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Vegan Blogs

Do you want plant-based diet motivation? You need to start following these top 10 vegan food blogs available here. You will find vegan-recipes, inspiration, and motivation made available through them. So if you want to meet your eating goals without sacrificing taste, make sure to check them out.

Best Vegan Food Blogs for Motivation| Knowledge For Vegetarians 

1. Hot for Food

Hot for Food

Who does not enjoy comfort food, especially if you are following a plant-based diet? You will love the vegan food blog from Lauren Toyota, providing recipes and videos. You can find the classic Mac and Cheese, brownies, and Caesar Salad with more on there.

The food is full of flavor without any animal products. The blog launched in 2014 and came from the traditional media she hosted previously on TV. You get new recipes posted every Wednesday on her YouTube channel. Currently, there are more than hundreds of thousands of subscribers following the blog.

So if you think being a Vegan is off-limits when it comes to specific foods, think again as you will be amazed at what you can find with her online. Alternatively, you can look at her vegan-friendly recipe book as well. Some of the delicious recipes you can find while browsing through the collection is vegan sloppy Joe dip, cauliflower Buffalo wings, and vegan chocolate candy cookies.

2. The Full Helping

The Full Helping

Gena Hamshaw started the popular vegan food blog, previously known as Choosing Raw, years ago. The blog originated because of her eating disorder and love for raw foods. She still enjoys posting about fresh Vegan foods but focuses more on the mindfulness and balance.

She now includes more than just recipes and provides posts on health, diets, and different topics. Furthermore, she has a dedicated subdivision called the “Green Recovery Series.” In the editorial, she encourages other readers to tell their stories on how Vegan diets helped them with their eating disorders.

Included in some of the recipes you can find is the vegan dumpling bowl, curried squash & chickpeas, and so much more. Alternatively, you can also find posts about National Eating Disorder Awareness Week with other articles and recipes.

3. Oh She Glows

Oh She Glows

The Vegan food blog is a creative outlet started by Angela Liddon in 2008. She uses to work as a psychology researcher, and as her career was not fulfilling, she became a full-time blogger instead. Eventually, her focus became plant-based recipes, and her learning continued while cooking, eating mindfully, and doing the photography.

Her The Oh She Glows Cookbook was a best seller with the New York Times in 2015, and the blog received more than a million followers each month. With her, you get a wide selection of recipes that works for gluten-free, soy-free, and plant-based diets.

Some of the vegan recipes you need to try are the vegan sugar cookies, flourless breakfast muffins, and black bean wraps.

4. Chef Chloe

Chef Chloe

The vegan food blog from Chef Chloe Coscarelli has a delicious trove of plant-based recipes, and a must try. She caught national attention when competing in the show Cupcake Wars. She went up against experienced bakers, wowed the judges with her creations, and won the competition.

Eventually, she started building her vegan empire and published a wide selection of plant-based cookbooks. Recently she started a new concept shop in Miami that features her famous cupcakes and vegan recipes. What makes the dishes unique is the delicious twist Chloe adds to her food.

Some of the highlighted recipes are her parfait summer smoothie, Cajun yam fries, and pineapple guacamole.

5. The Minimalist Baker

The Minimalist Baker

Do you find cooking and baking intimidating? You will love Dana Shultz vegan food blog established way back in 2012. She shares most of her favorite plant-based dishes that take little time to prepare. The majority of the recipes only have ten ingredients, and you only need one bowl to make the food.

The majority of the dishes are gluten-free, and you can find main courses, snacks, and desserts. Furthermore, the blog does not accept sponsorships for the posts, and the brands skyrocketed to millions of followers. So do not think you cannot enjoy Vegan food as the curried Quinoa chickpea burgers, blueberry creamy zucchini smoothie, and the cauliflower pizza crust is to die for.

6. Thug Kitchen

Thug Kitchen

For vegan recipes with an attitude, you will love the Thug Kitchen food blog. The creators of the site promote accessibility and community to provide quality plant-based food and recipes. The founders also have three best-selling vegan cookbooks and became the number one best sellers on the New York Times. Some of the exciting dishes you can make is roasted red pepper sauce and pasta primavera. So live up your next party with some of their meals.

7. Deliciously Ella

Deliciously Ella

Behind the vegan food blog, is a woman named Ella Mills, who suffered from postural tachycardia syndrome. During her sickness, she experimented with different diets and changing her lifestyle. The condition is when your heart receives too little blood when laying down, sitting, or moving.

She cut out processed foods and changed her lifestyle to whole-food and plant-based diets. She has even created an app and published different cookbooks. Furthermore, Ella opened the MaE deli in London. Ella also has millions of Instagram followers.

Some of the new dishes published on the site are coconut chips, Bang Bang cauliflower with a sweet & spicy sauce, hazelnut & kale salad, and the list goes on.

8. Chocolate-Covered Katie

Chocolate-Covered Katie

Who does not love chocolate and dessert? If you want plant-based recipes with a sweet touch, you will like Katie’s vegan food blog. You can enjoy eating healthy desserts without feeling guilty. The site has millions of followers and many of the recipes featured on The Today Show, CNN, and The Food Network.

Furthermore, she has a vegan cookbook, and her Instagram account has over three million followers. Some of the most recent posts are homemade blueberry oatmeal bars, Keto-friendly dessert dishes, a McDonald’s Shamrock Shake, and peanut butter rice crispy treats.

9. This Rawsome Vegan Life

This Rawsome Vegan Life

One important thing you will not on the vegan food blog is Ems reaction to the suffering of animals. The blog went live in 2011, and the founder focused mostly on raw desserts. Furthermore, you can find an array of astounding photographs of vegan dishes made with fresh food on Instagram. Moreover, they have a passion for plant-based diets and food distribution. Some of the recipes you can try are the quick almond butter cookies, chickpea and zucchini frittata, sugar-free dark chocolate, and blueberry blackberry sorbet.

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10. Making Thyme for Health

Making Thyme for Health

For seasonal vegan recipes, you will love Sarah’s Making Thyme for Health food blog. She comes up with new dishes regularly. You can find a wide selection of plant-based recipes from veggie burgers to cookies. The recipes categorized into different sub-categories from favorites, snacks, salads, to special diets.

Alternatively, you can browse the healthy essentials column with her go-to pantry on how to stock healthy food. There is a travel section where she has information about the countries she traveled. One recipe that stands out is the gluten-free pumpkin muffins made with chocolate chips.

With the top vegan food blogs, you can enjoy an ever-expanding cookbook to enjoy some of the best plant-based dishes. We know how difficult it can be to find vegan recipes online, offering you the best nutrition you need. Therefore, we hope the mentioned food blogs make your selection easier, as all the recipes and information provided with them is vegan-friendly.


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