Top 10 B Digital Micrometers to Buy in 2020

Digital Micrometers

Along with calipers, micrometers are essential tools, especially for engineers, technicians, construction workers, etc. This is mostly because these professions often require measuring tiny objects for the most accurate constructions. For such small, detailed and intricate objects, it is almost impossible to take measurements with a regular scale or measuring tape. This is why there are numerous digital micrometers in the market that can measure the tiniest object to maximum precision. moreover, these highly advanced micrometers come with LCD screen, USB port, automatic on/off setting and many other amazing features.

If you are thinking of getting a digital micrometer, check out this article. We have included both high-end and budget-friendly micrometers for your convenience.

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Best 10 Digital Micrometers to Buy in 2020

1. Mahr Federal 40EWR Digital Micrometer 

Mahr Federal 40EWR Digital Micrometer - Digital Micrometers

Presenting a spindle-and-anvil design, this micrometer can measure the slightest differences in length. It has a 25mm or 1-inch measuring range, which means that you will be looking at a super-precise measurement. The device also features an incredible resolution of 0.001mm and has a 2-7 error limit. As it comes with a USB port, you can transfer the data to your computer in an instant.

  • Software transfer setup.
  • Coated with waterproof IP65 material.
  • Automatic on/offsetting.
  • Large digital LCD screen.

2. Mitutoyo 293-340-30 Standard Style Digital Micrometer

Mitutoyo 293-340-30 Standard Style - Digital Micrometers

This is a high-standard quality digital micrometer that provides extra precise measurements accurate to 3 tiny micrometers. It features a 200mm measuring range, 0.00005 resolution and an accuracy level of +/- 0.00005. This tool is one of the best micrometers for taking outside diameter measurements. Its water, oil, dust resistance build makes it suitable for harsh work conditions.

  • Dust and water-resistant.
  • Carbide-tipped measuring faces.
  • Meets IP65 Specifications.

3. Mitutoyo0-1” OD Digimatic Micrometer Ratchet Stop with Case

Mitutoyo0-1” OD Digimatic Micrometer Ratchet Stop with Case  - Digital Micrometers

This is another great micrometer from the Japanese manufacturer Mitutoyo. It comes with a large LCD screen for clear, visible display. You can turn the tool on by rotating its spindle. It has a measuring range of 0.001mm and a resolution of 0.00005”. For the most accurate measurement, the product features a fork grip handle with anti-slip finishing.

  • Top-notch quality measuring tool.
  • Anti-slip finishing.
  • Suitable for rugged work areas.

4. Rexbeti Digital Micrometer

Rexbeti Digital Micrometer  - Digital Micrometers

The Rexbeti digital micrometer is a measuring tool designed for professional uses. In this product, you get a measuring range of 0-1″ or 0-25mm, an accuracy level of +/- 0.0001” and a resolution of 0.001mm. It also has a large LCD screen for displaying the most accurate readings.

  • Metric/Inch conversion available.
  • Extra battery in the package.
  • Protective case included.

5. Holite Outside Digital Micrometer 

Holite Outside Digital Micrometer  - Digital Micrometers

If you are looking for a digital micrometer that is as efficient for DIY uses as well as professional purposes, you can give this item a try. With an accuracy of 0.00005”, this device can measure some of the most intricate objects. It also has a measuring mode for both inches and mm. The best aspect of this package is that you get an extra battery for later use.

  • One wrench included.
  • Available in two measuring modes.
  • Hard carbide tips in measuring faces.
  • It comes in a storage case.

6. Anytime Tools1” Outside Digital Micrometer 

Anytime Tools1” Outside Digital Micrometer  - Digital Micrometers

This is another highly recommended product that is great for measuring the smallest items. It comes with a 1″ measuring range and a carbide tip measuring face. Instead of an LCD screen, here you will get a small digit counter. The product also features an accuracy of 0.0001” and a digital counter of 0.001” each.

  • Carbide anvils.
  • Locking nut.
  • Meets federal specs.
  • Adjusting wrench and storage case included.

7. VINCA DMCa-0105 Digital Outside Micrometer

VINCA DMCa-0105 Digital Outside Micrometer - Digital Micrometers

Easy to operate and maintain, the VINCA digital micrometer is a great tool for amateur and professional use. The product features a 0.001 mm resolution and +/- 0.002mm accuracy. You can turn the device on by twisting the micro drum. After use, keep it in the storage box. It will shut off automatically after 5-7 minutes.

  • Satin chrome finish.
  • Zero adjusting wrenches included.
  • One battery pre-installed, and one in the package.

8. Proster Digital Outside Electronic Micrometer

Proster Digital Outside Electronic Micrometer - Digital Micrometers

For super-precise measurements, you may consider getting your hand on this user-friendly micrometer. In this device, you can get measurement readings in a large LCD screen, both in mm and inches. It offers a measuring range of 0-25mm and a resolution of 0.001mm. Overall, you can achieve an accuracy of 0.0001”.

  • Sleek and modern design.
  • Sturdy and durable.
  • It comes with a mini-screwdriver.
  • Automatic switch-off setting.

9. iGaging0-1″ Digital Electronic Micrometer

iGaging0-1" Digital Electronic Micrometer - Digital Micrometers

Available with a direct USB output feature, this is a measuring tool for modern, efficient engineers and construction workers. The device is easy to operate and comes in both incremental and absolute modes. It is accurate to 0.00016” and offers a range of 0-1″. The top also comes with an adjustment wrench, an extra battery, and a sturdy storage case.

  • Ball attachment.
  • Automatic switch-off setting.
  • Carbide measuring surfaces.
  • Meets Federal Accuracy standards.

10. Bestlands Digital Electronic Display Micrometer

Bestlands Digital Electronic Display Micrometer - Digital Micrometers

Whether you need a super precise measuring tool for woodworking, crafting or for other purposes, this may be the right tool for you. Available in both absolute and relative scale conversions, this device can provide readings in mm and inches. The starting value in this Bestland micrometer is 0. It also comes with lockets built of hardened stainless steel.

  • Durable carbide probe.
  • Automatic turn-off setting.
  • Large LCD screen.

To conclude, Scientists, mathematicians, and engineers have always been focusing on accurate measurements. Even if you are not into any of these professions, you may still find the necessity of accurate measurements in many detailed constructions, artworks and crafting projects. In such cases, you can easily get a digital micrometer and get the most accurate measurements right away. While choosing digital micrometers, keep a few factors on the mind. Look for a product made of high-quality material for long-term use. You may also want to consider a micrometer that features both absolute and relative measurements.

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