Computers were merely built as machines that could do large calculations in a small amount of time. But since the invention of computers, it has come a long way. No longer are computers bulky, cumbersome and need an expert to operate. Everything that we see today from the internet to the satellites orbiting the earth, is controlled by computers. Technology has gone as far as to put small computers in the palms of all of our hands, the smartphone.

Computers today are capable of spreading knowledge, doing good and connecting the world that we live in. Computers have also brought us technologies that led to the development of technologies like Artificial Intelligence which has the potential to change mankind. Not every computer is perfect. In the pursuit of building cost-effective, powerful computers, we go through a lot of information at once. And what better a source than trusted computer magazines for your dose of computer knowledge. Here are 10 of the top computer magazines to satisfy the geek in you:

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10. T3


T3 is a computer magazine that has expanded on the computer topic and broadened it further outwards. It carries topics about the latest gadgets on the market, reviews, to be released gizmos, technology news and a whole lot more. First launched in 1996, the magazine was called the Tomorrow’s Technology Today which gave birth to the current name, T3. This magazine is one of the largest technology-based magazine in the UK. T3 releases a total of 13 issues per year.

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9. NET


NET magazine is specifically catered towards graphic designers, software and website developers. If you are a budding coder, graphic designer or a seasoned developer, this is the computer magazine you want to get. With the latest trends in the coding and design world, the magazine offers up everything there is to know about coding, design and a plethora of other topics. During its beginnings, the magazine was targeted towards the internet users to acclimatize them. Later on, it expanded onto what it is today. So if learning about all the underlying cogs and wheels of computers and gadgets is your thing, NET magazine is where you will find your information.

8. The Linux Journal

The Linux Journal

Linux is an open-source operating system for personal computers and it is where most developers do the bulk of their work. If you work on Linux, this is the computer magazine that can you make the most out of Linux. Programming, system administration, networking- this magazine covers it all. It also covers important topics on tools like command line in Linux and how to make the best use of it with tips and tricks. If you are looking for a good reading material to help with your Linux endeavors, this is a must-read for you. The Linux Journal is published every month.

7. MacLife


If you are a user of the mighty Apple’s ecosystem, MacLife is the computer magazine that will fulfill all your needs. Get the latest about upcoming products, tutorials, software reviews, app reviews, tech reviews and anything under the sun that is Apple-related. The magazine provides you with tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your devices and software. Initially, the company started out as MacAddict, later changing its name to MacLife. MacLife magazine is for the Apple device enthusiast in you. It gives you the best advice to make better purchases decisions and ensures your devices live long. MacLife is a monthly publication.

6. Computerworld


Computerworld is one of the oldest computer magazines in the market. They provide all the information you need about computers, Macs, cloud computing, new technologies and a lot of other interesting technology-relatedtopics. Computerworld also publishes reviews, tips and tricks and news about the world of technology. As of 2014, the magazine discontinued its print version and moved to digital versions over the internet. This magazine is aimed more towards individuals working in the IT sectors than the typical home user.

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CNET magazine is not merely a computer magazine; it takes a broad outlook on the technology that encompasses your life. It focuses not only on the devices that change the future but also on the people who helped bring that change. The magazine is a unique combination of carefully crafted reviews, computer tips and tricks, interviews and a whole lot more. All types of technological devices are covered by CNET magazine. It is a quarterly publication.

4. Maximum Computer

Maximum Computer

Looking to build your next computer? Maximum Computer is the perfect magazine to get you started. The detailed product reviews and step by step guides on how to build your machine, Maximum Computer has you covered for all your custom build needs. There are tweaking guides and overclocking tutorials to satisfy even the most seasoned computer enthusiasts. You can also find deal prices for build components in the magazine. With reviews and advice from the experts, this magazine can help you build your best machine without breaking the bank. Maximum Computer magazine is the ultimate helper in your DIY computer building projects and to get the best out of your system. There are 13 issues of the magazine published throughout the year.

3. PC Magazine

PCMag | Computer Magazines

For all things computer-related, PC Magazine is the computer magazine of choice. It is one of the oldest and most trusted magazines in the PC community. Containing in-depth software and hardware reviews, tech news, advisory articles and everything in between, PC Magazine is among the best sources for all tech news. It is a monthly publication.

2. PC World

PC World | Computer Magazines

PC World is a computer magazine that keeps on giving. Being one of the best, it contains reviews, news, articles, tutorials and tips and tricks about the latest and greatest in the technology world. It keeps you updated with news on the latest gadgets to hit the market and also the ones to avoid. Both software and hardware related topics are covered by the magazine. Since 2013, the magazine does not have a print version but is available online as digital versions.


WIRED | Computer Magazines

WIRED is the ultimate source of all technology-related information. It does not treat technology as an isolated topic but rather relates politics, economics and a lot of other topics into its publications. From search engines to driverless cars, WIRED has interesting topics for anyone interested in the marvels of technology. The latest trends, gadgets, reviews, news and a flashy undertone is what separates WIRED from the rest. WIRED is a monthly publication.

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Should you still read computer magazines? Why?

Should you still read computer magazines? Why? - Computer Magazines

With publishers shifting to the online platform to access their magazines online, readers still need to read the hard copy of magazines. Reading is an essential aspect that many individuals tend to ignore. Besides gaining information on computers, it is crucial to read computer magazines to help in brain stimulation and reduce the chances of dementia. Reading magazines also helps in stress reduction as one gets to concentrate on the reading and forget about their problems. Also, by reading, we stimulate the brain, and this helps in memory improvement. By reading, an individual can expand their vocabulary through the exposure.

Why should you have a computer magazine at home?

Magazines offer comprehensive and detailed information on the subjects they are based on. They are more detailed both in wording and graphic illustrations that help understand and retain the intended message. It is essential to have computer magazines at home because compared to reading online when reading a magazine; the reader can hold the magazine in their hands. This is important as it has been one of the embraced ways to gain information for an extended period. Magazines, compared to other forms of print media like the newspapers, offer more long-form writing. The magazines’ details are more expound and explain facts more deeply and include illustrations to induce more understanding. Magazines are published in a perfect quality paper as they are meant to be kept for long. If they are well kept, the information in the magazines can be accessible to the reader for an extended period.

What can you do with old magazines?

What can you do with old magazines?

Magazines can be published weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly. After they have read the magazines that get the old need to be done away with. When it comes to what to do with the old magazines, recycling them is the first option. Magazines are made of paper from wood, which can be recycled for future use or other paper products. The magazines can be reused to make paper carry bags, wrap books, and make paper Mache products. At home, people can become creative with magazines and do art with them. The magazines can be used to make picture frames, decorative bowls, paper flowers, and jewelry.

The magazines, instead of being recycled, can be given another life. This can be done by giving the magazines out to other people. The magazines can be passed to friends and friends or be donated to groups and organizations that can use them. This is important as it extends the magazines’ life and assists other readers’ access information.

With technology and online reading platforms, hard copy magazines maybe are seen as the past. It is essential to understand that magazines still play an important role in many readers’ lives. As discussed above, it is vital to have magazine collections at home as they have many uses. Newspapers, due to their long life span, can be re-read, and the information contained in them can be passed to numerous readers. As discussed, apart from reading them, magazines play other roles in our lives as they can be recycled and used to make art and other decorative objects. It is, therefore, vital to have magazine collections at home.

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