog Journal

For a more holistic approach in taking care of your canine, you will love the Whole Dog Journal Magazine. The publication focuses on natural remedies with dog training tips. You get articles to help you understand your pet’s behavior and guides to herbs and supplements to help solve healthcare problems. The doggy magazine is popular as it provides dog owners with accurate advice on taking care of your canine. Furthermore, the dog experts available to provide you with help on their active website. To subscribe, you can join on the original site for $20 or get the magazine through Amazon.

10. Dog News Magazine

Dog News Magazine

  • Subscription: $150/Annual
  • Where to Subscribe: Harris Lifestyle Store

Dog News Magazine is a weekly publication that focuses on purebreds and show dogs. The books packed with colorful photos with a “Best of the Week” section and “Question of the Week” section. The publications made for dog breeders and show dog owners to provide loads of information needed to be the best. A year subscription costs $150, and you get 52 weekly issues. When applying at Harris Lifestyle Store, you can also look at the older issues online, free.

There are loads of dog magazines available online for you to read. These are only some of the best pooch publications to help you learn about your dog’s behavior in taking care of them the best you can. Maybe you know some other good dog magazines we might have missed. If you do let us know about your favorites, especially those that are under-the-radar.


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