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Best Cordless Impact Wrenches of 2021

Cordless Impact Wrenches

If you are someone who’s associated with automotive mechanics, then you probably know what an impact wrench is. It just cannot be stressed enough as to how helpful it is if you can go wireless. If you work on mechanical projects often then a cordless wrench eases up your work by quite a lot. A cordless model will decrease the hours you put into your work and dramatically increase your efficiency. There are tons of choices when it comes to cordless impact wrenches, so here’s a list of the best cordless impact wrenches that you can buy.

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Best Cordless Impact Wrenches of 2021

1. Milwaukee 2763-22

This is said to be one of the winners in the design category when it comes to impact wrenches. It is certainly on the premium side of the spectrum.

Design and Quality: With this impact wrench, you can expect up to seven hundred foot-pounds of fastening torque. You can also get as much as 1100 foot-pounds of torque for busting nuts.

  • Can provide high torque
  • Easy to change the sockets due to the anvil
  • Very power efficient
  • Does not require any brushless technology.

2. Dewalt DCF880HM2

Dewalt is a big name when it comes to power tools manufacturing. And this impact wrench from this company is no joke. If you are on a budget and you want an impact wrench that is cordless and performs well, check this out.

Design and Quality: This cordless impact wrench is incredibly easy to use and uses technology that helps you save power. That’s killing two birds with just a stone! This will have a longer backup than most other power tools in this range.

  • Comes packed with a couple of batteries
  • The backup time is quite high
  • The tool is power-saving and efficient
  • The LED lights help a lot in seeing.

3. Ryobi P261 18V

This 18v mammoth from Ryobi packs quite the power in its relatively small form factor. If you are a contractor and work on mechanical projects, this little guy is a perfect professional impact wrench.

Design and Quality: The square anvil lets mount the socket connections securely. The LED lights on the tool will assist you if you are out working at night.

  • Has preset speed settings
  • A square anvil helps in a secure connection
  • The LED lights are quite powerful
  • The grip helps to keep it stay in your hands.

4. Goodyear 24V Cordless

If you are looking for a great price-performance ratio while buying a power tool of this sort, this impact wrench from Goodyear will benefit your needs.

Design and Quality: The gears of this wrench are well built and they can be easily used under heat and you can surely use it for a long period. The whole device is quite durable and built to last.

  • You can control the speed of the wrench
  • The battery is quite powerful
  • The gears are treated well for long use
  • There are dedicated reverse and forward switches.

5. Porter-Cable PCC740B

Removing nuts and driving in bolts will be made incredibly easy with this cordless impact wrench from Porter-Cable.

Design and Quality: This wrench is built for professional workers who are quite closely associated with mechanical works. The build of the device is sturdy so it will last.

  • The half-inch anvil eases up socket connections
  • Can provide a speed of up to 1650 impacts in a minute
  • You can change the speed
  • The motor generates quite a bit of torque.

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6. Ingersoll Rand W7150 Cordless

This wireless impact wrench from Ingersoll has a pretty unique design. It does not matter how hard the project is, this tool will surely get it done.

Design and Quality: The build of the tool is strong and it should last you a long time. This is practically a one-time investment that will generate you tons of profit by lowering your work hours and increasing your overall effectiveness.

  • Perfect for jobs on-the-go
  • The grip feels great in the hand
  • It is lightweight and portable
  • It can provide high torque for both forward and reverse.

7. Tradespro 837212

If you are on a tight budget and you want a power tool that will give you high performance, go and buy this one.

Design and Quality: This impact wrench from Tradespro is one of the best in the market when it comes to the budget segment. The torque generated by this tool is moderate and it will certainly get the job done.

  • Battery included
  • The charging cord is quite long in case you want to work wired
  • The weight is not that high
  • The torque is moderate (240ft-lbs).

8. Makita XWT08Z LXT 

This impact wrench has one of the class-leading specifications. You will see an improvement in battery life over time. There are presets to speeds and you can choose from high, medium, and low. The tool can generate up to 1180 foot-pounds of torque.

Design and Quality: The torque this thing can provide is simply mind-blowing. The brushless motor inside the device allows it to be more powerful, at the same time-saving power.

  • High speed of 2200rpm
  • The small anvil means secure connections
  • 3 speed presets
  • Up to 1180ft-lbs of torque.

9. Bosch IWH181-01

If you are looking for a compact option when it comes to cordless impact wrenches, this is the pick for you. You can use this mini master to loosen those annoying bolts and nuts.

Design and Quality: The unique design and rubber grip makes it comfortably sit in your hand while working. The tool also offers plenty of power.

  • Has LED light to help you work at night
  • High speed of 2800rpm
  • Can generate a high torque
  • The small size makes it easy to handle.

10. Craftsman C3 

This is a heavy-duty cordless impact wrench built for professional tasks. The wrench has a pretty impressive battery life too.

Design and Quality: If you are a contractor who gets loads of projects, you might want to look into this one.

  • The LED lights help you see at night
  • The maximum torque is moderate
  • The device is shipped with a lithium-ion battery
  • Goes up to 3000 rpm.

Still, wondering which one to get? These wrenches cover all the budgets so pick the one that you think will suit your needs the most. You won’t be disappointed with your purchase!

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