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Sewing machines are something that has long been a common item in every household. In today’s fast-fashion industry, clothing stores seem to be dominating over sewing machines. However, its appeal has not lessened in any way. Still, many seamstresses prefer multi-purpose and cheap sewing machines for expressing their designing skills.

If you have always enjoyed sewing or simply want to take your passion to the next level, you may consider buying a sewing machine. There are numerous budget-friendly sewing machines in the market. These are great for beginners and can be used in the majority of the basic sewing projects. Curious to know more about Cheap Sewing Machines? Continue reading.

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Top 10 Best Cheap Sewing Machines to Buy of 2020

1. Brother CS6000i Sewing and Quilting Machine

Brother CS6000i Sewing and Quilting Machine - Cheap Sewing Machines

This is a modern and lightweight sewing project that is great for undertaking some stunning projects. It is small in size, completely beginner-friendly, and easily transportable. The machine is computerized and can sew up to 850 stitches in a single minute. It also comes with an LCD display which allows you to customize features.

  • Spacious sewing table.
  • Bright sewing area.
  • Seven buttonhole styles.
  • 25-years warranty.

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2. Janome 2212 Sewing Machine

Janome 2212 Sewing Machine - Cheap Sewing Machines

Here is another cheap sewing machine that can help you in all your basic sewing projects. One of the best features of its design is its efficiency on multi-layered projects. It comes with a small table, so you do not have to worry about it taking extra space at your home. Once you master the sewing process, you may be able to get some amazing projects out of this machine.

  • Simple design.
  • High-tech and computerized.
  • Dependable and practical.
  • Best for lightweight and thin fabrics.

3. Brother XM2701 Sewing Machine

Brother XM2701 Sewing Machine - Cheap Sewing Machines

If you are looking for a lightweight and easily transportable sewing machine, here is one for you. Great for small and basic projects, this machine is specially designed for the new learners. It comes with 27 stitch settings which can work up to 800 times in minutes. Moreover, the set comes with some amazing beginner-friendly tool kits.

  • Great for simple projects.
  • Versatile functions.
  • Cheap and portable.
  • Instructional SVD included.

4. MICHLEY LSS-505 Multi-Purpose Sewing Machine

MICHLEY LSS-505 Multi-Purpose Sewing Machine - Cheap Sewing Machines

Portable and convenient, this is a great addition from Michley. It comes with multiple stitches and speed options. There are also some sewing accessories along with a drop-in style bobbin system. When you buy it, you can also avail of its one-year warranty period.

  • Child-friendly design.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Budget worthy deal.

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5. Juki HZL-F600 Sewing Machine 

Juki HZL-F600 Sewing Machine - Cheap Sewing Machines

Designed with the latest technology, this is a sewing machine for tech-savvy users. Compared to the price range, it offers an amazing sewing experience. While working on this machine, you may choose to concentrate on your designing skills alone. The machine is fully computerized and therefore, takes care of all the basic works. It also has an automated system that provides the utmost convenience during sewing.

  • High sewing speed.
  • Large sewing table.
  • Box-feeding technology.
  • Advanced free-motion sewing.

6. Brother SE600 Sewing Machine

Brother SE600 Sewing Machine- Cheap Sewing Machines  

Focusing on convenience, this is yet another highly modern and automated cheap sewing machine from Brother. It provides a seamless sewing experience that can act as an inspiration to the new users. The SE600 has some of the most amazing features available in the market. 103 inbuilt stitches, 80 embroidery designs, USB port, etc. are some of the most fascinating aspects of its design.

  • Fast and durable.
  • An array of accessories included.
  • USB port for design import.
  • It comes with auto-sized buttonholes.

7. Singer Tradition 2277 Sewing Machine

Singer Tradition 2277 Sewing Machine- Cheap Sewing Machines

For new users who are used to traditional sewing machines, this may be a good machine for upgrading. Although it offers a simple operating technology, it comes with all the handy features. There are 23 stitch settings, one automated buttonhole, an extra foot lifter, and a lot more. A large number of sewing accessories are also added with this sewing machine. Overall, it has the perfect blending of modern and traditional sewing techniques.

  • Beginner-friendly.
  • Sturdy and portable.
  • Adjustable stitch setting.
  • Bobbin winding is automated.

8. Brother 1034D 3/4 Thread Serger with Differential Feed

Brother 1034D 3/4 Thread Serger with Differential Feed - Cheap Sewing Machines

Looking for a Serger in an affordable price range? Check this one out. This simple and straightforward sewing machine can help you in terms of the intricate designs. Spaghetti straps, rolled hems, decorative edges; everything is made easy in this Serger. You can take advantage of its 1,300 stitches per minute set if you are in a hurry.

  • Threading instructions included.
  • Color-coded threading setting.
  • Professional-looking outcome.

9. Singer Start 1304 Sewing Machine

Singer Start 1304 Sewing Machine - Cheap Sewing Machines

One of the best compact and convenient sewing machines for the beginners, this one is worth checking out. It is electricity operated cheap sewing machine that comes with 6 stitch settings. As it is designed especially for the new users, there is a preset stitch measurement in the machine. The threading diagram calibration is another noteworthy feature of its design.

  • Dual spool pins.
  • Heavy-duty and lightweight.
  • Easily portable.
  • Assured durability.

10. Brother Project Runway CS5055PRW Sewing Machine

Brother Project Runway CS5055PRW Sewing Machine - Cheap Sewing Machines

In contrast to the catchy name, this is a rather simple and lower quality product from the company. However, this is one of the cheapest and most convenient sewing machines for new users. It can perform well on a large number of fabrics, zippers, edges, and buttonholes. Moreover, you can work with 50 stitch styles and multiple specialty sewing feet in this machine.

  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Includes an LED light illuminator.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Works with metal-based threads.

If you are new to sewing, getting a cheap sewing machine may be the best way to learn this art. So, you have to compare their functionality and choose the most suitable one for your working style. You can also go for a manually operated sewing machine if you are used to traditional sewing machines. A computerized and automated sewing machine can provide you with better sewing experience. Therefore, keep your sewing style in mind while you continue to hunt for the most convenient and cheap sewing machines.

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