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Top 10 Best Universities for Sports Management Degree

Universities for Sports Management Degree

What to Consider Before Getting a Sports Management Degree?

Sports management can be an excellent career path to follow. If you are interested in getting a sports management degree, there are multiple factors for you to consider. Choosing an institution to pursue the degree is quite important also, it is the first step towards a potentially successful career.

Firstly, you have to find out whether your target university has good connections in the industry. You have to begin building a professional network from the first day if you are looking forward to great internships as well as jobs. It would be better if the teachers are professionals from the industry.

Next, make sure that the institution has international exposure along with local focus. Organizations seem to prefer managers who are experienced in terms of the global sports industry. While theoretical knowledge can be important a lot of the time, it comes down to practical knowledge in the workplace. Therefore, sports management degree programs with practical practices should be prioritized.

Lastly, find out whether the industry professionals recommend or at least approve of your target program. Also, look into the internship opportunities coming to the institutions. We have gathered the top ten best universities where you can pursue your sports management degree.

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Best Universities for Sports Management Degree

1. University of North Carolina | USA

First in our list of best universities for sports management degree, we have the University of North Carolina. The university has a ton of features supporting it. Moreover, it offers affordability at 296 dollars/credit hour and early graduates can get a big payout. Also, it holds a retention rate of 97 percent, which makes it quite reputable.

Its sports bachelor program includes a combination of marketing and business courses with science courses. These make the graduates more attractive when it comes to higher-level positions in sports management.

2. University of Michigan | USA

University of Michigan is a prestigious institution both in terms of research and reputation. The university is public and one of the oldest institutions for education in the Michigan state. Moreover, their football program ranks at number one in the history of NCAA considering total wins.

You can get into their sports management degree program that is competitive, well-connected, and refined. In the beginning, you have to choose between two tracks of focus and do an internship in one of them.

3. University of Texas | USA

The University of Texas at Austin is among the largest enrolling universities in the United States. In other words, they take in about 51 thousand students every year. UT has a leading position in terms of engineering and computer science studies also, there are over one hundred programs available for the degree.

Their sports management degree program is under the Kinesiology & Health Education department. The program allows the students to implement what they learned in various situations. However, you will be taking an internship or some fieldwork with 120 necessary credit hours.

4. Florida State University | USA

Florida State University is among the top public universities with over 41 thousand students. The university provides access to honor programs, numerous scholarships, and much more.

Their sports management program is set up in a way that is beneficial for the students looking to carry on in this path towards master and doctoral degrees. The bachelor program builds foundational knowledge for the students, but they encourage students to specialize by taking their master’s program.

5. University of Massachusetts At Amherst | USA

In New England, the UMass is considered as the biggest public university holding over thirty thousand students. Starting as an institution for agricultural studies, it now ranks at the top among other universities in the nation.

They offer their sports management degree program through the Isenberg School of Management. The students get the best experience in the program through annual event organizing, career fair putting them in front of ESPN, and higher-level internship.

6. EU Business School | Switzerland | Spain


The EU Business School located in Switzerland truly brings out the sports’ business side through its sports management degree program. You get to study courses that are related to accounting, media, and advertising in sports. Simultaneously you will be developing expertise in the fundamentals of physical education.

The program provides practical case studies and gives the students the tools needed to get going in the industry of sports. After finishing the degree, students can analyze key players to implement efficient business strategies in the sports industry.

7. University of Nicosia | Cyprus

University of Nicosia offers present managemental practices for various sports through their sports management bachelor program. The program focuses on sports challenges as well as theories, which arise in the international environment of business.

Their target is helping the students to understand the functioning and nature of different organizations that come from various segments of the market. Students get to analyze and assess the problems and use that are present in current sports management.

8. The University of Newcastle | Australia

The University of Newcastle offers a sports management degree that will offer you a set of skills that will help you to get into any part of the sports industry. Furthermore, you will be able to work in marketing and sponsorship, administration, community development, and player management.

The program contains various courses to teach how to manage sports events as well as how to work in the business part of sports. You will be prepared for sports events as you’ll learn more about the managerial roles.

9. Southern New Hampshire University | USA

The sports management degree program at Southern New Hampshire University combines theories of management with practical experiences on the sports field. It teaches you to identify various legal issues in the business part of sports. You’ll also get to learn about sports ethics.

Here you can get your degree in three years without needing to attend evening, summer or weekend course. You can utilize the fourth year for your master’s.

10. Indiana University | USA

Indiana University has a reputation for the institution’s academics. US News and World Report put forty of its programs as top twenty-five in the country. Its athletic program is among the best in the country.

The students get to experience a different approach to sports management here. They get to learn about both worlds: an understanding of the body and its movement along with the tools for running a business.

These are the ten best universities for sports management degree that we have talked about to help you choose one.

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