If you consider yourself a motorhead, It’s imperative that you consume content to fuel your passion towards the art of automated vehicles. The best way to consume this content in a streamlined and well-organized manner is through subscriptions to car magazines, so buckle up! Here are the top 10 car magazines that you’ve got to read!

1. MotorTrend


MotorTrend is one of the most well-known names in the world of cars. First published in 1949, MotorTrend has over 1,000,000 active readers. MotorTrend gives you a comprehensive review on recent trends in the automotive world. In other words, in-depth analysis of the latest gears and car models and many more. In addition to their magazines, one can search and read regarding any cars in their very comprehensive list of articles.

2. Car and Driver

Car and Driver

This is a name that immediately pops up when you think of car magazines. The contributors of Car and Driver are extremely dedicated and will provide you with content after rigorous hours of research and formulate honest opinions.
Founded in 1955, Car and Driver has a subscription base of 12,00,000 – this magazine is unique for its editorial direction. With an irreverent tone and a non-sugarcoated attitude, this magazine will tell you things as they are which is very important when you’re looking for honest reviews of things.
However, this magazine has historically been at the center of many controversies because of how they’ve been pivotal in the criticism towards American Automobiles. However, this only goes to prove their legitimacy.

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3. Hot Rod Magazine

Hot Rod Magazine

First published in 1948, Hot Rod Magazine started as a regular car magazine. Currently, this car magazine has evolved into a vast network comprised of blogs and online publishers. It is a destination for car enthusiasts worldwide. Car magazines come in all forms, but Hot Rod Magazine provides a unique perspective about the world of cars.
Between the pages of this unique car magazine, regardless of their digital or physical nature, motorheads will find a comprehensive yet in-depth understanding of everything they will ever need to know about good old fashioned automotive muscle vehicles and hot rods. If you’re into the sound of burning rubber, a vrooming V8 and earth-shattering horsepower – we would recommend Hot Rod Magazine.

4. Automobile Magazine

Automobile Magazine

This car magazine, with a catchphrase that says ‘No Boring Cars’ is self-explanatory. It’s a famous online magazine that has information about all the interesting aspects of the automobile world. In the publications, you’ll find comprehensive reviews, to-the-point statistics, and information regarding upcoming cars that are certain to hype up your inner motorhead.

Unlike other online magazines, this car magazine lays out well and easy to navigate. If you’re someone that isn’t looking to waste time – Automobile Magazine is the perfect option because it leaves no room to wander around.

5. Autoweek


First published in 1958 as a bi-weekly motorsport newsletter, this car magazine is currently one of the top 10 most circulates automotive magazines in the United States of America, and righteously so. Unlike the statistic heavy content strategy used by other magazines, Autoweek is easily understandable by the regular mass. They cover interesting topics and stories related to relevant cars.

From the main page, you’ll get lots of information regarding new and old cars and their many interesting quirks in this popular car magazine. The atmosphere and user interface is extremely friendly and conveniently geared towards casual readers and car geeks looking to fill their lives with important content regarding cars.

6. Road & Track

Road & Track - Car Magazines

Road and Track is an American automotive enthusiast magazine founded by two friends out of passion in July 1947. This car magazine currently has a subscription base of approximately 700,000. Therefore, it is the perfect outlet if you want to feel an adrenaline rush through the pages of car magazines.
Ultimately, this car magazine provides us with a highly personalized outlook into the world of all kinds of powerful cars. For most of us, this is the closest we can get to feel the wind from the comfortable seats of expensive luxury cars.

7. Everyday Driver

Everyday Driver - Car Magazines

A fairly new car magazine, Everyday Driver is amazing in terms of the quality of content they provide. Currently, this online car magazine exists as a series of issues that dedicate to the culture of cars that we’ve grown to love in the most simple way possible.

The lighthearted and comedic approach to all of their content is extremely refreshing, but they ensure professionalism.

8. Off-Road Adventure

Off-Road Adventure

If you’re looking for an insight into the world of off-road automotive cars and engines, Off-Road Adventure is for you! They are the best circulated off-road car magazine in the world. Moreover, they’re generous enough to offer all their publications for free since their inception.

Despite their niche audience, they also happen to be one of the top 10 highest car magazines in the world and that’s a feat hard to achieve.
Off-Road Adventure features interesting content that ranges from reviews of up-and-coming off-road vehicles and engines, articles and opinions on off-roading and comprehensive guides to off-roading in interesting parts of the world with stunning visuals!

9. FourWheeler

Four Wheeler - Car Magazines

The second most distributed car magazine, FourWheeler provides us with an excellent insight into the muddy and rigorous road of off-roading all over the globe.

The quality of concept is nothing less than stellar, offering everything necessary in an off-road car magazine ranging from epic trails to get mud on your machine, “how-to” articles and advice and inspiration for your next adventure off-roading. Even if you’re not an off-roader, it’s still interesting to know about the lives of those who are!

10. Hemmings Motor News

Hemmings Motor News - Car Magazines

Similar to other online automobile magazines, Hemmings Motor News is a news outlet for cars. They provide us with a variety of news and information regarding the world of cars and its latest hype. However, it stands out because of its section dedicated to selling and buying cars.
In general, Hemmings Motor News is an interesting car magazine because of the diversified and constantly updated nature of its content. The editors and contributors do an amazing job. The immersive nature of this magazine that may possibly leave you attached to its pages for hours on end.

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Catering to different types of taste, each of the aforementioned auto magazines is worth a shot. If you love your ride, or simply enjoy reading about various vehicles, these magazines will certainly appeal to you.

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