Top 10 Best Bike Helmet Lights In 2020 | Shining Your Dark Road

Bike Helmet Lights

What is it like to go out on a night ride without any headlights on? Like the movies, right? Well, let’s pop your bubble. It’s not safe! Movies take countless cuts, your precious life doesn’t. Having that said, you should consider getting yourself bike helmet lights for those night rides. You can easily mount some cool LED lights to your helmet not only to be safe but also for the stylish outlook. If these lights don’t guide you home as Coldplay does, they will definitely guide your visuals in the dark both in urban and sub-urban areas, always!

Find a range of different yet cool types of helmet lights are enlisted especially for you:

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Top 10 Best Bike Helmet Lights In 2020

1. Rechargeable Helmet Warning Light

Rechargeable Helmet Warning Light - Bike Helmet LightsIf it is your first time looking for a motor bicycle helmet light, then this one is a good option. This is an LED light with rechargeable battery.  moreover, It comes with a USB charging cable.

Design & Quality: Comes in a rectangular shape with red lights. Goes just right with any helmet.

  • Extremely light weight
  • Effortless installation procedure
  • Simple removal system
  • Gives extra brightness

2. Wireless Helmet Brake Light

Wireless Helmet Brake Light - Bike Helmet LightsIf wires tire you, then here’s an eco-friendly wireless light. moreover, It can fit anywhere around your helmet.

Design & Quality: Has an attractive outlook with 18 red LED lights on the receiver end.

  • Minimal use of power
  • Provides enhanced brightness
  • Indicates battery power
  • Traceable during daylight

3. Topside Bike Helmet Light

Topside Bike Helmet Light - Bike Helmet LightsThis one works simultaneously for 43 hours straight, which can come in handy on long trips. This unique light has 2 lights, both back, and front. moreover, It can be attached to all types of helmets.

Design & Quality: Specially designed for adventurous cyclists.

  • Clips and straps inclusive
  • Offers a longer runtime
  • Waterproof body

4. LightRider Motorcycle Helmet Light

LightRider Motorcycle Helmet Light - Bike Helmet LightsAs a motorbike rider, you should definitely add this to your consideration. The runtime of the LED light is 10 hours. In addition, it fits all motorbike helmets.

Design & Quality: This LED light is specially designed for motorbike helmets.

  • 10 hours’ worth of run time
  • Can be distinguished within the range of 600 feet

5. Paddsun Motorcycle Helmet Night Riding LED Light Strip Signal Flashing Stripe Sticker

Paddsun Motorcycle Helmet Night Riding LED Light Strip Signal Flashing Stripe StickerThese LED lights are merged into stickers with an easy installation system. The lights give you extra brightness during your late-night rides.

Design & Quality: Have you ever thought of having stickers as helmet lights? Here’s your chance.

  • Sticky LED lights
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to remove

6. Stream light 69140 Vantage LED Tactical Helmet Mounted Flashlight

Stream light 69140 Vantage LED Tactical Helmet Mounted FlashlightIt provides you a circular rotation in any given direction. In addition to that, it is easy to operate under any circumstances. moreover, It helps your visuals with enhanced brightness.

Design & Quality: It has a unique and cool outlook with a matte black colored body.

  • Avails 360-degree rotation
  • Installation and removal procedures can be operated without using any additional tools
  • Switch button can be operated while having any sort of gloves on.

7. Light & Motion Vis 360 Bike Helmet Light

Light & Motion Vis 360 Bike Helmet Light - Bike Helmet LightsThis helmet light is made of CREE LEDs which ensures you a brighter path. Further, it has 3 modes in terms of runtime and you can get 2 years’ worth of warranty if you get it from an authorized seller. It can be charged with a micro USB cable

Design & Quality: Minimalistic design specially for cycle helmets.

  • Run time for high usage: 2 hours
  • It runs time for medium usage: 6 hours
  • The time run for lower usage: 14 hours
  • MicroUSB charging cable and helmet mount inclusive

8. Maketheone Bike Bicycle Front Light Headlight

Maketheone Bike Bicycle Front Light Headlight - Bike Helmet LightsHave you ever thought of getting a headlight that satisfies multiple purposes? Here is a headlight that you can use as a handheld torch as well. It comes with a kit containing rechargeable batteries, fast charger and so on.

Design & Quality: Looks just like a cool torch that has multiple uses as a flashlight.

  • This LED provides maximum brightness
  • Has four user-friendly modes
  • Waterproof
  • Can be charged by an inclusive fast charger
  • Batteries can be replaced by inclusive cell batteries
  • Ensures 1-year warranty

9. AKASO USB Rechargeable Bike Light Set

AKASO USB Rechargeable Bike Light Set - Bike Helmet LightsThis kit may come in handy in multiple usages. You can install it as your bike headlight or mount it up on your helmet for better vision in the dark. You can use this throughout the year without worrying about the weather because it is water and dustproof.

Design & Quality: It has a classy outlook with a waterproof body so you can use it without any fear at any time.

  • Installation friendly
  • Waterproof and dustproof body
  • Can be used for multi-purpose
  • USB charging system
  • 1-year warranty
  • Easy to operate; single-button operation

10. Magicshine Ultimate MTB Bike Lights Set

Magicshine Ultimate MTB Bike Lights Set - Bike Helmet LightsIf you’re considering adding a light kit to your collection, then this could be it for you. This whole kit comes with a handlebar light and a helmet light. The helmet light ensures ultra-brightness with a rechargeable battery system. The helmet light lets you see exactly where you are looking at while riding at a higher pace.

Design & Quality: With a simple yet cool outlook, this whole kit is a desirable combo for anyone.

  • Gives extra brightness
  • Easy to use
  • Avails a battery pack
  • Puts light exactly where your sight is during speedy rides

To conclude, safety always comes first. You need to be extra cautious when you head outside with your bike. For that reason, don’t forget to install bike helmet lights from the above-mentioned list for your safety. We care for you! Have a safe ride down the roads.

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