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Video Editing - Windows

The Windows OS is widely used OS by a student, housewife, professionals, etc. For this OS, it is essential to install appropriate software to meet your day-to-day needs. The enjoyment of watching your favorite videos or movies or serials is unparalleled. Sometimes, you may need to edit some of your videos on your Windows OS. That is when the video editing software for windows comes handy.

The trend of editing is not only limited to the professional world because now even students and casual video fanatics need superb video editing tools. Regardless of the video being captured on smartphones, downloaded online or being shared, these software tools assist a lot. Above all, they are available in free and paid version to satisfy the needs of different users. Just taking a glance at the below video editing software for windows will clear speculation in your mind:

Top 15 Best Video Editing Software For Windows | Editors Choice in 2019

15. FFmpeg


In addition to working as a video editing tool, FFmpeg represents a collection of freely available software capable to record, stream and transfer digital audio & video. Basically, FFmpeg is the foremost multimedia framework, competent to encode, decode, transcode, filter, stream, mux, demux, and many more. There would be no difficulties regarding format support since FFmpeg supports different formats ranging from the most unclear outdated formats to the advanced ones.


  • It comes with high portability since it compiles, runs, and successfully passes the testing infrastructure FATE on different OS.
  • This video editing software for windows can flawlessly function under a broad range of build environments, configurations, and machine architectures.

14. Blender


Equipped with necessary guidance, you will thoroughly enjoy the video editing experience. Blender presents the wide possibility of preparing a mixed reality short film. So, the users could make, edit, add animated effects and create light 3D animations.


  • It is possible to trim and edit videos of different formats.
  • In case you are perplexed with its functioning, the Blender community is available since it prepares tutorials for the same.

13. Lightworks


The use of Lightwork is not only limited to OS because its versatility finds its usage on Linux and Microsoft Windows. This advanced video editing software for windows possesses few powerful features including robust support for operating a background I/O. Moreover, there is the inclusion of a dedicated keyboard just to boost the overall video editing experience. This version of editing tool is essentially a professional video editing tool capable to generate video in SD and HD quality with max resolution up to 4K. Its functioning is so powerful that it is identical to several high-quality paid editing software like Adobe Premiere.


  • Lightworks comes with simple and intuitive UI.
  • It provides real-time, ready-to-use audio & video outputs.
  • The facility of convenient timeline editing and trimming is available.
  • It offers FX access especially to royalty-free audio & video content.

12. Filmora Video Editor


The significance of creativity is immense when it comes to video editing. Now you can unleash the hidden video editing based creativity through the use of Filmora video editor tool. What is more, its end results are beautiful and unparalleled. Packed with tons of features, you can easily apply the desired effects to your videos. One of the eye-catching traits is there are more than a hundred exceptional visual effects. Besides, the users could flawlessly share their created videos across different social media platforms.


  • Filmora tool comes with magnificent 4K editing and GIF support.
  • You may add different effects in your videos like noise removal, color tuning, reverse, and camera shake effects.
  • Implementation of precision speed control is found.
  • In your timelines, Filmora allows you to add up to 5 text tracks and up to 10 music tracks.

11. Movie Edit Pro Plus

Movie Edit Pro Plus

Available on the Microsoft Store, Movie Edit Pro Plus will not just fulfill your video editing needs but it would surpass all your editing expectations. Out of the many decent video editing apps available on the Microsoft Store, this one is one of the best ones. Anyone can easily download the tool from the store.


  • Movie Edit Pro Plus video editing software for windows is notably a solid editor incorporating a bunch of tools seen in other suites.
  • Generally, the user can use on all the versions of Windows OS.

10. Adobe Premiere Elements 2018

Adobe Premiere Elements 2018

All the software products from Adobe represent superb craftsmanship and flawless users experience. To put it another way, every product from this popular brand have till now aptly fulfilled the needs of users. Basically, the Adobe offers Premiere Elements 2018 tool is best for those who are beginners in the field of video editing. A free trial for Premiere Pro is available if you wish to test different functionalities of this tool.


  • The Premiere Elements 2018 is able to do much of the fundamental editing in order to combine a few clips with extra music.
  • Based on the desired content to prepare, there is no need to go for the full setup that is very pricy.

9. CyberLink PowerDirector 16

CyberLink PowerDirector 16

For all the professional video editing needs, the CyberLink PowerDirector provides certain advanced features and cutting-edge editing tools. Therefore, you can use the tool for commercial applications. In addition to that, even beginners can use its basic functionalities. This advanced video editing software for windows is available at an affordable price and does not need a subscription. It makes it simple to get familiar with its UI and features. The PowerDirector 16 tool contains few handy tools facilitating superb visual experiences. Also, there is an availability of an option for advanced users to avoid the beginner approach and immerse deep into the technical features.


  • The inclusion of the look-up tables enables the footage matching from different sources. So, the users could attain anticipated effect in a video.
  • It comes with the 360º video stabilization, so any users could fit the shaky 360º footage immediately and can relish flawless video from different alignments.

8. VSDC Free Video Editor

VSDC Free Video Editor

There are many video enthusiasts who intend to attain a mediocre editing experience –not a beginner, not experienced. For them, VSDC free video editor presents a semi-professional option. There is no need to pay a hefty, professional price tag for its use. Essentially, it is a nonlinear editor with cutting-edge editing techniques. It is found that this great editor tool supports a wide range of audio & video effects including blur reduction, color correction, and volume correction too.


  • The fundamental interface of VSDC is simple to attain mastery in video editing. This is made possible through its front-end that imitates the Microsoft ribbon interface and possesses a conventional workflow.
  • It comes with the video output support for 1080p at the speed of 30 fps. This speed is better than that of its competitors.

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7. Avidemux


During the situation when you are looking for free video editing software for windows, you may try Avidemux. It is an open source video editing tool accessible for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Though being released a few years back, it has been consistently updated to facilitate the users with the advanced version. The Avidemux program signifies a middle solution between an advanced video editing tool and a basic video editor like the Windows Movie Maker.

The editing tool basically supports nonlinear editing; users could easily add subtitles. The specific file formats of the software enable users to save all the settings related to a project. So, these settings could be applied to another project when needed.


  • In Avidemux, scripting is available via the GUI or straight through a command line.
  • It could flawlessly support all major video and audio formats.

6. Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle Studio

In present times, the Pinnacle Studio tool is known to be an extensively used video editor for Windows OS. Actually, it is a scaled-down version of a comprehensive video editor available from the same developer. The reason behind the wide popularity of Pinnacle Studio tool is its tons of wonderful features. So, this effective video editing tool secures tp position whenever you are looking for functional video editing software for Windows.


  • Pinnacle Studio packs in great features like drag & drop editing of HD video, facility of the timeline-based editing up to total 6 tracks, title, and overlay creation, DVD authoring, the potential for incorporating music, an assortment of royalty-free tracks as well as a massive collection of effects.

It comes with the HD support, multi-track editing, non-destructive editing, limitless video & audio tracks, and linear timecode display.

5. Aura Video Editor

Aura Video Editor

Identified as professional video editing software, Aura Video Editor allows anyone to prepare videos and slideshows according to their needs. This version of video editing software for windows supports tons of video formats. Moreover, it also comes with a broad range of transitions, effects, and animations. It could seamlessly operate on all Windows computers.


  • Using this tool, there are no hassles to include images, audio tracks, and also subtitles with the video.
  • The edited video can be saved to HD, MP4, MPEG2, and FLV quality on different devices like mobile phone, iPhone, iPad, PSP, Creative Zen, Zune, PDA/Pocket PC, etc.

4. Shotcut



In simple terms, Shotcut is particularly for the beginner video editors to grasp video editing skills. Majority of its customers have admired its simple-to-use drag & drop clips and also editing the same by trimming and transitions. In case you do not need a complicated, professional grade video editor, but want to combine short clips together along with transitions then Shotcut is just for you.


  • The slim data size enables users of different PC specs to utilize the software.
  • There is no need to use an ultra souped-up PC for using Shotcut.

3. Sony Vegas Movie Studio

Vegas Movie Studio

For perceiving easy video editing experience without any compromise in the end results, just go for the Sony Vegas Movie Studio. It is fundamentally consumer-based nonlinear video editor tool for use on the PC. The cause behind its wide fame is that it presents the greatest user-friendly approach to prepare beautiful videos. In other words, it generally operates speedily with the interactive storyboards. Therefore, the facility of automatic saves makes sure the editing process is not much time-consuming.


  • This video editing software for windows functions smoothly with GPU as well as hardware acceleration.
  • The included tool packs in top-notch video stabilization, motion tracking, a comprehensive 360° editing workflow, and much more. In short, you can add your creativity through this editor tool.

2. DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve

Most of the functionalities of DaVinci Resolve resemble a freely available, professional video editing tool. This gives you an indication that you have to devote your time and efforts to learn its different features. If you thoroughly master this tool, you can archive appropriate grasp on video editing skills. Once you get completely familiar with its use, you will appreciate your time spent into it.


  • DaVinci Resolve is popular for its color grading feature. To clarify, it is famous for being standalone color correction software.
  • It facilitates SD, HD, and Ultra HD output which means that users could begin, edit and prepare pseudo-studio productions.

1. HitFilm Express

HitFilm Express

Holding the top position in this list, HitFilm Express is currently the most powerful, freely available video editing and VFX software. You will certainly admire all its features. The software packs in a myriad of beautiful examples to let you opt from on their webpage. In addition to offering an incredible interface for combining your clips, this tool offers limitless free video tutorials to clear any confusion.


  • The UI of this great video editing software for windows mimics the paid video editing software. Hence, there are actually no limitations on what you could create with this tool/
  • Important features include clip cutting, color correction, mask tracking, and VFX.

The commonly used OS across the world- Windows supports all of these video editing software without any compromise in the end results. Regardless of the complexity associated with video editing, all of them can be fulfilled by these tools.


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