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Best Civil Engineering Schools

Everything that surrounds us is a memoir structure or piece of work that has been done by a Civil Engineer. Applying the principles of math and physics, civil engineers graduating from top civil engineering schools are employed in all kinds of constructional projects. Starting from small scale buildings to large scale modern civilizations, civil engineers work hard to build our environment towards development.

Not only are civil engineers focused on construction and planning, but they also consider the environment as a resource that needs to be sustained. For which they consider all the critical factors before initiating their work to minimize environmental impacts that could be caused by the constructed structure. Therefore, civil engineering schools all over the world train their students under immense pressure. In other words, to improve their productivity and tolerance for future inbound stress load.

During their career, civil engineers plan and perfect their structure and its durability; they also ensure proper building methodologies through frequent site visits and further impose changes to their plan depending on circumstances. In short, civil engineering is a diverse subject to major on with numerous job prospects.

Scopes of Civil Engineering

With an increased rate of ever-growing industrialization and modernization, the global demand for quality civil engineers to keep increasing exponentially. After completion of a Bachelor’s degree, fresh graduates can seek jobs in developing and developed countries where most MNCs are looking for freshers so as to train them and transform them into the company’s trademark. Therefore, attaining masters or a higher degree in civil engineering enables civil engineers to avail lucrative careers with promising salary. However, civil engineers who specialize in geotechnical engineering these days have a higher probability of landing a job sooner than those that don’t, due to lack of specialists in this field.

  • Job Growth rate: 11%
  • Salary Per annum: $70,000- $160,000

Job Prospects include Engineering Project Manager, Senior Civil Engineer, Engineering Inspectors, Land Surveyor, and so on.

University plays a crucial role in your quality as a civil engineer, which is why it is essential to pursue your degree from the top civil engineering schools. Since there are lots of universities to choose from, we handpick the best for your convenience in this article.

Best Civil Engineering Schools | Shape Our Your Buildings

1. University of California-Berkeley

University of California Berkley
University of California Berkley

Ranked first among the top civil engineering schools, University of California, Berkeley or also known as UCB adamantly follows a hands-on learning process and trains each student with such. Students at UCB compete with the best civil engineering schools around the world, both with research and leadership skills. Firms and reputed companies hire civil engineers that graduate from UCB due to their professionalism and potential.

75% of the UCB’s civil engineers are employed directly while the other 25% pursues higher degrees or extensive research in the same field. The Department of Civil engineering at the University of California, Berkeley has a sum of fifty full-time robust faculties that are involved in teaching as well as research work.

2. Kyoto University

Kyoto University

Ranked Japan’s second-best university and Asia’s top among few of the best civil engineering schools; Kyoto University represents its strong base at research by flaunting some of the major award-winning works. At Kyoto University, you have the liberty to choose from different classes of civil engineering, more of which is available on their website.

The reason behind this notable mention of Kyoto University in this list is not only for its employer reputation and Excellency but is also due to the price that they ask for all that quality education. At an extremely reasonable cost of attendance, Kyoto University is the smart choice for any creative student that has a longing towards Japanese culture and its divine creations.

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3. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign - Best Civil Engineering Schools

Ranked by USNews as the 2nd position among top chemical engineering schools, the department of civil engineering at Illinois is one of the prestigious in the United States, continuously achieving milestones. Illinois employs at current about 440 full-time world-class faculties that work with the students to develop their independent research project.

Moreover, the curriculum followed in Illinois is one of the best among all civil engineering schools. Each student receives their Bachelor’s in civil engineering only and only after completion of 128 credit hours of exemplary coursework structure. Students focus vigorously on various principles of math throughout their first two years. Then, they learn about the core engineering subjects later in their senior years regarding environment and structure physics.

4. Georgia Institute of Technology

Georgia Institute of Technology - Best Civil Engineering Schools

Georgia Institute of Technology’s civil engineering programs prepare students for the roughest and toughest tides. With hands-on learning experience right inside the campus, the students majoring in civil engineering from Gtech are excellent prospects to any job position. Both students and faculty work alongside research focusing on innovation and technology. They are all funded by Georgia Institute of Technology itself.

Gtech is ranked 4th amongst the top civil engineering schools, and yet the cost of attendance is relatively reasonable when compared to most top-tier civil engineering schools. Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering at Gtech includes several other fields of study that helps a student improve their knowledge and skills. Students can opt to specialize in Transportation systems, Geotechnical Systems, Structural Systems Environmental Systems, and Construction Management.

5. University of Texas-Austin

University of Texas | Best Civil Engineering Schools
University of Texas

Ranked 5th amongst the top-ranked civil engineering schools of all time, University of Texas has been aspiring excellence and quality in its engineering majors since the establishment of the concerned department. The University of Texas carefully trains its civil engineers through a unique devised methodology of education. It centers around the application of technology to attain a practical insight into the principles of civil engineering.

During their senior years, students have the opportunity to broaden their knowledge and to gain an understanding of their major through specific research-based courses.

From the listed above, resourceful and excellent chemical engineering schools, which one do you think fits you the best?

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