According to student preference and today’s technology, getting projectors for a classroom is necessary for students’ effective learning. It is more efficient than using the traditional style of teaching. Since we are now living in an industrial revolution 4.0, technology and modern tools for studying is necessary for getting the knowledge more effectively. It is more convenient to have a classroom projector, and the teacher will teach their students more easily as well. It will cost less time and money than using the normal style of teaching. Therefore, here are the top 10 classroom projectors for you to choose from.

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Top 10 Best Classroom Projectors in 2019

Classroom Projectors Reviews | Deliver Lessons Effectively

1. ViewSonic PG800HD 5000 Lumens 1080p

ViewSonic PG800HD 5000

This projector is from Viewsonic and it offers many special features for its customers. It features with 500 lumens, full HD 1080p resolution, 50,000: 1 of its contrast ratio, both wire and wireless connectivity and full stereo sound as well. Moreover, with its 4 in 1 powers button, you can find its centered of LED notification. With the full package it’s offering, you will be satisfied with its quality and special screening of its image quality. You can also connect you PC, laptop and other devices to its offers of HDMI ports, VGA ports, AV ports and even through wireless function.


  • Features with full HD 1080p resolution with contrast ratio of 50,000: 1 ratio and 2500 hours of lamp life for its eco-mode, 1.3x optical zoom lens, vertical and horizontal center lens displaying, both wire and wireless connectivity availability, Blu-ray connection, its 4 in 1 power button also functions as LED notifications
  • 3 years’ warranty of limited parts and 1 year of lamp protection

2. Epson VS355 WXGA 3,300 lumens color brightness

Epson VS355 WXGA 3,300

Epson offers this latest projector that come with 2 times of basic resolution of SVGA. This time it offers a WXGA that features with 1080*800 resolution, and 3,300 lumens of brightness. Users can use this projector to connect with all latest version of laptop, PC, media player since it is compatible with all of those devices. Even in a dark room, with this projector you will still be able to watch the slides of the presentation with vivid colors and at its best brightness.


  • Offers a WXGA resolution of 1280 * 800, 3,300 lumens
  • Compatible with other devices includes the latest technology of PC, laptop and other media player
  • Easy to set up with your devices in a short time

3. Optoma X341 3300 Lumens XGA 3D DLP Projector

Optoma X341 3300

This X341 Optoma projector offers the XGA resolution of 1024*768 and featuring 22,000:1 of contrast ratio that will ensure its brightness and image quality. This projector series also support the I/O connectivity compatible with almost all type of devices includes HDMI, VGA in and VGA out, composite video, audio in and others. You will have no worry about the image quality during the presentation since it will offer you a good brightness level and image colors. Especially you will get to connect your devices with this projector easily and in a short amount of time.


  • Offers a 3,300 lumens, XGA resolution: 1024*768, 22,000 :1 ratio of contrast ratio, wall color adjustment, edge mask of color image, SRGB display and I/O connectivity
  • Supports with HDMI port, VGA in, VGA out, Audio in and Composite video
  • Lamp life is 10,000 hours

4. Epson VS250 SVGA 3,200 lumens color brightness


Epson always comes up when talking about the projectors even in classroom. This time, it comes with Epson VS250 SVGA 3,200 lumens model that offer users with 3,200 lumens with white and colors vivid. It also gives you a SVGA resolution of 800*600 and compatible with connectivity includes HDMI, VGA and other latest model of laptops. Users can always set up this projector in just a short time when you connect it with your devices include PC, laptops and others.


  • Offers a 3600 lumens, SVGA resolution of 800* 600, noise of 28 dB
  • Support HDMI connectivity, standard in digital technological connectivity as well as the latest technology of laptops

5. Optoma S343 SVGA DLP Professional Projector


Optoma offers with another different type of projector. This SVGA projector is also famous for being used in classrooms, offices and small to medium spaces. It is capable to display with its lamp life lasted up to 15, 000 hours. Its contrast ratio is 22,000:1 and 3600 lumens is enough to show users with a bright, vivid, clear images of the slides. It also offers a 800*600 resolution that will capture all good quality to viewers from the projector. It offers a full set of connectivity modes as well.


  • Features with 3,600 lumens and its contrast ratio is 22,000:1 with resolution is 800*600 resolution
  • Lamp life is 15,000 hours
  • Most of the ports or connectivity are available to use includes HDMI, VGA in, VGA out , Composite video, USB a, audio in and more
  • 3 years’ warranty of limited parts and 1 year for lamp life

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6. ViewSonic 3600 Lumens SVGA High Brightness Projector


This is another model from Viewsonic calls PA503S SVGA projector. It is known for being the most used in education system and business sector. Since it has 3600 lumens which is suitable for displaying in the classrooms. Its lamp life is 15,000 hours that is enough for using in the classroom. Moreover, it features with ports includes HDMI, VGA, and others. It offers a full HD with 1080p resolution that will give a good image quality. Moreover, this projector also offers a 3-year warranty of limited parts and 1-year warranty for its lamp life.


  • Features with 3600 lumens, Full HD 1080p resolution
  • Projector set includes a SVGA projector, remote control, power cable and VGA cable
  • Lamp life is up to 15,000 hours

7. Epson EX3240 SVGA 3LCD Projector 3200 Lumens Color Brightness


Epson offers another model of its own, which is EX3240 projector that features with 3,200 lumens and 800*600 SVGA resolution. With this projector, you can deliver your presentation smoothly with its image quality, the brightness and its vivid colors. It also offers 10,000 hours of lamp life usage as well. It also comes with a full set of connectivity with devices and media player to ensure it easiness for customers. No matter if you are busy or having a short time, you still can prepare and set up your laptop with this projector in such a short of time.


  • Offers a SVGA 800*600 resolution, 3,200 lumens,
  • Lamp life is up to 10,000 hours
  • Compatible with the latest PC, laptop, devices and media player

8.TOPVISION Native 1080P Video Projector


This projector is a model from TopVision brand and it comes with a 5000 lux of its brightness that enable to give you a good quality of visual image. This projector offers you a 1080p resolution, contrast ratio is 5000: 1 and its lamp life is 80,000 hours. With the offers such a long lamp life, it will allow you to use it for a long period of time. Not only that, it offers so many features includes two HDMI ports, VGA port, AV port, and easy connecting with PC, laptop, speaker, and many more devices. Moreover, its distance capability to show the slide is 2.1 to 7 meters but for a good image quality you can use it from 3 to 5 meters.


  • Offers a 1080p resolution with the contrast ratio of 5000: 1 and 5000 lux of its brightness
  • Offers a 24 months’ warranty
  • Features with 2 HDMI ports, VGA port, AV ports, capable to connect with PC, Laptop, and many devices
  • Distance capability is from 2.1 to 7 meters
  • LED lamp life: 80,000 hours

9.OKCOO Video Projector


This is a full HD resolution projector from OKCOO company. It offers a kind of projector that is suitable for using in classrooms, offices, and even at home as a home theater. Furthermore, it offers contrast ratio with 50,000: 1 and full compatible connecting with other types of devices. This projector can connect with your devices include PC, laptop, X Box, TV box, PS, TV stick and smart phones as well.


  • Color: Silver gray
  • Offers of full HD 1920*1080p resolution with the contrast ratio of 50,000:1,
  • Distance of displaying is from 1 meter to 6 meters
  • Connectivity includes the HDMI, VGA in, VGA out, Micros SD, USB and AV port
  • 3 years’ warranty of some issues with this projector

10.  TOPVISION Video Projector (Mini Projector)


This is a mini projector that is suitable for classroom uses since it is small enough to smootly let you deliver your presentation. It is a small projector with features and quality that are indispensable. It comes with an upgraded from 1800 lux to 2400 lux of brightness. Its distance for displaying the slide is from 1.5 meters to 5.2 meters but for a good quality image is 3 meters’ distance. Especially users can connect the projector with their PC, laptop and even smartphone by using the USB cable without Wi-Fi and HDMI connection.


  • Lamp life is 50,000 hours
  • Features with 2400 lux of brightness, 2000:1 of contrast ratio, display distance is 1.5 meters to 5.2 meters
  • Smartphone connecting without Wi-Fi or HDMI ports
  • Offers a 24 months’ warranty

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Currently, the education system needs to follow its trend and its development. Since technology is updated to date therefore in order to increase human resources, digital knowledge advancement is important. Students need all of those technology products to catch up with the development of the world. The projector is a basic technology product that is very necessary to increase students’ learning ability. Using a projector in the classroom could also save up more time and money for the school. Wait no more, let’s order it now before it is too late!


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