Top 10 Best Cooking Magazines

Cooking Magazine

Cooking is a little art and science combined. If you are looking to improve your culinary skills or want to try out some new recipes, we hope you find the top 10 cooking magazines here a big help. With the subscriptions available, you can stop paying for cover prices now and get discounts and more.

Best Magazines for Food Lovers

1. Martha Stewart Living

Martha Stewart Living

  • Subscription: $16.99/year
  • Suitable for: Home Lifestyle and Cooking

Do you want to make your home stylish and make your meals delectable? Indeed, Martha Stewarts Living Magazine filled with advice, tips, and instructions. You get content on food, entertainment, holiday crafts, beauty, pets, gardening and more. You even get loads of recipes with cooking tips and more. Each publication comes with the main theme on how to make your life better, eating healthier, and so much more. When subscribing to the cooking magazine you receive ten issues a year.

2. Taste of Home Magazine

Taste of Home Magazine

  • Subscription: $19.98/year
  • Suitable for: Cooking

The cooking magazines filled with hundreds of family recipes and tips to prepare a delicious meal. Each recipe is tried-and-proven to be the best. The book provides you with colorful photos of the dish with ingredients and instructions on how to prepare it. You can partake in contests and you get quick 30-minute dishes to prepare for the family. Included with the subscription you get six publications a year.

3. Bon Appétit

Bon Appétit

  • Subscription: $18/year
  • Suitable for: Cooking

With Bon Appétit, you can improve your cooking skills. The books filled with recipes, trends, tips, and techniques with choosing the correct wine. Whether you are home to a restaurant chef the publications loved by all foodies alike. You get easy to follow recipes with restaurant reviews as well. There are timesaving meals with creative ideas to liven up your next event. You even get travel articles about places you can visit. When subscribing to the cooking magazine you get ten editions a year.

4. Food & Wine

Food & Wine

  • Subscription: $19.95/year
  • Suitable for: Wining & Dining

The Food & Wine magazine covers a wide selection of topics from entertainment to elegant dining. You get expert advice on how to find the best restaurants, great wines, cooking better, and eating healthier. The monthly theme ranges from travel, holiday, fall wine, new culinary trends, shopping guides, wine pairing, to magnificent recipes. You receive twelve publications throughout the year.

5. Eatingwell


  • Subscription: $16.99/year
  • Suitable for: Healthy Eating

If you want to improve your eating habits with the best nutritional recipes, you need the Eatingwell magazine. The book teaches you about nutrition and health providing valuable advice to living healthier. The publications filled with healthy recipes to make at home. The subscription of $16.99 offers you ten editions throughout the year.

6. Southern Living

Southern Living

  • Subscription: $19.95/year
  • Suitable for: Home & Gardening

Whether you are cooking for family or entertaining friends, you will love the Southern Living cooking magazine. The books filled with more than recipes. You get helpful tips for the whole house to gardening. The recipes are delicious and include cooking instructions with photos. Furthermore, the edition provides you with information about the best restaurant and towns to visit. You can even brush up on your hairstyle and makeup trends with the magazine. Therefore, if you admire food, culture, and style subscribe today and receive 13 issues throughout the year.

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7. Cook’s Illustrated

Cook’s Illustrated

  • Subscription: $24.95/year
  • Suitable for: Cooking

With Cook’s Illustrated, you get interesting recipes to make with cooking techniques to improve your culinary skills. There are product and food recommendations. Whether it is super crispy oven fries, how to roast a chicken, to making an all-butter pie dough you can find it in this magazine. You receive six issues a year and pay $24.95 saving you 38% compared to the newsstand edition.

8. Saveur


  • Subscription: $19.95/year
  • Suitable for: Authenticity

Saveur focuses on authenticity and each venue, recipe, and the city pays homage to the culture from which it’s derived. You get systematic guides to prepare different dishes from around the world. In the latest edition, you will find classic Persian recipes, dinner rolls, pull-apart bread and more. The subscription comprises a magazine sent to you monthly for a year.

9. Fine Cooking

Fine Cooking

  • Subscription: $29.95/year
  • Suitable for: Cooking

The Fine Cooking magazine offers you recipes, menus, ingredients, how-to and more. The publications packed with up to hundreds of recipes with instructions on how to prepare the best meal for your family. Whether it is making the perfect roast, soup, salad, desserts and more you can find helpful tips and tricks available in each edition. You receive the cooking magazine monthly with your subscription.

10. Every Day with Rachael Ray

Every Day with Rachael Ray

  • Subscription: $11.98/year
  • Suitable for: Rachael Ray Fans

If you are interested in Rachel Ray, you will love this cooking magazine. The books filled with every day cooking tips, 30-minute recipes, what is new in cooking, lifestyle, to beauty products. You can create masterpieces for Thanksgiving dinner to Christmas as the publication covers everything. You get beauty style tips, home decorating ideas, celebrity contents and so much more. The subscription includes ten issues a year.

We hope that you find out top 10 cooking magazine list a big help when looking to improve your culinary skills. Whether you want to improve your home, cooking, lifestyle and more each edition available will help. All these publications are filled with helpful tips, colorful recipes, healthy eating, traveling, and more.


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