Top 10 Best Dedicated Hosting and Service Providers


Dedicated Servers are utilised for storing data and maintaining high level security. This sort of service providers maintain exclusivity of clients and their files. This is called dedicated hosting and service providers. In today’s corporate world, internet can be a challenging arena considering there are hackers looking to extract information from everywhere.

This is where dedicated web hosting service comes in handy. Their sole purpose is to serve their clients with maximum storage at the cheapest rate and also secure any other external viruses clouding a business’s web operations. This ensures a smooth operational exchange and data leakage is also prevented by this. As it serves only an organization at a time, surfing the internet is much faster compared to other web hosting services.

There are multiple dedicated web hosting services on the internet with various price points and bandwidth. To narrow down your search engine trouble, here are the top 10 best dedicated hosting and service providers:

Top 10 Best Dedicated Hosting and Service Providers

1. HostGator


HostGator is one of the finest dedicated web hosting services ever. You can surely raise a question on this statement and ask how are they so good. Well, the answer lies on the excellent service that they cater. If you are looking for a diversified and amicable range of dedicated servers, HostGator is a potential service provider for that. It has a variety of packages that is customized to match up to your requirements.

To begin with, it has a value based dedicated server which supports a core of 4 and is one of the cheapest dedicated servers compared to other competitors. You will get to see a decent amount of storage with unlimited bandwidth and you will be able to choose between Linux or Windows as your system processor. Furthermore, if you are looking for a dedicated web hosting service which is twice as powerful as this, you can check out their power based dedicated server. It has a core 8 and 16 GB RAM and it includes unmetered bandwidth.

You also have two options to choose from when it comes to service providers. HostGator’s most premium dedicated server is the enterprise server which is a near to perfect combo of both the other packages with a slight increase in core processors/rams for you. You will be quiet surprised to know that HostGator is one of the very few web hosting service  that offers a 45 day trial period for all its consumers. So if you are worried but you feel like experimenting a bit with your management information system side of the business, you can surely rely on this organization. Therefore, it can be considered as one of the best dedicated web hosting services in the business.

2. BlueHost


BlueHost is one of the largest web hosting service providers in United States of America. It employs over 700 people and has 3 other sister concerns; iPage, HostMonster and FastDomain. Its head office is located at Prova, Utah. Now, imagine not having to worry about your large files getting lost in the black hole of internet. Sounds assuring, right? Well, BlueHost is a brainchild which gives you the opportunity to stay stress free regarding your important databases. It is renowned for it’s amazing performance quality and its bandwidth.

The beauty does not lie on its performance and quality, rather how promising they are when it comes to delivery. You would obviously not appreciate late retrieval of data, would you? Therefore, Blue Host will be your go to dedicated server. You will often find dedicated servers to collapse in middle of the working hours due to extreme rush. Let it be holidays or your financial year end dates, Blue Host will not disappoint you.

This dedicated web hosting service has recruited the finest operators who are available at your service all the time. Their hotline services are very effective and helpful too. You cannot find a file? You need instant retrieval of data? Need to secure a large number of files? Name it and you will just be a call away from your solution. You will often see the web hosting services, slowing down when a large amount of files are stored in a server. However, this is not the case with BlueHost. This dedicated web hosting service provider will make sure you have more than enough space for all your data at a single server.

3. GoDaddy


Go Daddy is one of the largest domain servers in the world. To begin with, if you want to cut your web hosting service prices down, just know that there is no place else better than GoDaddy. As a web hosting service provider, GoDaddy will give you massive hosting coupons that will slash your bills to half or even less! They have these offers all year round and if you are lucky enough, you will get to receive most of them.

As we know, dedicated web hosting service providers and can be both tricky and complicated when they create the server base. However, with GoDaddy, you will not have to worry about that because it is extremely easy to use. You will find each and every file a tap away and no difficult methods will be used for displaying or extracting data.

When you are working, it is your utmost responsibility to release the greatest output with the minimal usage of time. In order to do that, GoDaddy provides you with a unique set of technical assistance which is top notch and will surely satisfy you and your deadlines at work place. Adding further, this web hosting service provider also let’s you design the server according to your suitability. Sounds pretty hard , does it not? Well, thanks to their 365 days hotline and ample amount of skilled employees who will assist you whenever you feel lost around it.

Operating on a dedicated server can be a heavy task on it’s on so feel relaxed as GoDaddy takes care of that as well. Hence, you can surely see how customer friendly GoDaddy is and how great their benefits are for its users. So, you can surely label this brand as one of the best in the world.

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4. DreamHost


The name itself sounds very promising, does it not? Fortunately, it is as promising at sounds to you. DreamHost is one of those dedicated web hosting service providers who will not only manage your databases but will also help you achieve your entrepreneurial dreams without excess stress.

This web service provider will help you in business continuity. You might just hold yourself back for a minute and think how. Well, DreamHost will arrange your databases in such a manner that their survival rate will reach to the maximum. You will not have to miss any deadlines and you will also establish consumer loyalty and satisfaction in your firm. On a very common note, DreamHost claims that their servers will help you exchange data faster than ever. It is indeed very true. You will be able to notice that the networks at DreamHost can detect which server is the nearest and connect you with that so that there is no delay in delivery.

If you have been trying out web hosting services, you must have seen that poor accessibility is a common phenomenon for these servers. However, DreamHost ensure smooth accessibility anywhere and everywhere for its clients. Now, let’s shed some light on the security issues. If you are willing to use dedicated servers, this means your files need high level of security from malware. The great news is that DreamHost uses high intensity IP firewalls that protects your files from getting lost, hacked or infected by hackers and viruses. Starting from the safety of confidential information to a small lot of data, DreamHost internet security covers it all. So, DreamHost can surely consolidate a place as one of the best dedicated hosting and web hosting service providers.

5. HostWind


99.99 % guarantee of full-proof security sounds pretty enticing, does it not, Well, it is not only a matter of being enticing but also a matter of complete reality when it comes to HostWind. HostWind is a web hosting service provider that which you will find very practical and affordable compared to other competitors in the market. If you have been looking for an efficient,  artificially intelligent hand for your business, this web hosting service provider can be appropriate for you.

Adding further, HostWind offers you RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks). This enables you to choose the amount of disks that are deployed in a server. This web hosting service provider allows nightly backups. This means that you will not have to stress yourself up about the files being updated and backed up. If you need someone to constantly look out for you during the exchange of your files, HostWind has that covered as well. They have a team of several employees tracking your dedicated server.

Adding further, this dedicated web hosting service provider will also supply you with an efficient management team. This means that you will find all the organized files, databases and information panels without having to employ anyone. It will reduce your operational costs and you will be able to focus on other aspects of your business. With HostWind, you will avail high quality networking which is unbeatable.

This high quality networking benefit will let you access your server from any location possible. It will make your business more mobile and flexible. You will be able to operate at a high speed from areas which have poor connectivity problems. Hence, this is one of the top 10 best dedicated hosting and service providers.

6. LiquidWeb


If you are looking for dedicated web hosting services with a great price point and high quality service, LiquidWeb is your answer. Let’s start with Intel Xeon 1230 v6. Is your work place a venue for great traffic? If yes, this dedicated server type should be appropriate for you as it can over come high traffic sites. In some cases, there are multiple wings of a business that require individual attention.

This server can be great for you if you have multiple websites working under you. Even if you have small applications which require less assistance, you can use this. Interestingly, this dedicated web hosting service can also be utilized by resellers who need constant exchange of information between clients and selling points. Adding further, Intel Xeon Silver 4108 is an upgraded rendition of the previous dedicated server type. If you have numerous shifts of databases with numbers, this should be applicable as a dedicated server. It will also handle small SaaS, large resellers and multiple apps. Furthermore, Intel Xeon Gold 6130 should be on your shortlist if you have a large organization to run with high level of virtualization. On the other hand, if you want to minimize your spending, you can surely opt out for the bundles of web hosting services LiquidWeb offers.

They have a variety of services with exclusive security against malware which is a sign of great deals. Starting from server protection to malware remediation, the bundles have it all. You will also be able to access guardian level back up with a very high intensity. So, Liquid Web can undoubtedly fall under the category of top 10 dedicated hosting and service providers.

7. InMotion

InMotion Hosting

Are you looking for a scalable and reliable web hosting service which provides high quality dedicated servers? If yes, InMotion is here to provide you with the perfect opportunity to get it. InMotion has single and dual Linux processors with free SSD’s with flexibility. If you want a customizable dedicated server, this web hosting service  provider should be considered by you. They have a state of art data centres that have the latest technical support which will enable you to enjoy services at an amazing pace. If you are new to this, do not hesitate to choose InMotion as it has a history of serving to renowned businesses all around United States of America.

A dedicated server often fails to address the loop holes of a management information system at a business. You will face this if your business has the need of tailoring certain configurations in a server. For example, you may need free IP’s or you may need an extended management team to protect your important files. This is where InMotion starts working. You can specify your requirements and InMotion will produce a dedicated web hosting service which matches up to your necessities.

If you have been constantly changing your web hosting service provider, this means that you may be facing additional costs. Well, with InMotion, the case is completely different. There are no hidden costs or charges which you will have to bear. Web hosting services can be tricky as they often end up serving you with options that you are not even looking for in a server. At InMotion, there are over 5 diversified dedicated server packages to choose from and mind you, they come with full details so you will have a complete idea when making the decision. Therefore, it is obvious that InMotion is one of the best dedicated hosting and service providers.

8. SiteGround


Are you interested in some high-tech hardware? If yes, SiteGround has the best dedicated web hosting services for you. With an array of choices to choose from, SiteGround is a desirable web hosting service provider as they offer advance level hardware for its clients in order to cater fantastic network coverage and data exchange services. You will also notice that this dedicated web hosting providers are equipped with stable machines that are very non-malleable and easy to operate on. Adding further, its usage of best data centre facilities just makes it more ideal for you to choose it as your dedicated server.

SiteGround offers web hosting service that have a full time management team updating your software, erasing unnecessary data, tracking or monitoring data exchange and reacts immediately in case of an issue. You will also be able to avail to a 24/7 VIP support as their hotline is on the run even during the roughest hours. If you want to secure a place to store your corporate files and shield it against external casualties, this is web hosting service provider for you. There are reboots upon request and diagnosis in case of failures. This means you will be able to refresh your entire server system with just a call or a text in times of internet traffic.

Also, if your dedicated servers fail at any point of time, instant diagnosis will be sent to you so that you know what went wrong. Hence, SiteGround is surely a candidate for one of the best dedicated hosting and Service Providers.

9. Arvixe


Arvixe has been in the business for over a decade and has been withholding its brand name with sheer excellence. If you are looking for a trustworthy web hosting service provider, do not miss out on checking on Arvixe. You will find all the regular promises as all the other dedicated service provider. However, Arvixe has the experience which many of the dedicated web hosting service providers do not.

You will find that their speciality does not lie in proving multiple functions for dedicated server rather maintaining quality control and standard matters more. Their legacy will proof how reliable and secure they are. They have pretty reasonable packages with great amount of security to provide. You will be astonished to see that even after so many years in the business, Arvixe still has the same quality as it had a decade back.

This dedicated web hosting service provider does not over complicate the process of storing data but surely does make things simpler up to an extent. It helps you with nightly shifts and a fabulous team of management that takes administrative measures when needed. It is truly a delight for people who do not want to spend much time hassling through difficult virtualizations and just want to store data securely while delivering files in due time. So, Arvixe can be labelled as one of the best dedicated hosting and service providers.

10. MediaTemple


MediaTemple is one of the most popular dedicated hosting service providers in the market. To begin with, you need to know that MediaTemple is a very posh and high maintenance dedicated server as you will manage it your way. This means that you are in full control of your server and you will know how you want to operate it.

Not all web hosting service providers will give you this liberty so this makes MediaTemple very unique. Sometimes, you are not in need of a dedicated server and paying for it becomes very pressurizing. In situations like these, MediaTemple let’s rent out or resell your dedicated server to save you from this extra expense.

There are multiple advisory contents which will help you establish a better usage of your dedicated server. In web hosting services, MediaTemple has gained fame due to its inevitable assistance towards its users throughout holidays or even days like Christmas or Thanksgiving. As a consumer, all you can want is for offers that will help you create a wider gap between costs and benefits and of course the weight of the benefits will be more. This can surely be possible throughout the web hosting services provided by MediaTemple as they have offers like introductory prices, free management etc. A blazing fast server, assuring ease, honest scalability and extreme flexibility are some of the traits of MediaTemple.

These make MediaTemple quite extraordinary and different compared to other web hosting service providers. Hence, MediaTemple is undoubtedly one of the best dedicated hosting and service providers.

The best dedicated hosting and service providers have to be hands on in every arena of service. Starting from full time management, IP firewalls, network connectivity, mobility, etc. If a service provider fills in for all these points, it surely can be claimed as one of the best.

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